Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Is it Just Me, or is This Story Getting Old?

They Represent You!

Dick Durbin (Marxist-IL) - I'm not having any town hall meetings because they are disruptive and a waste of my time. I'll just meet with the local doctors and get their input.

Massa (Marxist-NY) - "I will vote adamantly against the interests of my district if I actually think what I am doing is going to be helpful. I will vote against their opinion if I actually believe it will help them." In other words the people who elected him are too fucking stupid to have their opinion count. What's the definition of a representative again??

Barney Frank (Marxist-VT) - Bowney Fwank, that bastion of moral turpitude, screamed at people who didn't agree with him and his support of the Marxist health plan at his town hall meeting. He screamed at them about the deficit and the war, but said nary a thing about health care. Now there's a quality representative!

We’re going it Alone

After visiting their districts the Democratic Congressmen and Senators realize that the poll numbers are correct. Yes, almost 60% of Americans are opposed to “Obama-Care.” A Rasmussen poll (the most accurate pollster since 2000) found that 54% of Americans say NO health care reform is better than B-Ho’s plan. Yet these Congressmen and Senators are planning to vote for the plan anyway because:

  1. They don’t give a fuck what their constituents think

  2. They are controlled by their Fuhrer and like good party members they follow orders

AARP (Marxists for Old Farts) Losses Members Steadily
The AAPR has lost 60,000 members since July 1, 2009, and the numbers are continuing to drop. The seniors are sick the hell up of this ridiculous "plan" that would do nothing for them except screw them in the ass. The AARP being the senior wing of the White House as I explained in my essay, merely wants to promote their Marxist agenda. They could care less about their members and have said they're not concerned what their members think. Sounds kind of like the Senate and Congress. Seniors don't want their Medicare screwed with, and obviously they DO NOT want to
be thrown to the wind because they're not cost-effective enough to treat. Don't the Marxists realize that the seniors vote more than any other group? Maybe they don't care; there are enough idiots available for them to keep power.

“Clash for Crunkers”
So far the only economy this has helped is the Japanese. The top eight vehicles that have been sold in this "program" are from Japan. The car dealers in the U.S. have made some money, along with the junk yards. The car manufacturers who are really hurting have gotten no help. Remember that asshole Obamamama during the campaign lying about how his policies will help U.S. corporations instead of foreign ones?? Well now dealers are making buyers sign a contract that stipulates that they'll pay back the $4500 if the dealer doesn't get it from the government. The government meanwhile, as usual being bogged down in needless bureaucracy, is not paying the dealers on time. So far only 2.8% of the applications have been paid by the government. "Another fine mess you've gotten us into, Ollie." I mean B-HO!!
Your representatives in Washington could give a flying fuck what you think. They will vote how ever they feel like. (The story is old!!) The Democratic Marxists could give a flying fuck (as usual in 2009) what the Republicans have to say about an issue. They will pass it even when their constituents oppose it, as long as their Grand Poobah, Obama-rama-ding-dong wants it done. (The story is old!!) The AARP is a Marxist organization that is showing its true colors to the elderly who are quitting it in droves. (The story is old!!) And finally the "Cash for Clunkers" horse shit has proven to be a flop for the U.S. but a boon for the Japanese. (The story is old!!) Go, B-ho, go! Of course this is just what I think!!

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