Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Having Babies – Mexican Style

The Mexicans have a very interesting way of having babies. They don’t burden their own government with the expenses, they merely come on into the United States, dump out their brat, and viola…instant U.S. Citizen. Now B-Ho Obama wants to make them ALL citizens of the United States. Well, lets have a look at what these law breakers have done to deserve instant citizenship.

Coming to America for the Sole Purpose of Creating a Citizen

Phoenix’s CBS 5 news did a piece on Mexican pregnant women coming to the U.S. for the sole purpose of having their baby here. The woman they were talking to wouldn’t give her real name but after she pumped out her brat (courtesy of the taxpayers of Texas) she felt confident to give her name, Fabiola, since she no longer fears deportation. Well isn’t that just Fabiolamisimo!! I mean screw the fact that she violated the law of the United States like a common criminal, now she’s all set. She announced “I’m glad he was born here, that’s why we came here.” There we go, at least Fabifriggingola is glad she got free health care, and is now probably collecting free welfare for her brat.

So how did a pregnant Fabiola get here. Simple…she swam across the Rio Grande when she was 6 months pregnant with her husband and son. Another Fabiola tidbit, “things are better in the U.S. because they help children so much more.” Sounds like this one will be getting benefits at the middle class taxpayer’s expense. The brat she pumped out while Illegally in the United States can then “sponsor” her and her husband when he reaches 21. Isn’t this a lovely system?

Don’t Worry the Middle Class Can Take Out Their Wallets

So the cost of this dog crap is born by the middle class taxpayers of America as usual. Sure the hospital loses money but they then raise their rates to cover their costs of FREE MEDICAL CARE FOR CRIMINALS, and the cost is passed on to the middle class by higher hospital costs and higher insurance premiums. So what kind of costs are we racking up for the middle class citizenry of the United States?

An average C-Section cost is $4700. The cost for the Illegal Mexican is FREE. There are 300,000 babies born to Illegal Mexicans in the U.S. per year (at least they don’t abort them like the Marxists do). At McAllen Texas Medical Center, 40% of the babies born there were to Illegal Mexicans (2,400 in 2007) (can’t wait for the 2008 figures!!). So in all the American taxpayer (middle class of course) foots a bill for  $1.1 Frigging Billion dollars per damn year. That’s $1.1 Billion that could be spent on American’s children that suffer from no medical treatment, no food, no shelter etc. But instead we simply PISS the taxpayer’s $1.1 billion/year away to reward Illegal Law Breakers!!! Only in Marxist America could this horse crap go on!

Let’s Make it Easier for the Mexicans to Invade the U.S.

Well I gotta say Obamamama is off to a great running start on this one. His Homeland Security Head did more to help Illegal Mexicans come into the United States that anyone else in America. The friggin dyke bitch refused to enforce the border and even had National Guard troops hang out at the border and throw down their useless weapons when armed drug lords came across. Now that has to make every U.S. citizen proud. Just in case it’s a bit too inconvenient for Mexicans to Illegally cross over our border, the U.S. government has installed 19 beacons to give the law breakers “room service” on their journey.


I’ve been over this more times than I care to count but it is our number one problem in this country. The country will disintegrate and Mexico will take over a huge portion unless we preemptively invade the cockroaches and annex Mexico. One other note on the McAllen Texas Medical Center for your amusement if nothing else. The CEO of the hospital, Joe Riley says he’s seen women come to the hospital wet from swimming across the river and in labor already – they came here for the sole purpose of having a U.S. citizen baby for fucking FREE. They are mandated by LAW to treat ALL ‘patients’ that come to the ER regardless of if they are from Uranus or Mexico. His hospital alone has uncompensated health care of greater than $200 million in 2007. When Fabiola was told by the reporter that many Americans resent what the Illegal Mexicans are doing, the dirty sleazy criminal douche bag bitch said “I don’t really understand the resentment.” We are at war and Obama will not acknowledge it nor will the Senate or the Congress. But that’s to be expected from a Marxist government that is licking their chops over the prospect of 40 million new registered Democrat voters. Of course this is just what I think, maybe I’m wrong!!

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