Saturday, April 4, 2009

National Security Update

While the Prez and his racist wife are jet setting with an entourage of five hundredin tow (Can you say Carol Mosley Braun?), the issues he should be addressing are National Security and the lack thereof, rather than the world economy. Britain is already on his ‘highway to hell’ of spending out of the recession and the rest of Europe thinks B-Ho is full of crap, so moron…deal with our National Security.

The Taliban Plan

The leader of the Pakistani Taliban (the one Obama is going to invade Pakistan to get Osama) has issued a threat. The Taliban will attack the White House and “amaze the world.” Well that would be pretty amazing, but B-Ho is over in Europe so they may want to consider postponing the festivities for a while. Under George W. Bush (the President trashed on a daily basis by the Marxists and the “media”) (redundant), the United States was not attacked a single time after 9/11. That was mainly because George W. Bush took National Security seriously. Obamamama on the other hand has appointed Janet Napolireno as Homeland Security head which should sum up just how “seriously” he takes our nation’s security.

The FBI is taking the threat seriously because the Muslim dog licker “has American blood on his hands.” Meanwhile B-Ho plays Mr. Prez half-way across the world with his fans and entourage. So just in case we’re too safe after eight years of George W. Bush, B-Ho is going to release the cut-throat murdering killer pigs into the general population of the United States, because, well…that’s the type of guy he is. He’s a nice guy! He feels the pain of the Gitmo detainees. AND the prick is going to give them WELFARE to help them survive in the United States until they are ready to attack us again. Obama…ya gots ta luvim!!!

Iran – Wipe it Off the Map

These insane lunatics are so fond of repeating over and over again how they will soon wipe Israel off the map. I say it’s time to wipe these punks off the damn map. But not B-Ho Obamarama. Nope, he’s trying to make ‘nice-nice’ with the raving lunatics once again. After they told him to blow his introductory letter up his moon, and he did, he must have thought that they just need to know him better, to see what a swell guy he is. So, now Obama wants Iran’s help in solving the drug trafficking problems of Afghanistan. That’s sort of like asking Brittney Spears to help with new parenting classes. I’m glad that Netanyahu has set B-Ho straight and told him to take care of Iran or Israel will. Because B-Ho would wait until Iran wiped Israel off the map and then say “darn it you guys, that wasn’t cool!”

Let’s Release the “Terror” Memos

So now Obama is debating whether or not to release sensitive ‘terror memos’ from the Bush administration. You see, B-Ho and the slut Pelosi want our government to be transparent. That’s why they had the “stimulus” bill read to Congress before voting on it. Wait a minute…oh yeah, they didn’t bother with that transparency. You see an economic bill won’t do our enemies any good to have it made public information, so it’s merely voted on as “vote for this piece of cow crap because B-Ho wants it.” Now classified documents on the other hand CAN help our enemies so therefore it’s of the utmost importance for our Marxist leadership to see that they’re given over to al-Qaeda.


The conclusion is that there is no national security in our country. B-Ho has stars in his eyes and he’d rather play Mr. Prez than worry about the security of the American people. If he had cared about America’s security he would have voted for John McCain!! Madam Sec. Hil is too busy with her kumbaya stars in her eyes to care about the security of the American people, and certainly doesn’t give a flying rats ass about our troops in Afghanistan. She’s welcoming (at B-Ho’s behest) Iran to step into Afghanistan and straighten that situation out. If the bitch had cared about national security, she too would have voted for John McCain. Oh yeah… maybe she did! We need to lock down our borders tighter than a witch’s va-jay-jay, demand Iran stop nuclear development at the threat of being wiped off the earth, and drop some daisy cutters on the Afghan drug lords. Of course this is just what I think, maybe I’m wrong!!

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