Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Jews are Shocked to Learn Hillary Cli’t is Anti-Semite

I don’t understand how people can be so damn stupid and still function in our society, but they are and they do. The American Jewish community is one example of just how flamingly stupid a bunch of dill weeds can be as a block. These jerk offs put the security of Israel near the bottom of their priorities when polled, and then proceed to prove that they could give a flying crap for Israel by voting as a block for the Marxist Democrat candidate every stinking time!! Now that Hillary Clit’n has thrown Israel under the bus in favor of the cut-throat uncivilized savages in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, the American Jews are acting incredulous. No kidding Sherlock!!! Hillary Clit’n is an anti-Semite. Aren’t all the Marxist Democrats???

The Hil’s “Peace Trip”

To the Democrats, peace in the Middle East means determining how far Israel is willing to take the world’s collective dink up their behinds and give in to the savage Philistines as much Israeli territory as possible. This was why Bill Clit’ns so called peace plan blew up in his face. The savages were never satisfied as long as Israel existed. The dirty bitch decided to join the world in piling on Israel, by slamming Israel for not taking care of the Philistines in Gaza. You know these Gaza Philistines!! They’re the same ones who’ve been indiscriminately lobbing BOMBS into Israel for the sole reason of killing Jews. And the world community doesn’t bother to condemn the pigs. Since her trip, Clit’n has been spewing off even more vehemently about the needs of the poor dog licking Palestinians. Hey American Jews, wake the hell up!! These Marxist Democrat losers are not your friends and they hate Israel, and that includes President B-Ho.

Zuckerman and Friends are Angry

So now after the bitch’s husband proved he was an anti-Semite, and the douche bag proved it over and over again by not supporting Bush’s war on terror of Israel, the Jewish leaders are angry that Clit’n is out to screw Israel over. What the hell did you brainless dick weeds expect?? Mort Zuckerman editor of the NY Daily News whined "I am very surprised, frankly, at this statement from the United States government and from the secretary of state." Well I’m not surprised. What the hell do the whack offs who vote for people who are against fighting the Muslims in the Middle East think? Of course these fart knockers don’t give a damn about Israel!! Give me a break. Now the wankers are coming out of the woodwork echoing Zuckerman’s chicken droppings. Hey, you dicks have voted Marxist in every election and you’ve ALWAYS known that the Democrats want Israel destroyed. So please, spare us the shock and indignation. The only indignation should be that you creeps didn’t vote for Bush or McCain!!


I have long contended that the American Jewish community could give a flaming flying crap about Israel. American Jews have always voted for Democrats who have ALWAYS preached peace with the Philistine killer Muslim pricks. The true Christians have been unfailing in their support of the Jews as have the Republicans. It’s time for Christians everywhere to ramp up our support of the Jewish people and by example show our misguided Jewish brethren that they need to protect the Lord’s nation at all costs. By contributing to the further understanding in the Jewish community of the importance of Israel things may change. It already seems that some Jewish leaders are not happy with the way B-Ho is taking his foreign policy. We must wipe out right-wing hate towards the Jews and embrace our brothers and do whatever each of us can to protect the apple of the Lord’s eye. As Clit’n moves closer and closer to destroying Israel for her Philistine pals, we must ensure this never happens. Of course this is just what I think, maybe I’m wrong!!

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