Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Economic Meltdown in a Mere Eight Months

The economies of California and Arizona have completely collapsed. In California they are giving out IOUs that the local banks are not even accepting. They know that the credit of California is worse than a freshman college student with a new VISA card. In Arizona they are still trying to find ways to get a budget together without raising taxes. You just don't raise taxes in Arizona, but Janet Napolireno left the state with such a fiscal mess, it may never be cleared up. The federal government on the other hand is spending like a 14 year old with a blank check. They do in fact have a blank check, which is the cash they confiscate from the pockets of the Middle Class. Any idiot knows that spending does NOT get a country or state out of an economic mess.

California and Arizona

These two state governments are very similar in the reason that their budgets and economies have collapsed. They both have laid out the red carpet for Illegal Mexicans. These invaders have used up the state's cash resources. They have received free health care, free food stamps, and free education. In addition the states have blown more cash than one would win in the lottery on making every form the government produces bilingual. The law enforcement agencies have spent outrageous amounts to arrest, jail, and bring those Illegal Mexicans who commit crimes to court. The courts of course have to provide them with a free interpreter, and they are not inexpensive. Then we have the loss of tax revenue because since they are working illegally they are certainly paying no taxes. In fact they don't even keep the money in the U.S. They send it to Mexico. When a Mexican relative who is a citizen buys a house, they invite 28 of their relatives in Mexico to come live with them. Property taxes are only paid on the property, not on the number of residents. In other words, good bye budgets, and good bye state economies.

Haven't the Democrats Always Bitched About the Budget Deficit?

After what has seemed like a century of the Democrats bitching about the Republicans running up the budget deficit (even though they've controlled both houses for most of that time), they have finally thrown in the towel and admitted that THEY are in fact running up unsustainable deficits. In May, B-Ho projected a $7 trillion deficit by the year 2019. Now Obamarama Ding Dong has upped the forecast to $9 Trillion. You can be sure that if he's projecting $9 Trillion it will be much, much higher than that. In addition Obama's economic advisor predicted that unemployment will rise to 10%, or the highest rate since the depression. Damn that George Bush, this is a fine mess he's gotten us into…wait a minute, that's right…Bush isn't President, Obamamama is!!

The Economy was Worse than We Thought

Where have I heard this line before? Oh yeah, now I remember. In the 1992 campaign, Bill Clit'n said his first priority would be a Middle Class tax cut. "Ah'm sick and tarred of the Middle Class caryin' the burden of taxes on their back." So when Clit'n took office, in the very first week he announced that there would be no tax cut since "the economy was worse than we thought." Clit'n had spent the entire campaign bitching and moaning about the economy. Once in office, the fucking idiot claimed he was too damn stupid to know how bad the economy was at the time. Bull Shit!! He knew, and he knew there would be no tax cut when he made the promise. In fact he raised taxes in his first 3 weeks by raising taxes on oil and heating fuel. Slick fucking Willie!! Now Obama's economic advisor is singing the same damn song. My opinion is that either you did know (or you're a complete simpleton, dullard, moron who has no business in the White House), or you outright lied. Either way, it's more pathetic cow shit being spewed out the tax and spend Marxist's asses.

Well Then Let's Keep Spending the Middle Class's Cash

Since the economy is so bad, and unemployment is so high, and people are still losing their houses left and right and going bankrupt, Obamamama feels it would be better for the country to spend more money that we do not have. In addition to the unbearable deficit we are forking over to our children, we can expect inflation to start rivaling the Carter years any time now. There's nothing Bernanke can do to stop it, and B-Ho isn't going to do anything to alleviate the problem. He's too busy spending money we don't have in an effort to secure votes. Wow…what a nerd! As his poll numbers crash, he keeps coughing up more cash. And the car dealers are still waiting for their money in his "Cash for Clunkers" debacle. That's OK, the dealers will just make the customers pay it back when the federal government defaults on their promise. So….what else is new??

So how's the Dollar Doing Overseas??

Confidence in the U.S. dollar is falling proportionately to the increase in the budget deficit (thanks B-Ho)!! Claire Dissaux of a London investment firm specializing in currencies said "The dollar's loss of influence is a steady and long-term trend." China, Russia, and Brazil have already called for changing the currency standard away from the U.S. dollar. Investment bankers in the U.S. are hesitating on buying bonds because they fear the dollars decline in the face of hyper-inflation. Whatever…it's called "Change we Can Believe in." By the way, how many U.S. soldiers have died in Afghanistan since this fucking asshole took office?? I thought so.


What we need to do is solve the Illegal Mexican problem immediately. We need to put all AMERICANS to work to increase tax revenue through the legalization of pot, prostitution, and gambling, along with employing Henry Clay's "American System." We do this by developing the thousands of acres of empty land rotting between California and Arizona and building communities through private investment, thus creating new consumers and new tax payers. In addition by incorporating Mexico into the United States we'd be gaining millions of hard workers who could develop the resources of Mexico, along with creating a huge tourist industry.

All administrations use faulty assumptions to project the economy so it won't sound as bad as it is. Obamamama is no exception, and has used very flawed assumptions in light of his childish spending spree (which doesn't even include "health care reform"). So the projected $9 Trillion deficit, and the 10% unemployment, and the inflation that they claim won't even happen, will indeed be much worse than projected. As a Middle Class worker and tax payer struggling along, I'm so happy you dick heads were too stupid or merely got conned into voting for this wanking, 'feeling his way in the dark', fucking shit wad. Of course this is just what I think!!

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  1. ("I'm so happy you dick heads were too stupid or merely got conned into voting for this wanking, 'feeling his way in the dark', fucking shit wad. Of course this is just what I think!! )

    yeah for true believers of the force of good against evil, shit fuckers--- I hope you get yours you commie pinko bastards and y our familys become squid food... hell yeah! You dick wads. I love Dick Cheneyand George Bush forever, ha!