Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fart Bubbles

Congress Plays Both Sides in War

Congress has approved funding of the “wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan while at the same time condemning the policies of having our troops in those countries. So to make it look like Congress is sticking to their guns they add a provision that the White House must give them a progress report before asking for more money next year. However these same Democrats added another $12 billion to B-Ho’s request, and then bitched about it. They must think their constituents are imbecilic, derisory, dumb-assed fools. Oh yeah, they are!!

Pelosi Don’t Know Nothin’ ‘Bout No Water Boarding

Pelosi is singing and dancing around the tough questions as she sweats being caught in a major lie. The non-transparent (that’s for sure) Pelosi isn’t being too non-transparent about this issue and is merely throwing shit into the fan to see where it lands and protect her reign as “Queen Bitch of the World.” Poor Pelosi was “misled” by the CIA. Yeah they had nothing better to do than to mislead a beetle-witted, fen-sucked douche bag. But you know what they say…if you’re a Democrat you can lie about anything and it’s accepted. Bill Clit’, set the precedent, and all the beslubbering Marxist ass wipes are using it marvelously.

Obamamama Spends the Cash and Then Says we Shouldn’t Spend It

In one of the greatest Orwellian double-speak lines of corn eyed butt snake, B-Ho says that we our economy can’t sustain the type of deficit spending that is the result of his budget!! Holy sonofabitchin’ arse biscuits!!! The dankish flap-mouthed genius declared “We can’t keep on just borrowing from China,” only one week after proposing almost 1½ Trillion Dollars of spending on nothing except his voting blocs. So he wants to spend billions on ‘health care’ to solve the problem. Am I tripping on acid?? Ohhhhhhh…the wheels on the bus go ‘round and ‘round……..

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