Thursday, March 12, 2009

Obama's Campaign Talk Remains Trash Talk

Well B-Ho has now flagrantly broken every campaign promise he made. During the campaign he spoke mainly in generalities, but echoed those generalities over and over and over again, and encouraged everyone to vote for him based on these. The mantra flowing out of this grand lying sack of crap’s mouth was as follows: “We need a new tone in Washington,” “The days of back rooms deals are over,” and let’s not forget, “We need more transparency in our government.” These three statements turned into diarrhea during B-Ho’s first 3 weeks as he jammed his economic legislation down our throats, and his Queen Slut Pelosi, and King Prick Reid got him his votes to pass it.

We Need a New Tone in Washington

Well this is a good one and I’ve covered this extensively in my essay of 02-09-09. But let’s talk about it some more, because the tone B-Ho is bringing to Washington is indeed very much new. Obamamama summed up his new tone for the Republicans by declaring that they needed to vote for his bill because he won. “I won, get over it.” Bush over course never used such an arrogant laden tone, so I guess that’s what B-Ho means by a “new tone.” B-Ho also meant that he would be using “doom and gloom” language whenever possible to prove his legislation needed passing. That’s certainly new from the respectable diplomatic character set by George W. Bush. From all indications this administration will be as classy as the Huffington Post blog-wads, which means that we’ll definitely have a new tone on Washington. The new tone is one of arrogance and dictatorial administration. Yes again, this is indeed change we do believe in.

The Days of Back Room Deals are Over

Well apparently not!! This “stimulus” package was one of the all-time great back room deals in American history. The Democrats met in a back room, decided what they wanted, added what B-Ho wanted, locked out the Republicans, brought the bill to the floor, excluded debate, excluded reading the “measure,” got a vote, and with the help of what the media terms the three “moderate Republicans” (translated liberal Democrats) got the piece of trash spending bill passed. And so much for “the days of back room deals are over.” Another campaign crock of rhetorical horse crap that Obama could give a flying frig about.

We Need More Transparency in our Government

Well this is actually one campaign promise that you can make an argument that B-Ho has kept. His government is very transparent. It’s crystal clear that they are corrupt and totalitarian, and they make no bones about it. The “I Won” crowd has set the stage for their future dealing with the American public and the opposition party. They are transparently ruling with an iron fist and eliminating all opposition to any of their Marxist ideas. Obama is so damn transparent that when he jammed his “stimulus” spending bill through Congress he wasted thousands of tax payer dollars to fly to Denver to sign it in a ceremony rather than just sign the piece of garbage in the Rose Garden. If that’s not transparent then I don’t know what the hell is.


Obama talked a good talk during the campaign. He promised, he pontificated, he bashed George Bush, he campaigned against George Bush while ignoring the issues McCain brought up, and then 52% of uninformed idiots from this country voted for him. Now he has shown that campaign rhetoric is merely that, rhetoric. He is destroying the confidence of every investor in this country. Every time he opens his big mouth the stock market plunges some more. But we don’t need to worry about the stock market or the economy, the savior will take care of us all. Right! This jag off is already worse than Jimmah Cahtah, and its only been 4 friggin weeks. Holy Toledo, we are screwed! Of course this is what I think, maybe I’m wrong.

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