Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Marxist Racism will Destroy America

I am sick and damn tired of the dinkless Marxists in this country fomenting racism between white people and everyone else. These cross dressers have put a label on everyone (except whites) and are creaming their jeans over the “historical” election of the first “black” president. This first “black” president is really only 50% black. But according to the Marxists if you are 1/100000000th black you are an African-American. This B-Ho is no more a freaking African-American than I am. His race is what it is, he’s a mixture, but leftists insist he’s black, and judging by his extreme racism toward whites he probably is.

African-Americans My Behind

There will Never, Never, Never be any harmony between whites and blacks as long as the Marxist dinks insist on separating Americans based on race and ethnicity. The blacks in this country, who love to play the role of victim, readily play along with this farce of calling themselves African-Americans. The people who were stolen out of Africa and brought to this country suffered immeasurably. Their families remaining in Africa suffered immeasurably. The citizens of Africa left on the continent suffered immeasurably for years after slavery ended. The blacks in America suffered immeasurably for years after slavery ended in the United States. However, the civil rights movements (although long in coming due to being blocked continuously by the DEMOCRATS) finally did away with racial discrimination in this country. To call these whining Americans by any other name than Americans is placing them in a specific category based upon race. To refer to them as African-Americans is an insult to the people of Africa who probably suffered more through the years than American blacks, and it’s an insult to those unfortunates who were sold into slavery. These whiners have opportunities galore and all they do is bitch about their so-called race. They make me friggin puke!

Affirmative Action Me Arse

As the American black population continues to whine, and as they continue to claim that everyone is against them based on their so-called race, they are able to get jobs, promotions, and college placements based solely on their race!! The white geek gets an 88% on the exam and the black man gets a 64%. They give the job to the black guy based on race. Two soldiers are up for the same promotion, the white guy has more years, but the black guy gets the promotion. His promotion is given to him based solely on his race. Blacks are hired in government jobs left and right based on race. There’s a half-black president, a semi-black Attorney General, the Oprah bitch is the richest woman in America, there are black CEOs, doctors, attorneys, judges, mayors, police officers, police commanders etc, et cetera….. Affirmative action is pure racism against whites and it is totally WRONG!!

The New Racist Attorney General Wants to Talk About Race

This tight assed loser who has no business being named Attorney general had the gigantic cast iron balls to claim that Americans are afraid to talk about race. This weiner is a flaming RACIST fart face. OK Holder, you gallon of goat piss, let’s talk about race. You say that the races segregate themselves, and imply that that’s the fault of whites. Hey prick head…blacks segregate themselves because they want to be with other blacks, not “white foke.” So-called “minority” groups have their own functions and events all the time, because they want to be together and do not want to be with whites. Do I give a flaming crap?? Hell no, but don’t give me this crap about segregation. Holder says that Americans are afraid to talk about race. No scheise Sherlock. If you even mention race, and you are white, you are immediately labeled a racist by the Marxist media and every black goof ball from here to Timbuck Too. You can’t fart around a black person without them taking it personally as racism. The whole truth is that this group is the greatest group of racists in the history of the world.

Sharpton Claims Blacks Look Like Monkeys

I’ve always contended that Al Sharpton was a racist bastard and once again he has proven me correct. Of all the screwed up causes to be involved in, the slick haired prick is protesting the NY Post comic showing a bullet ridden monkey that police officers killed. This comic was of course poking fun at the chimpanzee that attacked the woman owner, but Sharpton says the chimpanzee represents blacks. And hoards of his black followers are in lock step proclaiming how outrageous the cartoon is. Who expect for a piece of cow crap RACIST would claim that a monkey represents black people. Why, Al racist Sharpton of course!! So now added to all the crap that “white foke” offend blacks about is the monkey. We can no longer make fun of a monkey in America. Well bite me, you racist goat smellers. I think the cartoon is hilarious.


We have a racist president, a racist first lady, and a racist Attorney General. The entire Democrat party which caused racism in America for 200 years, until the Republicans broke it, treats the blacks as slaves to go and vote for their racist candidates. The blacks dutifully obey since they love playing the victim and have to make every breath they take about race. I can put any show on TV and there’s a good chance that if there’s a black person in it they’ll make a comment about race. Of course the comment is derogatory against whites, but that’s how the racists believe so they have no problem with it at all. I am so damn sick and friggin tired of the racism in this country I could barf my guts out. The blacks should embrace the whites and knock off the horse plops. They might actually be surprised. But we have the Marxists who thrive on racial tension stirring the pot so it’ll never happen. Of course this is what I think, maybe I’m wrong.

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