Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Bill of Wrongs

When James Madison wrote the Constitution of the United States, Thomas Jefferson was a diplomat in France. Jefferson came back, read the Constitution, and said basically "What he fuck? Where are the basic civil rights of the people?" So Jefferson and Madison wrote the Bill of Rights and then the Constitution was finished. But the Marxists think the Constitution should be a "living, breathing document" that can be bastardized by the dim witted assholes on the Supreme Court, and their left-wing District Judges. So far so good, for the democracy despisers.

The Weimar Republic in Germany in the 20's and early 30's had a Constitution. In 1933 the Nazis secured the Reichstag (our Congress), and ailing President Hindenburg appointed Hitler as Chancellor. Hindenburg soon died, and the Reichstag, caring nothing at all for the "living, breathing, document" known as the Constitution passed the Enabling Act, giving Hitler full dictatorial powers. Yes, it can happen anywhere…it can happen here.

First Amendment

The First Amendment is being viciously attacked by the Marxists in the United States. If someone speaks out and it doesn't conform to their beliefs they want that person silenced. They use the argument of "hate speech" but never mention the vicious vomitus that spews out of left-wingers asses. The way I read the First Amendment is that any citizen of this country can say or print anything they want, as long as it's not outright libel or slander. For example, MSNBC tried to throw out the race card by claiming that the people with guns in Phoenix at the protest were "white." Well the man with the assault rifle over his shoulder was black, although the Obama people put him in a suit and tie, nice haircut, and professorial glasses. Talk about RACISM!! But then the Democrats have always been the
racist party of America. But MSNBC has the legal right to outright lie because it's protected by the Constitution. How about Obamamama's pal Reverend Wright? That dude cracks me up. So even though he's an anti-America, anti-Semitic, racist, he has the right to blow his horse hit out of his ass. Only a Marxist-Fascist would try to shut up people who say things they don't like. NO Mind Control in this Country!!!!

Second Amendment

The Democrats have been trying to get guns out of the hands of American citizens for ages. That stunt at the B-Ho protest was a further attempt to subvert the 2nd Amendment by tying to create outrage. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Il Yung, Hussein, Ahmadinejad have all been big fans of keeping guns out of the hands of citizens. This is vital to them keeping their totalitarian government in place. Of course George Bush took care of Hussein with OUR guns, but the rest had wicked reigns of terror against their own people. Guns are the one most important safeguards the common people have against an armed police state, invoked by our government. It CAN happen anywhere…it CAN happen here.

Fifth Amendment

Eminent Domain: the government can't seize your property without proper due process. Oh no, I'm laughing my nuts off! Congress, who has always thought they were above the Constitution, passed a law that if a business needs your land, they merely give you market price and tell you to get the fuck out of there. This was supposedly so the business would help the community overall. Yeah, tell that to the poor suckers thrown out of their houses. Where the hell is the due process? Congress eliminated it, circumventing the Constitution Amendment.


Recently there have been escalating attacks on our freedoms under the Bill of Rights. Another area that has been under savage attack is the First Amendment's Freedom of Religion. The government shall establish no state religion. Fine, but that doesn't mean to screw with everyone's religion because some assholes are offended by your beliefs. No one should interfere with anyone's right to religious practice. Because someone prays in school, or at work, that does NOT establish a state religion. Therefore they have the right to do it. But the Marxists raise hell and the government follows like weasels, and says fuck the Constitution. If we don't have a Constitution that Judges and Legislators can't do what they want with, maybe we'll soon have an "Enabling Act" here. It can happen anywhere…it CAN happen here. Of course this is just what I think!!

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