Friday, April 17, 2009

The Great Tax Tea Party of April 15, 2009

Americans all over the nation have organized in a great unorganized movement called the Tea Party. Named after the Boston Tea Party, these spontaneous demonstrations have not occurred in this capacity since the 1700’s. The Left claims that these are not spontaneous demonstrations, but rather they are organized by the right-wing. That’s a load of horse crap. These demonstrations have been organized by Internet blogs, emails, texting etc. On “Tax Day” 2009, Americans are gathering in cities all over the United States not to protest “No taxation without Representation” (even though we do not have representation in a House that passes bills without debate), but rather Americans are protesting the blowing of our valuable tax dollars out the butts of the Democrat House, Senate and President!!

No Legislation without Representation

The American way, even when one party controls both houses and the Oval Office has ALWAYS been to have debate on legislation that INCLUDES the opposition party’s voice. That is no longer the case in the United States of America. Now that the Democrats control all the branches of the U.S. government they feel entitled to impose any legislation that tickles their fancy, and not have any debate whatsoever. Hey phlegm balls…I’ve got an even better idea. How about if we don’t even bother with a vote!! Since the Republicans cannot filibuster under the new rules and their will be no debate, let’s just say the hell with the charade of a vote. But NO!! The people of the United States have decided screw that crap. There shall be more legislation without debate jammed up our butts, hence the Tea Parties.

The Left Attacks the Parties

OK, be honest, who the is surprised by this? The Left of course felt glad all over and warm and fuzzy while old dried up sluts slandered our armed forces and the Bush Administration. But now that their counterparts, the intelligent, well-informed right, are protesting, the bitches can’t handle it. The Left also said about 700 parties were held yesterday. As Mr. Miagi said on “The Karate Kid”…”ahh, believe have facts wrong.” There were actually about 2,700 parties in cities all over the United States. The Left is saying this was a piss poor showing, but it was a much better showing than ANY war protest that was organized against the Bush administration….and the greatest thing of all – these parties were not organized. The people are rising up. The Marxists have awakened a sleeping giant.

Unlike Obamamama, These People Care about Their Children’s Future

Hillary Clit’n should be protesting that “it takes a village” and that the village will be bankrupt in the near future due to B-Ho and Slut Pelosi’s spending rampage. Tax increases are only around the corner, these TRILLIONS of horse crap won’t pay for itself. Yet all of a sudden Clit’n doesn’t seem to care about “the children.” Remember, everything that the Left did was supposed to be “for the children.” Well now the Leftists are jamming Trillions of dollars of debt down our children’s throats and having a good old time doing it. It’s known as Change we can Believe In!!


We need more than a Tea Party. What we need is to split the country in half and let the Left have theirs and we’ll have ours. We can each live according to our dictates. The Left and Right will NEVER again reconcile in American politics, they are too far apart. The country is polarized and should be split. The Right half will prosper naturally, and the Left half will go down the toilet! But when the Left disintegrates, we won’t give a flying crap. No bail outs from us to you fart knocking Marxist pricks. Man, that would be Nirvana. Of course this is just what I think, maybe I’m wrong!!

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