Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jimmah Cahtah II is Pounding Away – Week 2

B-Ho Obmamama had a stellar week 2 as “Ruler of the Nation.” For those too damn stupid to realize it during the campaign, he is showing himself to be Jimmah Cahtah Jr. or the II if you prefer. In addition his “administration is about as ethical as Bill Clit’n and his gang of idiots. We certainly are seeing Change, and we definitely believe it!!

Buy American or Die

Obama of course has offered absolutely not one stinking idea as to how the dink proposes to keep jobs in America. I on the other hand have clearly presented the logical way to do this in the Radical Whig Platform. So to do something at all he decided to push a “buy American” policy. Naturally the European Union told Obama to stuff it and he’s “decided” to back off the “buy American” ideal. In fact he’s basically asked Europe how far they want him to bend over. This nerd has fewer cohunes than I ever imagined he would. I say the hell with the European pussies for their own mess. We’ve bailed these wankers out of two World Ears and gotten the middle finger shoved up our butts for the trouble. Bite me Europe – BUY AMERICAN!!! But Alas, Jimmah Cahtah is the grand poobah and he’s nutless.

Tax Evaders – “The Rich Don’t Pay Enough Taxes”

I love the way these Marxist cockroaches whined and moaned about the Bush tax cuts, saying that the rich don’t pay enough taxes. Then we had “Senator” Joey ‘the plagiarizer’ Biden come up with the beauty that it’s patriotic to pay more taxes. Well the reason that these Democrats can announce so proudly that the rich don’t pay enough taxes is because the Democrats don’t pay ANY taxes. Oh yeah, until they’re caught, then it’s just an “innocent mistake.”

$900 Billion Closing in on $1 Trillion

Now the “stimulus package” that we’ve already torn to hell continues to grow under the TAX AND SPEND LIBERALS. The “bill” is now around $900 billion (who gives a damn) give or take a few billion, and the Democrats are working overtime trying to shovel more pork into it (Change We can Believe In) as the Republicans furiously try to cut out the pig crap. Here are a few newly added goodies for constituencies that do NOTHING to help the economy and cause us further debt:
• $246 million to Hollywood producers!! (these leeches gave the Democrats $20 million in campaign cash so turnaround is expected) – DEFEATED by Republicans
• $11 billion to car buyers (letting them claim deduction for sales tax and interest payments on their loans – more Santa Claus for greedy Americans)
• $18.5 billion tax credits to anyone buying a home this year (everyone else – Bite Yourself!!)
• $6.5 billion increase for National Institutes of Health (that’ll stimulate the economy)
Again this list is not comprehensive and if you dig you’ll find some many more doozies. Before all is said and done let’s try to get the farce to $2 Trillion. That’ll stimulate the friggin economy.

The U.S. Mayors Conference in their collective effort to stimulate the economy has asked for the following:
• $2 million for neon lights in Las Vegas
• $4.5 million for an ‘ecopark’ in Florida featuring butterflies
• $500K in Chula Vista, CA for a dog park
• $3 million for Lincoln, NE for a eco-friendly clubhouse for the golf course
• $886K to Austin, TX for a Frisbee tossing golf course
• $1 billion to Virginia Beach for various worthwhile shit such as $1.8 million to replace tennis courts
• $150K to Shreveport, LA for police motorcycles
• $6 million to Pittsfield, ME to fix potholes
• $1.1 million to San Bernardino, CA for skateboard parks
As you can clearly see these items would certainly “stimulate” the economy. Get out your wallets folks, the Democrats are in power.

India Tells Obama to Screw Himself

Since India realizes that Obama has only as many if not fewer balls than Pres’det Jimmah, they have told him publicly to put it where the sun doesn’t shine. They said that if Obama even tries to broker any deal relating to Kashmir, he’ll be “barking up the wrong tree.” That sounds like something some nation would’ve said to Jimmah Cahtah (what’s the difference?). You better get used to this because Obama is no Bush, he’s a Carter. He has absolutely no guts and will act accordingly on the world stage. Welcome to the new U.S. foreign policy with the world laughing their asses off at us. Well at least the Europeans will love this flaming faggot, Jimmah II.

An Arrogant Jerk (hmmm Jimmah Cahtah???)

This arrogant jerk had the gall to claim that Daschle made “a mistake” and now the fish monger is back tracking by claiming that he made a mistake. Yeah you made a mistake alright. The problem is that this arrogant goof ball thinks he can screw up and then by admitting it be absolved from all blame. Well no way pal, we don’t need you to tell us you made a mistake. We’re not that damn stupid moron, we KNOW you made several mistakes already and I’m sure there’s plenty more to come.

Obama went on numerous interview shows and repeated the same tired mantra, “I screwed up.” Sounds like you’re telling us you’re an incompetent loser rather than someone sorry for a legitimate mistake. Woe is this country. During the election Obama said he would end the “revolving door” of lobbyists in his administration, and then the jag off stuck by this piece of dog doo Daschle who was paid $2 million by a lobbying firm. Daschle bailed out this “president” by withdrawing because this arrogant punk Obama was going to try to jam the crook through come hell or high water.

Ethics?? What Ethics??

To a Democrat ethics is surviving in office while misusing your position for your own good and not getting caught. With the utter media bias in this country we have some getting caught and others skating free. The Republican ALWAYS gets caught. The Democrat rarely does and when they do we hear “mistakes were made.” Americans claimed they were tired of this sorry crap, and Obama was the great hope of a “new Washington.” Sounds like the same old tired stinking, piece of unethical crap Washington to me. B-Ho said he was frustrated with “myself, with our team.” Notice how the slimy weasel wouldn’t dream of Harry Truman’s “the buck stops here” method…he has to shift some of the blame away from himself and onto his team. And I though slick Willie was no longer Pres’det.

So now we’ve had the ethical trio of Bill ‘Guierrmo’ Richardson, Tom Daschle, and Nancy Killefer remove themselves from consideration. We also had the ethical tax dodger Timothy Geithner not remove himself and get confirmed. Sounds like some new ethical standards in Washington to me. The only surprise is that the main stream Marxist media covered this farce. And I thought it was just Republican dirty tricks again.


Obama is doing everything in his power to kiss his voting blocs butts. He’s ready to dole out a trillion dollars to ensure that he’s elected next time, and everyone loves him – kumbaya. But the reality is that his policies will kill the economy, which will recover but will take much, much longer (as Obama readily admits). And the stock market continues to nose dive. Way to fucking stimulate shit Obama, you fucking brainless Marxist dick head. Of course this is just what I think, maybe I'm wrong!!

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