Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pelosi – “We’ve Blown a Trillion, How About More?”

Nancy Pelosi reminds me of a six year old. You give a six year old a dollar and go shopping. The six year old will blow it in 5 minutes. You give a six year old $5 and go shopping. She’ll piss it away in half an hour. You give a six year old $500 and he’ll burn through it in 2 hours or less. You give Nancy “the douche” Pelosi $1 Trillion and she will blow it out her butt in a day…and then ask for another $0.5 TRILLION one week later!!!!

Yes Sir May I Please Have Another

The American public, although not too damn bright, nonetheless bent over rather readily and cried out “We’re ready…screw us in the behind!!” Since Congress always wants to deliver what the people want, they proceeded to jam it to the American people. Hard!! They blew a TRILLION friggin bucks on horse crap and for their own voting constituencies for nothing so as to lock up the idiot’s votes in the future. Unfortunately they did this at the expense of the United States economy. Now Pelosi in her infinite wisdom and extremely high IQ has decided that a trillion bucks isn’t quite enough to spend on nothing. Pelosi exclaimed "We have to keep the door open…The word of the day is confidence," she said. "Confidence in our markets, confidence in lending, confidence in our financial institutions." Oh I can easily translate this cat scat…Get out your damn wallets Middle Class, and then bend over!!!!

An Open Ended “Stimulus Plan” Part Deaux

Lawmakers are very quick to point out that there are currently no details about what would be contained in the next “stimulus package.” Of course not!! They didn’t give us any details about what was contained in the first piece of crap ‘bill’ that they shoved up our collective back sides. Now the story is that we are in such serious financial difficulties that we need to blow at least another half trillion bucks of chicken poo. So tell me, who in the hell when in financial difficulties goes on a spending spree. ‘Uh excuse me sir but you haven’t paid you mortgage in 2 months.’ ‘Oh, sorry but I’ve been spending all my money on bull crap!’ Give me a break. Is this administration and Congress as stupid as I give them credit for or are they even more stupid than that? I rest my case.

Obama’s $3.6 Trillion Budget

Democrats hope to “push through” the $3.6 Trillion spending spree by early April. Well they push everything else through without discussion so why not? The reason to push the garbage through without discussion and OF COURSE no input whatsover by the Republicans (“I won”) is to set the stage for action on the myriad bills needed to implement the Obama agenda, including measures to combat “climate change” and widen access to health care. Well isn’t that special? MARXISM at the expense of the American middle class once again. Senate Budget Chairman Kent Conrad (D., N.D.) warned that Democrats are uneasy with the budget and its proposed increase domestic spending and several new tax increases. That’s talking a good talk Conrad, but when push comes to shove you and ALL your fellow Democrats will jump into lock step and vote the “Party First” line, blowing Obama’s nuts and giving him exactly what he wants, no matter how detrimental to the U.S. economy. Democrats, ya gotta love the ass wipes!!

Timothy “Tax Evader” Geithner Says NO to Capitalism

A country is either capitalist or it is not. Geithner, who doesn’t believe in paying taxes just raising them, says that due to the recession “capitalism will be different.” What the hell kind of horse crap Orwellian doublespeak is that?? Geithner imparted to us these words of wisdom, “Our system was not designed to sustain a shock, a crisis of this magnitude…I think capitalism will be different, and the financial distribution will be dramatically different. It’s already dramatically different.” What Geithner is obviously doing here is setting the stage for the total destruction of capitalism under the terrorist totalitarian reign of the Marxist, Barack Hussein Obamamama. Geithner wants “better regulation and oversight, better rules of the game” which clearly means that the prick does NOT want free market Capitalism!! Take out your wallets Americans!


The Democrats (Marxists) take it a step at a time in their quest to destroy Capitalism and install their Marxist dictatorship. They have the “power” now and are creaming their jeans to jump all over this but they know they have to be a little bit patient so the brainless Americans don’t catch on. So while the Americans are giving Obamama 60%+ approval for basically pulling his weiner for 50 days, and the economy continues to tank, and the Marxist House and Senate spend trillions and ask for more, my guitar gently weeps. So let’s all get together and sing “kumbaya” and take the good ideas of the Republicans (oh yeah that’s not allowed in the U.S.) and the good ideas of the Democrats (still waiting to hear any of these) and build a fence sitting, middle of the road, no thinking required, zombie society. Of course this is just what I think, maybe I’m wrong!!

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