Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bugs' Cocoa Puffs

Why Isn’t the President Doing his Work?

When Clit’n was being impeached we continuously heard the mantra that the president “needed to get back to the work of the people.” Now 3 months into his reign, Obamamama has decided that it’s in the countries best interests to indict Bush officials. Obviously B-Ho has nothing better to do with his time and nothing better to offer the nation. This is a pathetic abuse of power driven by the profanatory, benighted queers from and that old senile, fool-born mobster George Soros. What B-Ho is trying to do is prosecute the previous Administration for policy disagreements. I for one can’t wait until WE ARE the administration!!

We Can’t Invest in the Market for Social Security, But Obama Can

B-Ho now wants the government to hold “common stock” as part of the TARP payments instead of the agreed upon “preferred stock.” The difference is that with Common Stock the government will be able to vote on matters of the company as shareholders. Well if it stinks like Communism, it is Communism, and B-Ho and his gang of dankish, elf-skinned minnows are definitely Communists (otherwise known as Bolsheviks, otherwise known as Marxists). It’s just another way of the government buying up America. Karl Marx salutes you comrades.

Now we Need Air Pollution to Stop Global Warming

It gets more nonsensicle, foolheaded every day, from rising ice shelves, to blizzards closing down conferences, to cow farts causing global warming…but this is the greatest of all!! "Aerosols offset approximately 50 percent of the greenhouse gas warming," Knut Alfsen, research director at the Centre for International Environmental Research in Oslo, Norway, said by phone. So there you have it folks!! The Religion of Global Warminology changes more than Brittney Spears changes “wrestling” partners. So to help that shard-borne, moldwarp, Al Gore and put a smile on the idiot's wooden face, we ALL need to start polluting!!!!

Capitalism Shall Have More Government – Just What We Need

The head of GE Corporation says that the future of capitalism will include much more government intervention. Well, nitwit, that means it’s not capitalism!! So GE plans on making up for financial loses by sales to the government. Well, isn’t that special!?

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