Sunday, February 1, 2009

Obama Claus Wants to Buy Your Votes – With YOUR Money

Obama Claus knows which side of the bread is buttered. He is making a major give away of pork and “free” money to Americans to insure that they vote for him in 2012. Of course the money and gifts he’s doling out come directly from taxpayer’s pockets. B-Ho says that this spending is necessary to “create jobs,” however that part of the ‘package’ is merely welfare at its worst. What B-Ho is up to is to make it seem like the economy is horrible, collect money from the middle class, dole the cash out to the lower class and locking up their votes, then announcing that the economy is fixed. At that time the media will be full of wonderful stories about how the savior single handedly saved our economy. Bull crap! The economy is nowhere near as bad as these lying Marxist trash claim it is, and the economy always goes up and down. Bush took over during a recession and the economy rebounded and he got no credit. When it rebounds next time Obamamama will be “heiled” and he’ll have sown up 2012 voters by doling out goodies. Remember it was B-Ho’s chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel who said “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Clit’n played it and B-Ho is following suit. Will Americans be stupid enough to fall for it?

Stimulus My Big Butt

One would guess that for $825 billion dollars that we could at least slightly find a way to stimulate our economy. Of course when you spend $825 billion on nothing, then nothing gets stimulated and you’re $825 billion in the hole. Here’s how this Marxist bum mouthpiece is going to “stimulate our economy:
 $1 billion to Amtrak (no one uses this piece of crap money loser)
 $2 billion for child care (that’ll stimulate the economy)
 $50 million to the National Endowment for the Arts (so lazy artists can live for free and not work)
 $400 million for Global Warming “Research” (gotta love that algore – he wants more though)
 $2.4 billion for carbon-capture horse droppings (more cash to algore)
 $650 million for digital TV conversion coupons (for anyone backward enough to still use an antenna)
 $81 billion for Medicaid (that’ll stimulate the economy)
 $36 billion for Unemployment benefits (that’ll stimulate the economy)
 $20 billion for food stamps (that’ll stimulate the economy)
 $83 BILLION for the Earned Income Credit (to bums who pay NO TAXES)
 $66 billion MORE for “Education” (pay increases for lazy teachers in failing schools)
 $7.5 billion for public housing (again with the lower class voters)
 $30.3 billion for COBRA insurance extensions (not the job of the Federal government!)
 $4.2 billion for ADDITIONAL SSI payments (this crap is supposed to be in a lock box, right? Screw that. SSI is a losing farce perpetrated on the public and encouraged by old farts)
 $400 million for STD prevention (I can do it for free -- "Wear a rubber stupid!!")
 $20 billion for electronic medical records (Big Brother is watching you)
 And let’s not forget the $2.1 million to fix the damage to the mall in DC done by the dill weed queers at Obamamamama’s inauguration (The Criminal DNC should have to pay for that)

At the most there is 12 % of the $825 billion going to anything relating to “creating jobs” and most of that will be contracted out to companies that already have enough employees to do the work. Stimulus package my big ass.

Greed is King in America – Let’s Play to It

American’s are generally a bunch of greedy fart faces who look out for number one and blow off everyone else. The sight of 75 arms reaching in at Costco to get the 1 sq. inch cube of a chicken sample is enough to make me puke my guts out. But that’s the sorry state of this nation, what can I get for free? So when Obamama puts on his Santa Claus hat and starts doling out cash left and left, Americans get overly excited and are willing to accept it hands out. “Yeah I think this will stimulate the economy, give me my cash, a-hyuk, a-hyuk, a-hyuk.” Since these greedy dill wads think they’re getting “free money” they will agree to anything that the government says about it. And the vote is sown up for next time. Bought and paid for with the middle classes taxes. Now we could just take the $825 billion and giver EVERY man, woman, and child in the country $2500. Americans would blow the money in a week. Even if the older idiots saved the money or paid down their credit, the kids would blow it out there butts thus actually stimulating the economy. Stimulus my big ass.

It is Going to Take Years Not Months According to B-Ho

Screw this stupidity, any idiot off the street could “fix” the economy if given years to do it. The economy runs cyclically (as does the weather) and will right itself in a matter of time. So B-Ho covers his butt and sets himself up to take credit for the economy recovering by claiming that it will take years and not months to “fix” it. Obama as usual gave no specifics (as he didn’t when running for president) but said he’d get a strong stimulus bill. For a Democrat that of course means many, many hand outs to voting blocs, and taking from the middle class either directly or through taxation of the upper class. Class warfare – what the Marxists thrive on and what the idiot Americans get talked into. Stimulus my big ass.

And Senator Obama You Are No Jack Kennedy

Kennedy knew how to get the country out of a recession. Ronald Reagan knew how to get a country out of a recession. George W. Bush knew how to get a country out of a recession. This Marxist in the White House obviously does not. As everyone knows an economy (again like the climate) goes through cycles. Some cycles are worse than others. To bring a nation out of any economic slump you CUT TAXES!!! We are screwing our corporations in the rear and then we wonder why they outsource jobs to other nations. B-Ho said he’d create an environment where corporations would create jobs and keep them in America. Really?? How are you gonna do that B-Ho?? Oh that’s right, you never said how but the sheep voted for you anyway. Well this moron is no Jack Kennedy because Kennedy CUT TAXES and the economy recovered faster. That is the ONLY way the government can shove its self into a free market and get any positive results. But we have a Marxist in the White house so we’ll have a “state run” economy. That will be a total disaster and will takes years to recover from, hence Obama gets a free ride by proclaiming that it will take years not months. Bite me Obama and the whack jobs who voted for a Marxist.

This Time It’s an Innocent Error

As a slight “aside,” only a brainless imbecile could not see a pattern emerging here with B-Ho. Last week he said that his Treasury Secretary “forgetting” to pay his taxes was an “innocent mistake.” Now we find that ex-Senator Democrat Tom Daschle who will be in charge of State Run Health Care didn’t bother to pay his taxes. John ‘Horseface’ Kerry said it was an “innocent error.” OK.


B-Ho got a “stimulus” package through Congress that does nothing to stimulate the economy and everything to keep it down. He is merely handing out “free cash” supplied by the middle class to various voting blocs to lock up their votes for years to come. Americans love a free lunch and if you give it to them they’ll be your loving puppy. We need major tax cuts and an end to government bull crap programs. The American people must work for a living and not expect Uncle fucking Sam to cough up cash to them so they can whack off all day. We must be a free market, nationalist nation. B-Ho’s stimulus horse crap is merely Marxism dressed up as manna from Heaven. Well this manna is coming from the middle class pockets and will keep the economy down and keep everyone reliant on Big Brother. But that’s exactly what B-Ho and the Marxists want. The only stimulus provided by this “bill” is to get Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid “stimulated.” Of course this is just what I think, maybe I'm wrong!!

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