Monday, August 17, 2009

Same Old Song and Dance

She's Still Jealous of Bill - With Good Reason
Hillary Clit'n blew a gasket when an interpreter asked a question about President Clit'n by mistake and meant President Obama. She rudely bitched at the questioner that she's the Secretary of State, not "her husband." Well, so far he's much more of a Secretary of State than she is. When the two reporters needed to be released from North Korea, Bill Clit'n went over and got the job done, while Hillary masturbated in the closet. Hillary Clit'n was one of most unqualified Marxists ever to run for President (except for B-Ho) and now she's an incompetent Secretary of State. What a fucking loser. It's a good thing that Bill Clit'n went along with Newt Gingrich's legislation (even though he took full credit for it) and didn't listen to the ignorant bitch.

They Don't like the Way we Dress
As the Democrats get their asses reamed on this supposed "Health Care" legislation, they need something to talk about besides the issue. So now the Democrats are criticizing what the protestors are wearing to the "Town Hall" meetings. First they bitched and moaned that the protestors were coming to the protests in "Brooks Brothers Suits." So therefore these were not protestors but rather Republican operatives whose goal was to interrupt and disrupt the event. OK, because someone dresses better than Obama at an event doesn't mean they are a plant. I'm sure Wall St. executives took time off from work for this fucking bullshit. Now Robin Gibbon of the Washington Post (that bastion of fair and balanced reporting!) is cutting up on the protestors who wear baseball caps, flag scarfs, tee-shirts, and sundresses "with the bra straps showing." In other words if you don't support Obama and his horse shit, not only you "un-American, a Nazi, a Brown Shirt, a Swastika wearer" but you are also trailer trash. Now that's what I call serious "health care" debate.

ABC Stirs Up False Threats to Obama
ABC News, which spent the entire campaign season blowing Obamamama on a daily basis is now crying wolf about "hate groups" wanting to kill B-Ho to take the focus off of B-Ho's idiotic chicken-shit agenda and place it on the "right wing radicals." Had these people wanted to kill Obama because they are hate groups and racist, wouldn't they have done it during the primaries, or after the asshole took office? Of course they would have. But they didn't, so now we're supposed to believe that these "lunatics" are so fired up over "health care" that they want to kill Obama. Bullshit! My ass and their face!! And while were at it let's have a serious talk about the hatred and vitriol that comes out of the Marxist asshole's mouths.

The Thought Police are Watching You!
When Nixon was President, he was crucified for, among other things, having an "enemies list." Well since Obamamama doesn't want to be outdone by Nixon, he's created his own enemies list. But this one is being populated by Americans who turn in other Americans who oppose the B-Ho regime!! How dare you not take the oath of allegiance to Adolf Hitler. That, in the 30's was a high crime of treason, punishable by getting executed by the Gestapo. So when neighbor turns in neighbor and there's no due process, it's only a matter of time before the "undesirables" are eliminated, as Hitler executed the Communists in Germany. Now they're claiming that they've taken the web site down. I guess they have enough enemies to keep them busy for a while. Well, fuck you assholes, I'm proud to be on your piece of dog fucking shit enemies list!!

It's simply the same old song and dance. We have a Secretary of State who is not anywhere nearly qualified for her post, let alone the Presidency. We have an "out of his league" president who has buried Hillary Clit'n so she can't do anything. We have Chicago style politics: thuggery, deceit, deception, and destruction of opposition (where have I heard that before?). We have Marxist losers who turn to mud smearing when they can't debate an issue because 60% of Americans oppose it. We have the media trying to stir up a backlash against anyone that has right-wing views, by linking them to radical rightists, yet don't touch Obamamama and his left-wing radicals. And of course we have the thought police, ready and willing to rid this country once and for all of opposition to the Marxist totalitarian dictatorship. Think about it!! Of course this is just what I think!!

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