Monday, March 30, 2009

Where’s James K. Polk When You Need Him?

I rarely have anything positive to say about a Democrat (they never give me anything positive to work with), but I truly admire James K. Polk, our 11th President, and believe that we could use him right now. The trouble on the Mexican-American border is NOT going away, it will only get worse (especially with this nutless Administration and Homeland Security head, Janet Napolireno). The drug runners are running into and out of our country, killing any American on American soil who gets in their way. The Mexican government is also running in and out of our country killing any American on American soil that gets in their way. James K. Polk had a huge set of balls and invaded Mexico after Mexicans came across our border and shed American blood. We could sure use him now!!

Let’s Blames the Guns as Usual

Hillary “the dirty dog bitch” Clit’n is blaming guns for the problem of Mexicans coming into our country and killing Americans. This is merely another ploy by the Marxists to try to wrest guns from American citizens. The Bolsheviks have been trying to keep guns out of the hands of the common man since they came to power in 1917. Now the Marxist Bolshevik bitch Hillary Clit’n claims that it was the fault of the Republicans in Congress that there isn’t a ban in the U.S. on assault rifles. There are many problems with this nut wad’s logic. First of all the DEMOCRATS run Congress and can (and do) pass any damn law they want and there’s no way the Republicans can stop them. Second the right to bear arms (that means any weapon whatsoever) is guaranteed by the Constitution and not even the Bolsheviks in Washington can override that. Therefore to Hillary Clit’n and B-Ho….”Bite me royally.”

When is a War Not a War?

Apparently if your neighboring country is invading your sovereign territory, and you have a huge number of “residents” from that country living and working in your country, you can’t use the military to fight the invaders off, or you’re a RACIST!! Well eat me Mexican racist leaders. You prick heads are the true blue racists. America has no leadership with any balls and didn’t under George Bush’s or Clit’n and THAT is why the country of Mexico is taking over the United States of America while we do NOTHING! I’m sorry, but this is a total war. If it hadn’t been for the pussy Whigs opposing James K. Polk, Mexico would be a part of the U.S. right now and there wouldn’t be an issue. Oh, am I criticizing my own party? Hell no….I’m criticizing the pussy pansy assed “moderate” Whigs who got their panties in a bunch and didn’t take Mexico after we had won it fair and square following the Mexican invasion of the U.S. in 1846. This is WAR and all Americans must demand that we annex Mexico NOW!!!!

Don’t Worry – Janet Napolireno is in Charge

This dirty bitch allowed millions upon millions of Illegal Mexicans to come across the border during her term as Governor of Arizona, many of them armed. Now that she’s “in charge” of Homeland Security she says there’s no “magic wand” to fix the problem. Now that’s what I call reassuring!! When speaking about the Canadian border the pervert dyke said we "need to be sensitive" to concerns in Mexico — and among lawmakers from southern U.S. border states — that there be parity in the security measures taken on both frontiers. In other words let’s make sure the Mexicans aren’t stopped from coming in if we’re going to let Canadians in. Well Jans….how the hell many American citizens have been killed by Canadians? How the hell many America citizens have been killed by Mexicans?? That’s what I thought! More watered down cow crap from the “Homeland Security” head, and of course NO BORDER ENFORCEMENT!!!!


The Mexican people and the Mexican government have indeed invaded the United States of America and have done so with their police, their military, and their armed citizens. Whatever idiot doesn’t believe this is a blatant act of war is a brainless pussy, Kool-aid drinker. The damn Moderate Whigs prevented the great president James K. Polk from annexing Mexico when we had the chance and our nation has suffered from it ever since. The time of moderate action (doing nothing or kissing the Illegal butts) is long past putting to bed, and the time for RADICAL action is now. We must send our military to the border and annex the country of Mexico, making all Mexicans American citizens, and developing Mexico to the benefit of both of our economies. Of course this is just what I think, maybe I’m wrong!!

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