Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pig Vomit

Napoli-Reno Says Illegal Mexicans Shouldn’t Suffer to Protect Americans

The dirty filthy Marxist sapphic dyke says that we shouldn’t increase border security because of the Swine Flu. In other words her Illegal friends shouldn’t be harassed just because Americans don’t want the Swine Flu. That would be selfish of Americans, and as you know this Obamamama Administration certainly HATES Americans. So while she says "We're prepared as if there were a pandemic. We're not waiting." In actuality we are doing nothing. People are arriving from Mexico legally and Illegally (as usual) and are not being checked. More Orwellian Double Speak from the greatest Doublespeakers in history. I can’t believe you cockered, whoreson, malt-worm, numb-nutted jack-asses voted for them!!

Specter Becomes a Democrat – Good Bloody Riddance Marxist Jerk-Off

This cullionly, full-gorged measle has never voted with the Republicans and it’s pathetic that he has ever called himself a Republican. Well Specter, get the hell out of the party and don’t come back. Now we can have a good Conservative run against him and hopefully annihilate the senile doddering old fool. It’s time to weed out these Marxists in sheep’s clothing and have the true Conservatives win or lose so we can be represented by those we agree with, not those who pretend to agree with us. Next up – Susan Collins, Olympia Snow, Chuck Hagel, Lindsey Graham, and John McCain. Get the sonofaboitching hell out of the Republican Party and stay the Hell out!!! Besides wasn't this old dick wad convicted of murder in California?

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