Friday, May 22, 2009


Dick Cheney Has Big Balls

Cheney is carrying on the tradition of Bill Clit’n and Jimmah Cahtah in calling out Obamamama for his actions. Great for him!! It’s about time a Republican acted like more than a damp dish rag while the Democrats run rough shod over our Constitution. Cheney is correct in asserting that the terrorists couldn’t hit the United States for the past seven years because of George W. Bush. Now we have the impotent, ear to ear smiling imbecilic teleprompter reader in the White House, who’s scared of his own shadow, and al-Qaeda is licking their chops. Iran has already told Obamamama to take his diplomacy and jam it up his ass, and B-Ho just nods with his idiot grin. Yes, Cheney is right and HE should be the President right now. To Dick Chaney, a true American Patriot!!

Since Obama Is Overwhelmed He Uses Example of Bush

B-Ho the greatest flip-flopping, not-up-for-the-job, empty suit in the history of American politics has now completely vindicated George W. Bush. He has correctly back pedaled on Guantanamo and military tribunals. He is doing exactly what George Bush did, and that’s a good thing. If he does what he wants to do, we are screwed, so thank heavens the idiot can’t make a decision of his own. Naturally during the campaign B-Ho railed against these policies and even promised the Marxists to change the course. Again, thank heavens the dick wad is staying the Bush course!! In addition, other Bush policies B-Ho is keeping include The Patriot Act (remember the left whining about that one?), intercepting emails, wiretapping and of course not pulling out of Iraq. Here’s to George W. Bush – a great American Patriot!!

Queen Bitch Pelosi Refuses Further Comment

The fucking douche bag slut refuses to discuss her outrageous accusation that the CIA lied to her about water boarding. I think the best way to get to the truth of this matter is to water board Nancy Pelosi. It’s time for that Clit’n lackey Leon “the nutsack” Panetta to step up and tell the truth. He needs to affirm that Queen Bitch Pelosi is a dirty Marxist slut of a liar. America MUST know what the Speaker of the House knew, and when she knew it. Then she needs to be tarred, feathered, and run out of DC on Amtrak. Sorry Nanc…no more private jet for you dirt bag.

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