Sunday, April 12, 2009

Obama – The Comedy of Errors Continues Non-Stop

Obama who is on his way to becoming the most slap stick president in the history of the world just can’t seem to get it right. He’s so damn far out of his league that his amateur comings (not like Clit’ns) and goings are one faux pas after another. He bows, he doesn’t bow…he makes it an issue because we have no other important issues. Americans are seized and Obama keeps his usually running big mouth shut. Americans shoot up other Americans and his Attorney General says the 2nd Amendment won’t get in the way of gun control. Since the unemployment rate is around 8% B-Ho guesses it’s now the right time to make all the Illegal Mexicans U.S. citizens so they can take up what few jobs there are. Funny…NO….Friggin ridiculously %#$&ed up…YES.

I Bow to No One

So Obama, whose wife made a faux pas with the Queen of England by touching her, bowed down to the King of Saudi Arabia. So what? Who gives a rat’s ass? No, the problem is that the joker is now denying that he did it. Are you ready? The dip wad claims that he’s tall and the Saudi king is small and B-Ho had to bend down to shake his hand!! Are you pulling my middle leg for the 47,378th time since this loser became president?? I wonder how many strategy sessions involving 300-400 people it took to come up with that response. Alfred E. Neuman would be a more competent president than this damn Marxist goof. I personally think that the Japanese custom of bowing is one we could definitely do with. It shows respect. But Obamamama has to worry like a frightened little kid about what the press will think and then he lies about it. What a LOSER!!!

I Aints Got Nuttin Ta Say Bout No Pirate Mo-Fo’s

For the 5th day in a row B-Ho has kept his big sissy assed mouth shut about pirates hijacking Americans. Sound familiar? How about Jimmah Cahtah not talking about the Iranian savages who took our Embassy over. Déjà vu dude!! The junior big mouth of the Administration, Joe Plagiarizer Biden, won’t even comment. Sounds like these dicks are hard at work on this one. Of course Obamamama is still whacking off thinking about the Europeans who held his weinie at the G-20 summit, especially the flaming queer from Britain. He’s a very busy man, can’t be bugged with trivial crap like Americans being seized by Muslims. We should be NUKING the pirate ships until there are none left. Easy solution to an easy problem! But we have Jimmah Cahtah as presdet.

Fork over Your Guns You Conservative Degenerates

Since some lunatics have killed people randomly (always appreciated by the left who want to confiscate our weapons) Eric Holder is now saying we WILL have gun control and…..the 2nd Amendment will not get in his way!!! So the Marxists are going to try to take weapons away from law biding citizens, while they encourage 14 year old girls to murder their baby. Not since Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin has a government wanted so desperately to take guns away from the people. The cost of rifles has skyrocketed since B-Ho’s coronation, and ammunition of all calibers is sold out. I wonder why….I wonder why!

New Mexican Legal Voters

The Illegal Mexicans have been voting in this country for years but just to be on the safe side Obamamama is going to make them all citizens so they can legally vote for him. I know that Republicans also want to legalize Mexicans for the cheap labor, but the Democrats want the cheap votes. And regardless of how many friggin stupid idiotic moron Republicans vote for legalizing the damn Mexican invaders, the cucaracha Mexican pricks will vote for the Democrat. No I like my idea much better. Invade and annex the country of Mexico. After all we should get something more than Democrat voters for all the problems these butt wipes have caused.


It just keeps piling up with Obama. It’s only been a few months and he’s frigged up the future of our children economically, let North Korea launch a ballistic missile, appointed crooks to his administration, made us a sissy queer in front of Europe, insulted George W. Bush at the G-20 summit, let pirates kidnap Americans (pirates??), gone in circles on Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, bowed to a King and then denied it, proposed free citizenship to law breakers, announced numerous Marxist policies to come soon and generally been the most screwed up, piece of dog doo, loser, Marxist, American hating president in U.S. history. Of course this is just what I think, maybe I’m wrong!!

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