Thursday, April 30, 2009

Moby's Dick or Whale "Seamen"

Obama Goes Car Shopping with $8 Billion of Our Cash

B-Ho forked over $8 billion of MIDDLE CLASS taxpayer money so that Chrysler could file bankruptcy. Hell, how much cash do I get if I file bankruptcy? On top of the 8 bil, we’ve already coughed up 4 bil to the failing auto maker. I think the money would be better spent if B-Ho just bought us a Japanese auto maker. At least we’d make a profit instead of the billions going to waste on overpaid union hacks producing garbage no one will buy. B-Ho will also “help” appoint a new board of directors. In other words a board made up completely of Obamamama lackeys. B-Ho is having the time of his life spending our cash, and playing Mr. President. And the Marxists are laughing their nuts off as they ream the middle class on a daily basis.

Democrats Try to “Help” Republicans with Advice

The Marxists claim that for the Republicans to succeed they should be more like them. Well thanks for the advice, Marxists, but we’ll pass. Every time a Republican tries to act like a Democrat (John McCain), they get smeared by the Democrats and shunned by the Republicans. It has never worked and it never will. The Democrats do not want the Republicans to succeed and giving them “advice” is the utmost in bumptiousness, brass, hubris. Pride goeth before a fall, and you will fall Marxist trash!!

Gitmo Terrorists to be put Up in Hotels

Eric Holder confirmed to the Europeans yesterday that released terrorists from Guantanamo Bay would be housed at MIDDLE CLASS taxpayer expense in hotels. Apparently he wants them to be very comfy while they plan their next terrorist attack against the United States. That sounds perfectly reasonable considering his boss, B-Ho Hussein Obamamama, is an America hating, racist piece of sissy queer TRASH!!

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