Friday, June 5, 2009

Que? Te parece mal??

Unemployment Highest Since 1983

This is getting extremely old. Obamamama preached and pontificated about how horrible the Bush administration was for not creating enough new jobs (yes, he ran against Bush). Now for the 2nd quarter in a row the unemployment rate has smashed though the roof, this time to a whopping 9.4%. The only reason that new unemployment claims didn’t rise was the artificial statistic of ‘temp’ jobs. Where the hell are the new jobs B-Ho?? Well don’t hold your breath. When you raise taxes on the rich and go further and further in debt so there’s NO economy growth, then there’s NO jobs! And thus we have the Obamamama – flaming incompetent gorbellied death-token dick wad. Next up for B-Ho – runaway inflation!!

Iran Building Their Nuclear Arsenal

As the United Nations shakes their finger and Obama blows Ahmadinejad, Iran continues to build its nuclear arsenal. Now, according to the UN’s IAEA, Iran has amassed 1,359 kg of enriched uranium. In case you don’t know that’s the type you need for making nuclear weapons. You know nuclear weapons…they’re what Iran can use to put Israel off the map as Obama and Ahmadinejad desire. Now Obamamama has stated openly that Iran has a right to go nuclear. For these 2 shit-eating dick-knobs it’s “bye-bye Israel or bust.”

Acorn Workers Facing Voter Fraud Charges

Sorry assholes, it’s too little—too late. We are stuck with B-Ho Obamamamamama at least until 2012, and judging by the media and the simpleton, psychoneurotic idiots who vote, probably until 2016 or the end of civilization, whichever comes first. So a few ACORN workers are facing fraud?? Big deal!! The entire organization should be disbanded and tried for treason. They have illegally registered hundreds of thousands of voters who have promised them they’ll vote for the Marxists. America…land of opportunity, but only if you’re a fucking criminal!!

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