Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sticks n’ Stones

Obama Fund Raises on Taxpayer’s Money

Why should this surprise us? B-Ho attended fund raisers for Nevada and California Democrats and one for Harry Ass Reid, and did so at taxpayer expense. Yes the common taxpayer will be footing the bill for his lavish vacation in support of the Democrat party. Between Nevada and California he had the stones to make some remarks about energy (before burning a shit load of it going to California) so that he could claim that it was a presidential trip. What a lying hypocritical piece of Marxist worm shit!

B-Ho Pushed GM to Bankruptcy – Government to Own 73%

Since the federal government does such a bang up job of managing everything it manages, it only makes sense that they would manage GM. Into the ground! With taxpayer loot courtesy of America’s middle class for the Marxists in power to throw around the federal government will own 73% of GM. I can’t wait! There’s no way they’ll still be able to pay lazy, gold-bricking, good-for-nothing union bums $80 to produce pieces of garbage that no one will bye. Once again middle class – Take out your wallets!!

Mortgage Foreclosures and Delinquencies Increase

Another big surprise, we had record numbers of foreclosures and delinquencies in the first quarter. It looks like B-Ho the “great promiser” isn’t keeping his promises again. But anyone with any intelligence at all knew that this numb-nutted, Marxist apple-john wasn’t going to do anything to improve the housing market. The new figure for anyone who cares is one out of every eight homeowners is now delinquent. How quaint!!

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