Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Bitch, An Idiot, and A Liar -- Marxists All

Pelosi Doesn’t Care if She's Despised

The Queen Slut of the House told reporters that she doesn’t give a crap if everyone despises her, and her approval ratings are at 3.6%. I don’t blame her. She is the Congresswoman from San Franqueersco and they absolutely love her, even if the rest of the country hates the bitch. San Francisco is by far the most far-left-wing Marxist city in the country. As long as the douche bag keeps the queers, “environmentalists,” and other Marxists happy, she has no worries. ‘Nance’ doesn’t allow any Republican discussion or debate on any of her legislation, so she’s certainly a shining star in San Francisco.

John Conyers (D-NY) is a Brainless Moron Nincompoop

In response to the fact that the Democrats have been ramming legislation down our throats without it being read, Conyers had a perfect explanation. “Why should we read a bill if it’s a 1000 pages long.” Good one John, you fucking moron. The reason is that you are paid an enormous salary to know what you’re voting on, and not simply take marching orders from Pelosi and Obama. Of course that’s exactly what the Marxist Democrats do. Nothing of any substance except spending our money on nothing!!

Pelosi Now Thinks we Should Take More Time for Health Care

This lying sack of shit douche bag now claims that maybe we should indeed “do it right” and spend more time working out the details of the “Health Care” bill. Horse Shit!! The reason she needs more time is because there are not enough members of her own party to get the $1 Trillion piece of crap passed in the House, let alone the Senate. She needs time to assert her dictatorial rule in the House, and smash all opposition to the bill. “Nance” is truly a lying piece of simple-minded, fatuous Marxist trash!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

It Would be Funny if it Wasn't so Scary

Obama More Qualified to Run Catholic Church than the Pope

Kathleen Townsend Kennedy, a dried up hag, whose only claim to fame is being the douche bag daughter of Robert Kennedy, now proclaims that Obama would make a better head of the Catholic Church than the Pope!! This is typical left-wing Marxist rhetoric, but I have to admit that a statement like that is surprising even for a Marxist. She has esposed what most Marxists only dream of saying. This bitch is most likely making her statement based on the fact that the Pope doesn’t favor murdering children and B-Hobamamama does. Fortunately no one knows who this asshole even is!!

Obama Claims Stimulus Worked – Advisor Disagrees

Obamamama merely has to make a statement, regardless of how false, and the media (translated News Agency TASS) will back up B-Ho and make the statement reality. So now the B-Ho is claiming that his “Stimulus” (translated tax and spend on nothing) has worked. That’s strange. I thought it was an utter failure judging by the ridiculously high unemployment rate, and the pathetic growth rate of the economy. Now, B-Ho’s director of the US President’s National Economic Council, Larry Summers, has stated that the economic situation will be getting worse. Obama should drop the ego and listen to his aides, but he’s too much of a maniacal dictator like his friends Ahmadinejad, Castro and Chavez.

Gore Cheers on Prospect of World Government

So now the truth comes out. This is for the nitwit morons who don’t understand what they were getting into when they pacified Gore and his religion of Global Warmingology. Now that the cry-baby, wooden puppet, Gore has gotten his monster tax bill that will finish killing our economy, he is proclaiming that this new “awareness” of “climate change” (rain today, sunny tommorow, cold next week etc), will lead directly to a world government, the ultimate goal of ALL Marxists!! Heil Obama!!