Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bull Flatulence

Universal Health Care – The Huge White Elephant

Obama naturally promised everyone in the country free health care, as all Democrats do when they run for office. They’re the “promise givers,” but in reality they’re the illusion givers. Now economists are claiming that any plan that resembles Obamamama’s “idea” would bankrupt the nation. Economists say, any economic recovery could stall or be seriously limited by Obamamama-care. The Obama program would be based on that usual Marxist way of doing things – borrow and bloat! “Continued large deficits and the resulting increases in federal debt over time would probably constrain long-term economic growth by reducing national savings and investment, which in turn would cause productivity and wage growth to gradually slow,” the Congressional Budget Office reported. Marxism – you voted for it!! You’ve got it!! Enjoy!!!!

Carbon Shmarbon

This is the religion of Al Gorology, also known as Global Warmingology. According to Tennessee Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn, Obama administration’s “cap and trade” plan to curb carbon emissions would cost each American family more than $3,000 a year and result in the loss of at least one million jobs. Now that’s certainly what the country needs as the earth’s climate COOLS year by year!! This is nothing more than an “energy tax” shoved up our bums by B-Ho, as he tells us how he’s busy cutting taxes on 95% of Americans. In addition the bill would allow people to sue the government if they’ve been hurt by greenhouse gas emissions. “I fell asleep on the beach drunk and got sunburned….I want to sue!!! It’s greenhouse gas I tell you!! I can smell it from here…it’s a government conspiracy, they’re out to burn my scrotal sack off”!!

Jamming More Legislation Down the Opposition’s Throat

The Democrats are prepared to jam through “health-care” legislation, with or without any Republican support, and most definitely WITHOUT any debate what-so-ever. That should be no surprise as that has become their new modus operendi. The public elected them the majority party so they feel they owe no debating of issues to any one. You can either vote for their bill or you can piss off. "We are prepared to do this because we are not confident Republicans are going to work with us," one party aide said. "This is the direction we're heading," another aide said. At least one Democrat realized the slippery slope that Queen Bitch Pelosi is taking. "If we jam something down somebody's throat it is not sustainable," Senator Max Baucus said. Keep it up Marxist Dems, and very very soon you’ll all be on permanent vacation!

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