Tuesday, March 31, 2009

As the Idiots Wreck the Nation, Will the Other Idiots Still Vote for Them?

The United States is in a free fall and there’s no end in site. At least not a good one! The Congress is shoving leftist legislation down our throats without even a reading on the floor of the bill. The Senate is wanking, apparently afraid to offend either Nancy Pelosi or the “chosen one.” The “President” is about as useful as the “President” of GM or AIG. He’s like a hamster in a spinning wheel, with his little legs churning and going nowhere fast. The Europeans are turning against Him after only 2 weeks because they see him ruining the world economy. George W. Bush must really be glad that he’s home right now. The burning question is, will these damn IDIOTS who had no idea what they were voting for (a speech) actually vote for B-Ho again, and keep the bitch Pelosi in power even as those jag off idiots continue to screw up the country royally.

Since When is the United States a Capitalist Nation?

From the actions of the Obamamama administration one would think that Capitalism is some foreign concept that has never been a part of the United States economy. Well knuckleheads, I ranted and raved, and told you morons over and over and over again until I was ready to puke that this Obama dick wad was a true blue Marxist. You voted for him and his “change” anyway and now you can take his “change” and jam it the hell up your uninformed butts!!

So GM has thoroughly messed up their company, and Obamamama has ejected their president. He made the loser bum resign!! Holy crap, are you kidding me? Who the hell is going to fire Obama on the spot for him screwing up the United States? Certainly not the electorate, who won’t get another chance to display their collective intelligence and re-elect the Marxist prick until 2012.

Even the Communist Europeans don’t agree with Obama’s ridiculous plan to spend our way out of the recession. This should not be going on in a CAPITALIST nation, but then again B-Ho is a Marxist and will RULE accordingly. Again I’ll say it – get out your damn wallets Middle Class and fork over your cash to Big Brother.

It’s China to the Rescue

Does anyone have a slight clue why Hillary Clit’n made a trip to China instead of the Middle East, where one would think some diplomacy is needed? Easy, because she and her brainless boss want China to bail out the United States. The U.S. already has large debts owned by the Chinese. I wonder how the Commie Dip Craps like holding bad IOUs, because the way things are going you dick heads aren’t gonna see a penny. So the Hil goes off to China, kisses their butts, and tells the COMMUNISTS that we need their help with our capitalist economy. Holy goat whiz!

Afghanistan, Iran and Naturally Iraq

The queers yelled and screamed and demanded Bush’s impeachment over Iraq and Obamamama was going to solve that problem with an immediate withdrawal. The only withdrawal B-Ho has done is the withdrawal of capitalism and the installation of Communism as our form of government. The prick is going to keep troops levels the same for the “immediate future.” Well I agree with that, but what the hell? Shouldn’t Bush get credit if that’s a good policy? Where are the Cindy Sheehans, Code Pinkers, and Michael Moore crap eaters with their big Marxist mouths now? Oh that’s right, a policy is only wrong in this country if it comes from a Republican president.

Then we have the lovely peaceful nation of Iran. The Muslim dog licks have shoved their middle finger into our face and kept it there. They have armed and continue to arm Hezbollah in direct opposition to the United Nations resolution. They supply Iraqi fanatics with arms to kill Americans with. And of course last but not least the savages have developed a nuclear bomb and have openly stated that they’ll wipe Israel off the map as soon as they can. So what does B-Ho do? The chicken scratch, pussy wussy sends them a letter begging them to cooperate and be good world citizens. Iran promptly told Obamamamamama to jam it up his rear and apparently that’s what he did because we haven’t heard anything else about Iran from his administration.

So Obama turns to Afghanistan to flex his balls. He will be the one to get Osama if he has to invade a sovereign ally to do it. Of course if he does invade Pakistan the Muslims will really have something to go off about, and who gives a crap if you get Osama or not. Kill one Osama and another hundred Osamas will rise. No, finishing the job in Iraq and protecting Israel needs to be our foreign policy. Afghanistan will always be run by Opium chieftains, and if they begin having al-Qaeda camps again we simply do some fly overs and drop the old ‘daisy cutters.’ Obama is an ignorant idiot way the hell over his head and he doesn’t have any damn idea what to do.


The jokers that voted for this dick wad are probably for the most part still in the fog that is their nowhere nothing life. The few informed people that voted for him must be rethinking their decision. George W. Bush looks like George Washington compared to this dick head. He’s got the nation going nowhere except down, and he hasn’t made a decent decision yet. His cabinet is corrupt, he is releasing the al-Qaeda from Gitmo into the United States and giving them WELFARE!!! He is destroying the economy with Marxism and ensuring that generations of Americans suffer for his little game of playing Mr. President. The burning question is, will the stupid, uninformed, idiots, vote for the loser in 2012. My guess is naturally they will, he gives a fine teleprompter speech. Of course this is just what I think, maybe I’m wrong!!

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