Monday, August 31, 2009

Ted Chappy Kennedy

I'm sorry but I just can't take it any longer. Ted Kennedy was a douche bag not a saint. He belonged in jail not in our government. Chappaquiddick really happened. When will the media stop kissing the democrats asses and start doing thier fucking job?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Economic Meltdown in a Mere Eight Months

The economies of California and Arizona have completely collapsed. In California they are giving out IOUs that the local banks are not even accepting. They know that the credit of California is worse than a freshman college student with a new VISA card. In Arizona they are still trying to find ways to get a budget together without raising taxes. You just don't raise taxes in Arizona, but Janet Napolireno left the state with such a fiscal mess, it may never be cleared up. The federal government on the other hand is spending like a 14 year old with a blank check. They do in fact have a blank check, which is the cash they confiscate from the pockets of the Middle Class. Any idiot knows that spending does NOT get a country or state out of an economic mess.

California and Arizona

These two state governments are very similar in the reason that their budgets and economies have collapsed. They both have laid out the red carpet for Illegal Mexicans. These invaders have used up the state's cash resources. They have received free health care, free food stamps, and free education. In addition the states have blown more cash than one would win in the lottery on making every form the government produces bilingual. The law enforcement agencies have spent outrageous amounts to arrest, jail, and bring those Illegal Mexicans who commit crimes to court. The courts of course have to provide them with a free interpreter, and they are not inexpensive. Then we have the loss of tax revenue because since they are working illegally they are certainly paying no taxes. In fact they don't even keep the money in the U.S. They send it to Mexico. When a Mexican relative who is a citizen buys a house, they invite 28 of their relatives in Mexico to come live with them. Property taxes are only paid on the property, not on the number of residents. In other words, good bye budgets, and good bye state economies.

Haven't the Democrats Always Bitched About the Budget Deficit?

After what has seemed like a century of the Democrats bitching about the Republicans running up the budget deficit (even though they've controlled both houses for most of that time), they have finally thrown in the towel and admitted that THEY are in fact running up unsustainable deficits. In May, B-Ho projected a $7 trillion deficit by the year 2019. Now Obamarama Ding Dong has upped the forecast to $9 Trillion. You can be sure that if he's projecting $9 Trillion it will be much, much higher than that. In addition Obama's economic advisor predicted that unemployment will rise to 10%, or the highest rate since the depression. Damn that George Bush, this is a fine mess he's gotten us into…wait a minute, that's right…Bush isn't President, Obamamama is!!

The Economy was Worse than We Thought

Where have I heard this line before? Oh yeah, now I remember. In the 1992 campaign, Bill Clit'n said his first priority would be a Middle Class tax cut. "Ah'm sick and tarred of the Middle Class caryin' the burden of taxes on their back." So when Clit'n took office, in the very first week he announced that there would be no tax cut since "the economy was worse than we thought." Clit'n had spent the entire campaign bitching and moaning about the economy. Once in office, the fucking idiot claimed he was too damn stupid to know how bad the economy was at the time. Bull Shit!! He knew, and he knew there would be no tax cut when he made the promise. In fact he raised taxes in his first 3 weeks by raising taxes on oil and heating fuel. Slick fucking Willie!! Now Obama's economic advisor is singing the same damn song. My opinion is that either you did know (or you're a complete simpleton, dullard, moron who has no business in the White House), or you outright lied. Either way, it's more pathetic cow shit being spewed out the tax and spend Marxist's asses.

Well Then Let's Keep Spending the Middle Class's Cash

Since the economy is so bad, and unemployment is so high, and people are still losing their houses left and right and going bankrupt, Obamamama feels it would be better for the country to spend more money that we do not have. In addition to the unbearable deficit we are forking over to our children, we can expect inflation to start rivaling the Carter years any time now. There's nothing Bernanke can do to stop it, and B-Ho isn't going to do anything to alleviate the problem. He's too busy spending money we don't have in an effort to secure votes. Wow…what a nerd! As his poll numbers crash, he keeps coughing up more cash. And the car dealers are still waiting for their money in his "Cash for Clunkers" debacle. That's OK, the dealers will just make the customers pay it back when the federal government defaults on their promise. So….what else is new??

So how's the Dollar Doing Overseas??

Confidence in the U.S. dollar is falling proportionately to the increase in the budget deficit (thanks B-Ho)!! Claire Dissaux of a London investment firm specializing in currencies said "The dollar's loss of influence is a steady and long-term trend." China, Russia, and Brazil have already called for changing the currency standard away from the U.S. dollar. Investment bankers in the U.S. are hesitating on buying bonds because they fear the dollars decline in the face of hyper-inflation. Whatever…it's called "Change we Can Believe in." By the way, how many U.S. soldiers have died in Afghanistan since this fucking asshole took office?? I thought so.


What we need to do is solve the Illegal Mexican problem immediately. We need to put all AMERICANS to work to increase tax revenue through the legalization of pot, prostitution, and gambling, along with employing Henry Clay's "American System." We do this by developing the thousands of acres of empty land rotting between California and Arizona and building communities through private investment, thus creating new consumers and new tax payers. In addition by incorporating Mexico into the United States we'd be gaining millions of hard workers who could develop the resources of Mexico, along with creating a huge tourist industry.

All administrations use faulty assumptions to project the economy so it won't sound as bad as it is. Obamamama is no exception, and has used very flawed assumptions in light of his childish spending spree (which doesn't even include "health care reform"). So the projected $9 Trillion deficit, and the 10% unemployment, and the inflation that they claim won't even happen, will indeed be much worse than projected. As a Middle Class worker and tax payer struggling along, I'm so happy you dick heads were too stupid or merely got conned into voting for this wanking, 'feeling his way in the dark', fucking shit wad. Of course this is just what I think!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Bill of Wrongs

When James Madison wrote the Constitution of the United States, Thomas Jefferson was a diplomat in France. Jefferson came back, read the Constitution, and said basically "What he fuck? Where are the basic civil rights of the people?" So Jefferson and Madison wrote the Bill of Rights and then the Constitution was finished. But the Marxists think the Constitution should be a "living, breathing document" that can be bastardized by the dim witted assholes on the Supreme Court, and their left-wing District Judges. So far so good, for the democracy despisers.

The Weimar Republic in Germany in the 20's and early 30's had a Constitution. In 1933 the Nazis secured the Reichstag (our Congress), and ailing President Hindenburg appointed Hitler as Chancellor. Hindenburg soon died, and the Reichstag, caring nothing at all for the "living, breathing, document" known as the Constitution passed the Enabling Act, giving Hitler full dictatorial powers. Yes, it can happen anywhere…it can happen here.

First Amendment

The First Amendment is being viciously attacked by the Marxists in the United States. If someone speaks out and it doesn't conform to their beliefs they want that person silenced. They use the argument of "hate speech" but never mention the vicious vomitus that spews out of left-wingers asses. The way I read the First Amendment is that any citizen of this country can say or print anything they want, as long as it's not outright libel or slander. For example, MSNBC tried to throw out the race card by claiming that the people with guns in Phoenix at the protest were "white." Well the man with the assault rifle over his shoulder was black, although the Obama people put him in a suit and tie, nice haircut, and professorial glasses. Talk about RACISM!! But then the Democrats have always been the
racist party of America. But MSNBC has the legal right to outright lie because it's protected by the Constitution. How about Obamamama's pal Reverend Wright? That dude cracks me up. So even though he's an anti-America, anti-Semitic, racist, he has the right to blow his horse hit out of his ass. Only a Marxist-Fascist would try to shut up people who say things they don't like. NO Mind Control in this Country!!!!

Second Amendment

The Democrats have been trying to get guns out of the hands of American citizens for ages. That stunt at the B-Ho protest was a further attempt to subvert the 2nd Amendment by tying to create outrage. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Il Yung, Hussein, Ahmadinejad have all been big fans of keeping guns out of the hands of citizens. This is vital to them keeping their totalitarian government in place. Of course George Bush took care of Hussein with OUR guns, but the rest had wicked reigns of terror against their own people. Guns are the one most important safeguards the common people have against an armed police state, invoked by our government. It CAN happen anywhere…it CAN happen here.

Fifth Amendment

Eminent Domain: the government can't seize your property without proper due process. Oh no, I'm laughing my nuts off! Congress, who has always thought they were above the Constitution, passed a law that if a business needs your land, they merely give you market price and tell you to get the fuck out of there. This was supposedly so the business would help the community overall. Yeah, tell that to the poor suckers thrown out of their houses. Where the hell is the due process? Congress eliminated it, circumventing the Constitution Amendment.


Recently there have been escalating attacks on our freedoms under the Bill of Rights. Another area that has been under savage attack is the First Amendment's Freedom of Religion. The government shall establish no state religion. Fine, but that doesn't mean to screw with everyone's religion because some assholes are offended by your beliefs. No one should interfere with anyone's right to religious practice. Because someone prays in school, or at work, that does NOT establish a state religion. Therefore they have the right to do it. But the Marxists raise hell and the government follows like weasels, and says fuck the Constitution. If we don't have a Constitution that Judges and Legislators can't do what they want with, maybe we'll soon have an "Enabling Act" here. It can happen anywhere…it CAN happen here. Of course this is just what I think!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Is it Just Me, or is This Story Getting Old?

They Represent You!

Dick Durbin (Marxist-IL) - I'm not having any town hall meetings because they are disruptive and a waste of my time. I'll just meet with the local doctors and get their input.

Massa (Marxist-NY) - "I will vote adamantly against the interests of my district if I actually think what I am doing is going to be helpful. I will vote against their opinion if I actually believe it will help them." In other words the people who elected him are too fucking stupid to have their opinion count. What's the definition of a representative again??

Barney Frank (Marxist-VT) - Bowney Fwank, that bastion of moral turpitude, screamed at people who didn't agree with him and his support of the Marxist health plan at his town hall meeting. He screamed at them about the deficit and the war, but said nary a thing about health care. Now there's a quality representative!

We’re going it Alone

After visiting their districts the Democratic Congressmen and Senators realize that the poll numbers are correct. Yes, almost 60% of Americans are opposed to “Obama-Care.” A Rasmussen poll (the most accurate pollster since 2000) found that 54% of Americans say NO health care reform is better than B-Ho’s plan. Yet these Congressmen and Senators are planning to vote for the plan anyway because:

  1. They don’t give a fuck what their constituents think

  2. They are controlled by their Fuhrer and like good party members they follow orders

AARP (Marxists for Old Farts) Losses Members Steadily
The AAPR has lost 60,000 members since July 1, 2009, and the numbers are continuing to drop. The seniors are sick the hell up of this ridiculous "plan" that would do nothing for them except screw them in the ass. The AARP being the senior wing of the White House as I explained in my essay, merely wants to promote their Marxist agenda. They could care less about their members and have said they're not concerned what their members think. Sounds kind of like the Senate and Congress. Seniors don't want their Medicare screwed with, and obviously they DO NOT want to
be thrown to the wind because they're not cost-effective enough to treat. Don't the Marxists realize that the seniors vote more than any other group? Maybe they don't care; there are enough idiots available for them to keep power.

“Clash for Crunkers”
So far the only economy this has helped is the Japanese. The top eight vehicles that have been sold in this "program" are from Japan. The car dealers in the U.S. have made some money, along with the junk yards. The car manufacturers who are really hurting have gotten no help. Remember that asshole Obamamama during the campaign lying about how his policies will help U.S. corporations instead of foreign ones?? Well now dealers are making buyers sign a contract that stipulates that they'll pay back the $4500 if the dealer doesn't get it from the government. The government meanwhile, as usual being bogged down in needless bureaucracy, is not paying the dealers on time. So far only 2.8% of the applications have been paid by the government. "Another fine mess you've gotten us into, Ollie." I mean B-HO!!
Your representatives in Washington could give a flying fuck what you think. They will vote how ever they feel like. (The story is old!!) The Democratic Marxists could give a flying fuck (as usual in 2009) what the Republicans have to say about an issue. They will pass it even when their constituents oppose it, as long as their Grand Poobah, Obama-rama-ding-dong wants it done. (The story is old!!) The AARP is a Marxist organization that is showing its true colors to the elderly who are quitting it in droves. (The story is old!!) And finally the "Cash for Clunkers" horse shit has proven to be a flop for the U.S. but a boon for the Japanese. (The story is old!!) Go, B-ho, go! Of course this is just what I think!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Same Old Song and Dance

She's Still Jealous of Bill - With Good Reason
Hillary Clit'n blew a gasket when an interpreter asked a question about President Clit'n by mistake and meant President Obama. She rudely bitched at the questioner that she's the Secretary of State, not "her husband." Well, so far he's much more of a Secretary of State than she is. When the two reporters needed to be released from North Korea, Bill Clit'n went over and got the job done, while Hillary masturbated in the closet. Hillary Clit'n was one of most unqualified Marxists ever to run for President (except for B-Ho) and now she's an incompetent Secretary of State. What a fucking loser. It's a good thing that Bill Clit'n went along with Newt Gingrich's legislation (even though he took full credit for it) and didn't listen to the ignorant bitch.

They Don't like the Way we Dress
As the Democrats get their asses reamed on this supposed "Health Care" legislation, they need something to talk about besides the issue. So now the Democrats are criticizing what the protestors are wearing to the "Town Hall" meetings. First they bitched and moaned that the protestors were coming to the protests in "Brooks Brothers Suits." So therefore these were not protestors but rather Republican operatives whose goal was to interrupt and disrupt the event. OK, because someone dresses better than Obama at an event doesn't mean they are a plant. I'm sure Wall St. executives took time off from work for this fucking bullshit. Now Robin Gibbon of the Washington Post (that bastion of fair and balanced reporting!) is cutting up on the protestors who wear baseball caps, flag scarfs, tee-shirts, and sundresses "with the bra straps showing." In other words if you don't support Obama and his horse shit, not only you "un-American, a Nazi, a Brown Shirt, a Swastika wearer" but you are also trailer trash. Now that's what I call serious "health care" debate.

ABC Stirs Up False Threats to Obama
ABC News, which spent the entire campaign season blowing Obamamama on a daily basis is now crying wolf about "hate groups" wanting to kill B-Ho to take the focus off of B-Ho's idiotic chicken-shit agenda and place it on the "right wing radicals." Had these people wanted to kill Obama because they are hate groups and racist, wouldn't they have done it during the primaries, or after the asshole took office? Of course they would have. But they didn't, so now we're supposed to believe that these "lunatics" are so fired up over "health care" that they want to kill Obama. Bullshit! My ass and their face!! And while were at it let's have a serious talk about the hatred and vitriol that comes out of the Marxist asshole's mouths.

The Thought Police are Watching You!
When Nixon was President, he was crucified for, among other things, having an "enemies list." Well since Obamamama doesn't want to be outdone by Nixon, he's created his own enemies list. But this one is being populated by Americans who turn in other Americans who oppose the B-Ho regime!! How dare you not take the oath of allegiance to Adolf Hitler. That, in the 30's was a high crime of treason, punishable by getting executed by the Gestapo. So when neighbor turns in neighbor and there's no due process, it's only a matter of time before the "undesirables" are eliminated, as Hitler executed the Communists in Germany. Now they're claiming that they've taken the web site down. I guess they have enough enemies to keep them busy for a while. Well, fuck you assholes, I'm proud to be on your piece of dog fucking shit enemies list!!

It's simply the same old song and dance. We have a Secretary of State who is not anywhere nearly qualified for her post, let alone the Presidency. We have an "out of his league" president who has buried Hillary Clit'n so she can't do anything. We have Chicago style politics: thuggery, deceit, deception, and destruction of opposition (where have I heard that before?). We have Marxist losers who turn to mud smearing when they can't debate an issue because 60% of Americans oppose it. We have the media trying to stir up a backlash against anyone that has right-wing views, by linking them to radical rightists, yet don't touch Obamamama and his left-wing radicals. And of course we have the thought police, ready and willing to rid this country once and for all of opposition to the Marxist totalitarian dictatorship. Think about it!! Of course this is just what I think!!