Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Marxist Regime Attacks our Military Veterans

The regime of Barack Hussein Obama has stepped so far over the line that he and his entire administration need to be impeached IMMEDIATELY!! Since there seems to be a brewing opposition to the RULING COALITION of Marxist Democrats in this country, those same scum bag dog crap eaters are freaking out to silence the 47% of us who DID NOT vote for B-Ho. They’ve already silenced Republican opposition in the Congress and the Senate, and now they are out to label U.S. Veterans as dangerous fringe groups. That is a blatant act of war against the people of the United States and should be considered treason!!

The Left Has Always HATED The Military

Whenever I hear one of these left-wing piece of garbage dicks use the phrase “support the troops” it makes me want to hurl my lunch across the damn room, and then dry heave for an hour or so. These leftists have always and continue to despise the military and military veterans. The pricks even bitched about the Navy SEALS killing those ‘pirates.’ “Was that much force really necessary?” Hey dick wads…screw yourselves!! If you Marxist bums don’t appreciate our armed forces, and if you Marxists don’t appreciate our veterans, and if you Marxists are going to slander our military then GET THE FRIGGIN HELL OUT OF THE COUNTRY NOW!!!!!

B-Ho Needs a Scapegoat, After all Hitler had the Jews

So the scapegoat chosen by the left to establish their dictatorship that will never be able to be overthrown is the political right-wing. As I’ve pointed out they are already impotent in the Congress and Senate, so now the common man who happens to be a right-winger must be made a scapegoat. The common man, right-winger must have his guns taken away because he is a threat to the leftist Marxist government of Barack Hussein Obama. Eric Holder has already announced that nothing as trivial as the 2nd Amendment will get in his way of his jamming comprehensive “gun control” through both houses. Adolf Hitler would certainly be proud of these trash, if he hadn’t hated Marxists so much!!

Clit’n Blamed the Militia, and Killed Hundreds Doing It!

Give me a break! Timothy McVeigh? I don’t think so. That fat assed disgraced presdet who taught our children that cheating on your wife is dandy as long as it’s only oral sex, blew the hell out of the FBI building in Oklahoma City because he was in fear of America’s militia groups. All the Marxist media, and all the Marxist FOBs jumped all over the militia blame game for the bombing. Well after Waco, and after Ruby Ridge, don’t even dream of telling me that Clit’n didn’t sacrifice those people to shut down right-wing militias. He did!

Janet NapoliReno – I Told you About this Dyke Bitch

Big Brother is certainly watching you, but don’t forget about Big Sister too!! The Homeland Security Douche Bag is claiming that the recession is fueling right-wing extremists to pop up and recruit. Are you people listening to this Marxist government? You voted for the bums and now you’re stuck with them so far up your rear ends you’ll never get them out. The Homeland Security Dept. “warned” that home foreclosures, unemployment and other consequences of the economic recession "could create a fertile recruiting environment for right-wing extremists." Holy crap! Read George Orwell’s 1984 you morons. Meanwhile the Left-Wing extremists are running the Government, the Law, the Media, the Banks, and soon all of America’s industries. You pricks brought this on by voting for these ass wipes and you knew who they were!!! You’re a bunch of uninformed idiots.

We Don’t Need the Discredited Federalists!

Not since the discredited Federalist Party has an administration been so vehemently against State’s rights and so violently asserting the power of the federal government over every aspect of our lives. But the state of Texas at least has some balls and is declaring their sovereignty. Well good for them. A democracy can not survive with an all powerful central government – that is Communism for you brainless idiots who voted for Obama or Ron Paul or some other idiot that helped put B-Ho in office.


This issue has now taken front stage as the most pressing issue, overtaking Illegal Mexicans. EVERY American should take this threat of a loss of all of our freedoms very, very seriously. The ass wipes who used to cry about President Bush and the Patriot Act aren’t crying now, because they want to be subjects of an authoritarian ruler. For this Obamamamamamamama administration to slander our brave men and women of the military as people we need to fear is the most outrageous insult that can be heaped upon the American public. The only thing we need to be protected from are the Marxists running the federal government. Just because we are paranoid DOES NOT mean that they aren’t out to get us!!! Of course this is just what I think, and unfortunately I’m not wrong this time!!!

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