Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Neighborhoods Must Help Law Enforcement

Two things that are seriously lacking in this country are “community” and “law and order.” These two concepts are interrelated in many ways. In many communities people don’t want to “get involved” and rather than being a reliable witness who may help put away a violent criminal, they “didn’t see a thing.” This selfish attitude is predicated on peoples’ lack of community pride and support. Another area is the gang bangers. These paramilitary thugs must be put down and destroyed once and for all and the law enforcement community can’t do it on their own.

People don’t need to get themselves killed by gang bangers to help with the situation. The gang bangers believe that the neighborhood is their territory alone. If we had a strong law abiding community in the neighborhood, the gangsters would stick out. Law enforcement should ramp up their task forces and target these gangs using all force at their disposal. Criminal punks can’t be allowed to set up their own quasi-governments in our country without facing the harshest of consequences. Neighbor’s pride and togetherness along with a strong law enforcement presence will make a dent into gang activity.

The community is the backbone that this country was founded upon. The community has gone the way of a bi-partisan government in America. Communities must be rebuilt by the people living in them. Local government should help with needy neighborhoods, and residents should volunteer time and materials. People must meet their neighbors and develop local bonds that will encourage brotherhood. Today, people either won’t help one another or are afraid to accept help from a stranger. We must become familiar with our neighbors and not be strangers in order for our nation to grow from the community level upward.


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