Monday, March 16, 2009

U.N. Head Insults the United States

The so-called head of the United (piece of useless crap) Nations had the cast iron balls to go in front of Congress and declare that the United States is a “dead beat” donor to the UN. Well bite me, the United Nations is a worthless piece of cow crap that we are wasting our valuable tax dollars by supporting. The United Nations is simply a forum for other nations to bad mouth the United States and Israel. That’s the sole function, and that is ALL that they do.

That’s the Pot Calling the Kettle Black

This flaming third world trash, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, actually stood in front of our Congress and used the word “deadbeat” to describe the United States. Let’s talk about “deadbeat” for a minute. The United Nations has been “deadbeat” in its duties ever since its inception as I so easily point out in my UN essay ( They’ve NEVER found a crisis that they could handle effectively. NEVER!!!! Come on Ki-moon, either tell us of ONE single instance when the UN has not been a “deadbeat” organization, or blow it up your moon!!!

Marxists in Congress Kiss the UN’s Testicles

Don’t get me wrong, that’s just a figure of speech, the UN has no testicles. However two brainless idiots, Horseface Kerry (D) Mass. and his “buddy” Rep. Ed Markey (D) Mass. kissed the Moon’s moon and allowed him to insult their country. Horseface Kerry went as far as saying "Around the world, the United Nations is underfunded and overtasked." Overtasked??? Doing what Horseface Kerry?? They don’t do a thing and never have, except help to propagate anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism in the world community. In case we needed the idiot Mr. Ed Head to say anything else, Kerry went on to say "I think there will be a very clear vision for all the participants in Copenhagen about what's happening in the United States, and where we're headed." In other words…Now that Obama is in office we will give our sovereignty over to the United (Piece of Steaming Dog Doo) Nations, as the Marxists have dreamed of for years.

I thought we had an “Economic Crisis” in this Country

I’ve already pointed out how stupid it is to spend money during an economic crisis, but are you pulling my middle leg? The UN expects us to pay them $1.1 billion this year so they can conduct their business. This business of course now includes a UN fight on global warming. Since the losers have never been able or willing to resolve any conflict between nations and do their supposed job, they are going to tackle the incredible BULLCRAP discredited concept of Al Gorology, otherwise known as Global Warming, otherwise know as Climate Change, otherwise known as bull hockey!! But I guess to a “big time spender” such as the Marxists Obamamama blowing a mere $1.1 billion on non-existent horse manure doesn’t really make a difference. He’s already screwed us out of $1.5 trillion so what the hell is another billion anyway?


The United (Piece of Trash) Nations once again proves exactly how much gall they have and how much they hate America. To put on a disgusting display of calling the United States a “deadbeat” in the chamber of Congress is the ultimate insult that could be hurled upon our country. But the UN has NEVER cared about the United States and in fact has ALWAYS hated the United States and looked down its third world piece of trash nose at our country. The time is now to tell them that they’ll NEVER get another billion or any other amount from us, to kick their asses out of our country, to remove ourselves from this useless organization, and to use the building for housing the homeless of NY City. Of course that’s just what I think, maybe I’m wrong!!

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