Friday, May 8, 2009

Flegging Yer Dummy

Unemployment Hits 8.9% and Rising

For some reason B-Ho is having a difficult time creating those “millions of jobs” in the green field. This represents a 25 year high for unemployment. Of course since the Radical Whig is not an unlettered, ignorant, jack-assed dolt, but rather an intelligent user of common sense, the Radical Whig has the obvious solution. We create B-Ho’s millions of jobs in the green fields; literally. Marijuana is legalized and thus grows our economic and down goes the unemployment rate. Simple, sweet, and common sense.

Pelosi Caught in a Lie – Who Cares, She’s a Marxist

It has now come out that Pelosi “the Bitch” had indeed been briefed on the interrogation methods being used in 2002, although she’s been denying this knowledge ever since. She’s not going to be able to squirm her way out of this as the CIA is the agency acknowledging that she was briefed. In fact the common-kissing douche bag was one of the first two people to be briefed on the matter. So she has known for years and only when it became politically hip to pile onto George W. Bush, to take the light off the horrible job Jimmah Cah, I mean B-Hobamamama is doing, did the fobbing, fly-bitten whore make it an issue. Well Queen Bitch, the ball’s in your court…if it’s an issue why did you keep your usually diarrhea spewing big mouth shut for these past 7 years?

A Blogger Kevin Theelder had a great idea “I'm totally against water boarding Ms Pelosi as so many here have suggested be done to her. Instead, I'd recommend that Sen. Kennedy take her out for a ride over a bridge. Let her find out what real water boarding is all about”. I agree totally!!!

Obama Plans to Expand Government’s Role

The government is never too big or even big enough for a blue blood Marxist. B-Ho tried his damndest during the campaign to prove to the American public that he was an anti-America, racist, Marxist. The mainstream media (News Agency TASS) snickered and downplayed it and said B-Ho was just a middle of the road “swell guy” and the illiterate, brain-dead, comatose uninformed American public believed it. So now we have one of the greatest Marxists since Nikita Khrushchev in our white House and he thinks the friggin’ government is too damn small!!

Within a day the 2010 budget has gone from $3.4 Trillion to $3.6 Trillion. Well what’s another $0.2 Trillion to the American taxpayers? It’s exactly $200 Billion effing dollars. That “change we can believe in occurred in only 1 day.” A whopping 60% of B-Ho’s new budget totaling $2.3 TRILLION is going to entitlement programs. The problem here is that the entitlements are geared to specific voting blocs and do not help the general public. Get out your wallets you senile, doddering Middle Class, you’re in for a wild ride, and so are your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren………

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