Saturday, March 14, 2009

Earmarks to the Left of Me, Earmarks to the Right

During the campaign, you remember, the one in which Obama said whatever you morons wanted to hear because he knew you were brainless, Obama when challenged on EARMARKS by John McCain said he’s never approve of a budget containing earmarks. Well guess what nit wits?? Now Obama’s “budget chief” says “oh yeah earmarks…uhhhhh….well let’s wait ‘til next year.” You see Obamamama is sticking by the obnoxiously ridiculous crock of pig vomit that without earmarks his “stimulus” bill won’t get the economy stimulated. And that stimulates Nancy Pelosi to the point of needing a change of panties.

Campaign Promises are Optional

White House budget director Peter Orszag claims that Obama isn’t pleased that he has to blow BILLIONS of dollars out of his butt, but since the bill is already written, the president decided oh well!! After all when the U.S. economy is in the tank, who gives a flying rat’s ass about some extra billions of dollars pissed away here and there. The main point though is that B-Ho has once again broken a campaign promise, cementing his status as a lying piece of goat dung. But anyone with half a brain knew this when they voted for him. A lying, piece of damn goat crap!!! However the lying bastard claims (through his Marxist mouthpiece Orszag of course) that when he’s more involved in the budget process he’ll take a closer look at earmarks. Yeah, the Marxist will make sure the next budget has even more of them to satisfy his many voting blocs.

Wait you Guys Have the Numbers Wrong

So over the weekend John McCain blasted the B-Ho administration for including $5.5 billion in EARMARKS in his current budget. McCain quipped “so much for change.” I couldn’t agree with McCain more, but too bad he didn’t run a campaign and not let us get reamed in the rear by the Marxists. So the geniuses on the other side of the aisle, known as Democrats, but actually Marxists, spewed the extremely brilliant line “the earmarks in the bill total only $3.8 billion.” Ohhhhhhhhh….only $3.8 billion!! Excuse me dill weeds for putting you down for blowing billions of our tax dollars out your butts to voting blocs. We were so damn sadly mistaken in accusing you tossers of wasting $5.5 billion, when in fact you were ONLY wasting $3.8 billion!!!!

Missing in Action – Obama’s Cahones

It was pathetic enough to put up with a president with a tiny penis and nuts in his sack, Jimmah Cahtah, but now we have it again. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid told B-Jo that they would include their billions of dollars of pork barrel earmarks in the new budget and if Obama didn’t like it he could stuff it up his moon. So what did the president do? He cowered under his desk while his budget chief and his chief of staff spoke doublespeak to justify Obama falating Harry Reid and going down on Nancy Pelosi’s. Hey Obama – where the hell are the balls, queer bait!! The pricks are even saying that this is last years business. So what Obama is admitting is that he’s more than willing to go along with the “failed policies of the Bush administration” as long as he doesn’t have to face Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid. What a NUTLESS QUEER!!


Obama could care less about any campaign promises he made. After all, as he’s so fond of saying, “I won!!” So we’re stuck with a nutless wimp who will not stand up to the billions of special interest groups that make up the Marxist left. The rest of us can screw ourselves. Reneging on his promise to not allow earmarks in the federal budget is just another example of the horse crap we’re going to have flung our way for at least the next 4 years. In other words, once again the American people have screwed up our country but good. Of course this is just what I think, maybe I’m wrong!!

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