Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Obama Taxes the Wrong Leaf

Obama just jammed through a huge tax increase on cigarettes, even though the lying piece of dog doo had promised not to raise taxes of ANY KIND on people making less than $200,000 a year. It’s common fact that the poor smoke in numbers disproportionate to the rich, so the tax will directly affect the poor. Naturally the media won’t cover this filthy lying sonofanutsack’s flip flop, and the uninformed idiots that make up the poor classes will pay their tax like good little zombies and vote for their savior B-Ho the next time. The major problem here is that the fool Marxist should NEVER have made a promise such as that because the Marxist life style is to raise taxes and spend the money on bull crap constituency groups. But the liar did make the promise and now he’s once again lying in the face of every idiot that voted for him.

Tax the Weed, Dude

I, of course, would never make such a messed up promise but then again I’m honest and not a friggin lying Marxist piece of goat whiz. What I would say is that we shall legalize marijuana once and for all, and it shall be taxed as cigarettes at the federal, state, and local levels. In addition, thousands of jobs will be created in this new industry. Then we have the thousands of man-hours of our law enforcement officers that would be freed up for keeping serious crime under control. Our justice system would get much needed relief, along with our prison systems. But as I said, the primary benefit to the economy would be tremendous. Tax revenues would put us in the black. The unemployment rate would drop and we’d have many new wage earners and tax payers. The green queers wouldn’t be losing trees for paper as we’d use hemp which makes a better quality paper anyway. Farmers would be turning a profit as they turned their soil. And the greatest benefit of all….

The Mexican Drug Lords Can Mow My Lawn

Since the United States would control the marijuana industry, and produce FAR better quality of weed than Mexico could ever dream of, the diarrhea sniffing, fart eating, dick wads known as the ‘drug lords’ of Mexico could go and crap in their sombreros. These pieces of trash would be out of work faster than Bill Maher in his bedroom. Then the crosskicking wankers could sneak into the United States and do the “jobs Americans don’t want to do.” In other words the ass wipes could work as bus boys at Jose’s Taco Emporium!!

Much Much More than a Tax on Tobacco

Once again the devil is in the details, and the details are always hidden with this Marxist administration. The details are that this isn’t merely a tax (which B-Ho promised wouldn’t occur) it is also a regulation on what can be in a cigarette. Are you pulling my finger?? Now I hate cigarette smoke and I’m glad people can’t stink up a restaurant I’m eating in, BUT…it’s legal to possess and smoke cigarettes as they are. How the hell can this government of Obamamama have the cast iron gigantic balls to regulate whether or not there’s nicotine in a damn cigarette?? Easy, they're the Marxist Democrat dictators and they will do whatever the hell they please, and We the People cannot do a single thing about it….until 2010


Obama didn’t need to prove he was a liar, I think that was assumed since he was a member of the Democratic Party. But he went and proved it to us anyways. He says he wouldn’t tax anyone making under $200K and then did just that with his enormous new tax on cigarettes. But that didn’t go far enough for the Marxists. They will also now regulate what “ingredients” a cigarette can contain, all while cigarettes are legal to possess and smoke under the law. We need to stop this idiot before there are NO freedoms left. Then we need to legalize marijuana. Then we need to get high. Of course this is just what I think, maybe I’m wrong.

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