Saturday, April 11, 2009

North Korea Farts in Our Face (and Doesn’t say Excuse Me)

The North Koreans launched their “satellite” missile after much fan fare and stern warnings from Jimmy Car…uh I mean Barack Obama. Naturally North Korea said that they gave a rat’s ass what B-Ho thought and that they would launch their “satellite” when they felt like it, and if no one liked it they could bite themselves. So on Saturday they did indeed launch their “satellite” while holding their middle finger in the air as high as they could. This “satellite” had the capability of hitting the United States with a nuclear warhead, so one would assume that that’s kinda important. However, B-Ho was having too much fun having Europeans lavish Hosannas upon him to be bugged with such triviality, so he announced…are you ready?....the friggin nerd announced:

North Korea Isn’t Playing By the Rules

Holy crap!! Jimmah Cahtah even had more balls than this Marxist wanabe Presidential queer! I’ll say they’re not playing by the damn rules. But who’s going to make them play by the rules. The impotent United States, led by Mr. Swell Guy? I don’t think so. This wanker is afraid of his own shadow. He’s a community organizer who can read a teleprompter so the Democrats chose him as their token black president. Hurray, hurrah, it’s Winchell Mahoney time. First of all if any idiot thinks that North Korea was launching a satellite, they’re a brainless idiotic moron. What North Korea was attempting to do was launch a missile that could reach the United States (so they may nuke us someday), and in that respect they had quite a success.

United States Calls Launch a Failure

The launch wasn’t a failure for crying out loud, it was a smashing success. North Korea once threatened to turn Seoul, South Korea into a “sea of fire.” I’d say that makes the launch a smashing success. They can now hit Japan, Guam, Philippines, and China (why would they?), so to call it a failure is merely George Orwellian Bullcrap Speak by the Obamamama administration.

Obama Calls for an International Response

Since Obamarama doesn’t have a pair of balls or a nut sack to put them in, he is calling for others to fight our battles. “If you don’t stop picking on me I’m gonna get my big sister after you.” What a pathetic dish rag. What a pathetic Jimmy Carter. So Obama calls on his pals the United (piece of dog doo) Nations. You know them…the organization that Obamamama wants to hand over our national sovereignty to (I guess they’ll share the U.S. with Europe). After 3 hours of closed doors meetings, surprise, surprise, surprise….no agreement on ANYTHING!!! In others words the United Nations did what it is the greatest organization in the history of the world at doing…absolutely NOTHING!!

No Nukes Man

To further demonstrate what a nutless pussy he is, B-Ho said we have to eliminate nukes world wide and the United States should take the lead. In other words B-Ho wants the U.S. to be nothing more than a poor third world piece of crap that he and his entourage of thugs can rule and hand out little nothings to the masses. The U.S. needs to tell North Korea and Iran and any other piece of cow crap that wants to get nuclear that we’re going to increase our capacity and develop a missile shield. If they even look at us side ways they’ll be cover in wall to wall nukes.


Our president is a queer. Our president is a gutless pussy. Our president is an shoe licker. Our president wants to unilaterally disarm America to make his European and Muslim friends happy. Our president is a Marxist, American hating, piece of yak crap. Our president won’t be happy until he’s made the United States the laughing stock of the world…the third world that is! Of course this is just what I think, maybe I’m wrong!!

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