Monday, October 5, 2009

A Minority of One Rules in America

In the United States unfortunately we’ve adopted a left-wing practice of the rights of a few trumping the rights of the many. As long as it concerns an area of left-wing dogma, it is even the rights of one person trumping the rights of the many. A specific example is the attempted destruction of Christianity. This began with an atheist in Texas raising hell because her son’s class was praying in the classroom. The Supreme Court in their fucked up wisdom used the idea of separation of church and state to rule that this was a violation of the 1st amendment to the Constitution and forbade future prayer in public school. Since then every asshole who is violently opposed to Christianity has tried to eliminate Christmas, Easter, religious programming, “In God We Trust”, and the wearing of the cross.

I’m sorry but in this country we have Freedom of Religion. That means simply that any person may practice their religion unfettered by the government. If the Muslim student or worker needs to spread out their mat and face Mecca for their prayers, no one has any right to forbid it. If the Christian needs to pray to him/herself before eating lunch, no one has any right to forbid it. We as a nation need to use some common sense in how we decide whether or not something should now be banned.

Our founding fathers encouraged people to pray and practice their religion in the public square. That’s a damn good idea!! There is no way that this would violate the 1st Amendment. Only an ignorant asshole shit-for-brains prick would claim that it does. The first amendment prohibits the government from not establishing a state religion. How the fuck can some fucked up shit wad equate that to the practice of one’s religion? Getting back to using common sense…we can’t have Sanitaria practitioners dicing the heads of chickens in school. But that’s merely common sense, something the people of this country are severely lacking. It’s time for the majority to once again decide what path we take, and not the idiots who are elected. They don’t represent us and haven’t for years and years. As Thomas Jefferson advocated…it’s time for a NEW government; one with some fucking common sense at the city, county, state, and especially federal level. As always, just what I think!!

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