Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rat Droppings

Janet Napoli-Reno Insults Canada

Keeping with the Obama’s great record of snafus on foreign affairs (has it only been 3 months??) the Homeland Security common-kissing dyke claimed that the 9/11 terrorists came into the U.S. through Canada. She later recanted but the damage was done. Of course the reason she said it in the first place is because she believes that as many Illegal Mexican clotpoles as want to, should freely invade our country. So the half-faced haggard douche bag shifted the blame to Canada. Way to “mend fences” Obamamama!!

Green Horse Manure

Now that the Obama administration has made such a big deal of algore’s regligion of "Global Warminology", he might have to rethink how he presents it. He’s been encouraging people to visit Antarctica and see how the penguins are losing their homes. His problem is that he’s a dissembling idiotic dork in the mold of the other dim-witted, simpleton, dullard, algore. The earth is actually COOLING!! Scientific fact folks! And, the polar ice caps are getting thicker not thinner. When will Americans say that they’ve had enough of this scam?

Horse-Face Kerry Plans to Save Pravda

The Marxists most valuable tool is the media. They own it lock, stock and barrel. The Marxist media kissed Barack Hussein Obama’s middle leg so hard it almost fell off. The problem for the Marxists is that no one is reading the left-wing dregs in their newspapers. In fact the NY Times I’m extremely proud to say is $1.3 Billion in debt. For the most biased, unabashedly Marxist newspaper in America to go from the top newspaper in the country, to a dog-training accessory does my heart joy. But Horse-face Kerry (LOST TO BUSH!!) plans to rescue his left-wing media. By having the government have any sort of official interest in the news media takes away any pretense of non-bias. It is merely the same as Pravda. Heidi-ho Comrades!!

CIA Director Backs Bush Strategy

Obama thought he’d kick George Bush in the testes by releasing previously classified documents about the CIA interrogations of uncivilized, savage, cut-throat terrorists. Well, B-Ho’s own CIA chief has said that the interrogations produced much needed and helpful information in fighting these sewer-scrapings scum-bags. As Dick Cheney says, correctly, Obama “doesn’t recognize the terrorist threat.” That’s something ALL Americans should be frightened to death about. Has it only been 3 months of this useless, fatuous, thick-witted dolt?? It seems like 3 years!

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