Thursday, April 9, 2009

Moderates – More Dangerous to the America than the Marxists

The dish rag, can’t make a decision, discerning, faux intelligent “moderates” of this country are destroying the nation from the inside out. John McCain displayed this with his mealy mouthed campaign of nothing that allowed the Marxists to take complete control of the U.S. government. The fart sniffing Democrats DO NOT want to work with the Republicans, and they are masters at convincing the idiot moderates that it’s the Republicans who aren’t cooperating. The moderates are the largest voting bloc in the United States, so whoever can reach these idiot morons wins the election. They’re really not that difficult to reach, and it amazes me that the Republicans are so damn lousy at doing it.

Believe it or Not the Moderates Will Vote for the One with Convictions

McCain made the major mistake in this past campaign of believing that if he campaigned as a moderate he would get the moderate vote. It doesn’t even come close to working that way. You see the moderates get their news from the “moderate” network evening news. They are discerning enough to know that CNN is leftist. They are told and therefore believe the Fox News is right wing. So since they are highly intelligent they watch the CBS Evening News, and develop their “opinions’ accordingly. So when McCain tried to be a moderate, and Barack showed them he was a leftist while claiming he was a moderate, they voted for the one with convictions. They voted for the leftist because the Republican didn’t give them a clear picture of what he stood for. McCain was trying to please ‘all the people, all the time.’

Bill O’Reilly – The Voice of Reason

Oh give me a friggin break once and for all. This guy makes me barf. He is a moderate, he is the voice of reason. He’s the voice of a bullcrap artist. He acts all intellectual and discerning and informed, but when you get down to it he will argue with a Democrat or Republican equally to see that his view is the one that people go away with. He was on with Laura Ingraham last night and refused to say that B-Ho was a socialist for supporting the blatant Communist platform formed by the G-20. He’s too damn intelligent to label Obamamama as a socialist. He isn’t a damn socialist O’Frigging’Reilly…he’s a COMMUNIST MARXIST!!! O’Reilly also favors big government regulations, which in my book makes him a leftist. He wants to go off on his show, but to those of us who don’t have a cushy job of giving our opinions for money we have the Internet. That’s why this dick wad wants the Internet regulated by the government. Yeah O’Reilly you’re a moderate alright!

Aren’t Some Political Parties Moderate?

Absolutely not! By definition, moderate is not having excessive or extreme views. That certainly doesn’t fit the Democrats (abortion, tax the rich. Redistribute wealth, socialize industry, unions, green crap, faggot diplomacy etc.). That certainly doesn’t fit the Republicans (open borders with Mexico, no regulation whatsoever, kissing the UN’s ass etc.). The Libertarians aren’t moderate (freedom of everything with no exceptions, no foreign policy at all etc.). The Greens are certainly not moderate (matriarchal society, I’ve said enough right there!!). How about our friends the Modern Whigs? Well, they certainly do try to be middle of the road. But they won’t take a stand on Abortion simply because their members don’t agree. To me, not taking a position on such an important issue as 1st degree murder, is indeed radical. But at least the Whig movement is growing. Right now the Modern Whigs have 0.00011800% of the electorate registered as Modern Whig. The up and coming Radical Whig Party already has 0.00000021% of the total electorate registered as Radical Whig. Here we come folks!!!!


People in the United States now use the idea of being “moderate” as a crutch to prop them up. More and more people are registering without indicating a party preference not because they don’t feel that any party identifies with their views, but rather they have no views to start with. They take the easy way out, don’t make a decision, let the media tell them how to vote, and go on their merry way. This is extremely dangerous for our society. We need our citizens to have an opinion, and voice that opinion. Sitting on the fence is not going to cut it in a democracy. But then again, our democracy is rapidly fading into totalitarianism. Of course this is just what I think, maybe I’m wrong!!

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