Thursday, January 29, 2009

Obama's Mid-East Policy or Bye-Bye Israel

Obama has made it quite clear (to those stupid morons who didn't know before) that his vision of peace in the Middle East is kissing the Muslim terrorists feet and abandoning Israel. He decided to make his first public stance on Middle Eastern policy his first presidential interview…to an Arab news station. He interviewed with a station that applauds the killing of Jews and foments hatred of Israel to their viewers on a daily basis.

The Interview with Al-Arabiya

Yeah, any interview with these people is going to include any pro-Israeli rhetoric!! Uh-huh! Especially coming from a yellow "speech giver" in the guise of a president of the U.S. The first thing the nerd said while kissing up to the Muslims was "My job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans are not your enemy." Really idiot?, then exactly who is the enemy in the Middle East if not the Muslim maniacs? I think we all know the answer to that one. These Marxist feet lickers in Washington KNOW for a fact that ANY Palestinian "state" will be nothing more than a base for anti-Israeli terrorists to operate from. B-H'Obama said "that the same respect and partnership that America had with the Muslim world as recently as 20 or 30 years ago, there's no reason why we can't restore that." Oh bite me, you loser. In other words B-Ho is talking about BEFORE the first Iraq war. I'm totally overjoyed that the United States is now going to join the anti-Semitic Europeans in jobbing Israel left and left. Well, the guilty American Jews voted for this anti-Semite, so they can kiss their friends and relatives in Israel good bye, courtesy of their boy. Obama said he seeks a "new partnership" with the Muslim world, mentioning that he grew up in Indonesia and has Muslim relatives. The only "new partnership" that these fanatical lunatics are interested in is one dedicated to destroying Israel. Is that your intention B-Ho???

Jimmah Cahtah Shoves His Dick Where it Doesn't Belong Once Again

The only way this disgraced ex-"president" is ever going away will be when the peanut boy croaks, and that won't be a day too soon. How dare this horse toothed loser even have half an ounce of nerve to talk about Middle East policy when he's made it clear he hates Israel and everyone in it (except the Philistines), and he embarrassed our country for 444 days while students led by student Ahmadinejad held our nation hostage. Carter said on Monday that Israel will face a "catastrophe" unless it revives the Mideast peace process and allows the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. In other word, bye bye Israel and their security, as we kiss the "Palestinians" butts. Nothing could make Israel less secure than to have a terrorist state surrounding its borders. But that's the idea…Cahtah has ALWAYS been an anti-Semitic fart smelling, weasel.

Why Talk to the Americans - "I Won"

A reasonable person who thinks that the economy is in the pits and votes for a person who claims they'll fix it, might expect that person to address the nation soon after taking office. Nahh! Not "I Won" B-Hobamama. Obama already performed his sales job on the American public with great success, so basically "let them eat cake," at least for another 3 years until re-election. In the mean time he jumped all over his first priority, assuring the terrorists that they now have an anti-Israel friend in the White House. He assured the terrorists that there was a new sheriff in town, "I Won," and that the United States now had a One Party System of Government courtesy of the media and the idiots who listened to them. He kissed Ahmadinejad's face so hard it practically fell off, and made clear his intentions of abandoning the Jewish people in Israel. After all the Israeli Jews don't vote for B-Ho, the American idiot brainless Jews do vote for the anti-Semite.

Hillary Clit'n Want Iran to be "Given a Chance" to Destroy Israel

Since the "classy broad" doesn't want it to appear that only the U.S. is proposing an anti-Semitic policy toward Israel, the douche bag announced that the whole world is giving a chance to Iran to sit down and have dinner with them before they bomb them. (see Japanese state dinner before Pearl Harbor). Ever since this phoney kissed Arafat's wife it has been her and her husband's goal (the shadow president) to see Israel destroyed so that they could take credit for peace in the Middle East. Of course there would be peace in the Middle East if Israel were to be destroyed, which is why the people of this nation must rise up against these anti-Semitic fish mongers and put an end to their coddling of the dog Philistines. Send your money to Israel or any help you can give them, their time is ticking down, and the Lord is given us the duty of protecting these people.

Iran Demands the U.S. Change Policy

Iran says it is seeking a "concrete change" in U.S. policy toward the Islamic republic under new President Barack Obama after he extended a diplomatic hand to Washington's arch-foe. "We are awaiting concrete changes from new US statesmen," government spokesman Gholam Hossein Elham was quoted Tuesday as saying.1 In other words Iran is playing the same old game B-Ho is playing with the Republicans. Either it's my way or "my way" if you please. Iran is dictating the terms under which they'll "talk" to Obamamama and since he promised his 'Code Pink' constituency that he'd meet with Iranian leaders (at the time Hill Clit'n called him naïve) he has to fulfill his promise and bend over for Ahmadinejad. Despite five U.N. Security Council resolutions, Tehran is pressing on with enrichment, insisting its nuclear program is peaceful and geared solely toward electricity generation.2 Since we have a bunch of evil Marxists making U.S. policy now, I guess it's only fitting that we let Iran dictate our foreign policy too.

If We're Unprepared we have an Excuse for Not Helping Israel

Currently the U.S. nuclear supply is not much more than an outdated crock of horse manure. The weapons are desperately in need of being upgraded and/or replaced. Should Israel suffer an all out attack the only real way we would have of preventing her destruction would be by nuclear force. Unfortunately for Israel, the U.S. may not have the means to deliver. Secretary of State Gates has highly recommended (to the point of pleading) that we upgrade our nuclear arsenal. Naturally his pleas are falling on deaf ears, because any Marxist leader of the U.S. does not want us to have any sort of nuclear arsenal (it's not needed to control the general public, and therefore unnecessary). In addition Obamama gets a built in excuse for not helping Israel when the time comes…'sorry we just didn't have the weaponry available to help.' The do-nothing Marxist old farts in Congress are backing Obama's position by refusing to fund the RRW program, which is estimated to cost at least $100 billion. That's $100 billion that B-Ho can spend more wisely, such as on abortions.


In conclusion I'm merely stating the obvious. Obamama is putting it to Israel in the rear and befriending the uncivilized savages who have vowed to wipe Israel off the map. He felt that it was more appropriate to address his Muslim terrorist friends than the American people in his first televised address. That is an insult to the American public (if indeed our problems are as drastic as this lying, two faced, piece of cow crap claimed they are). In addition B-Hobamama refuses to upgrade our nuclear capacity thereby giving him a ready made excuse to not come to Israel's aid. He's putting his new "partnership" with Iran above our commitment to protect Israel, and above his so-called domestic agenda. He's already a flop, a loser, a moldy terd, and a lousy president, and it's only been one stinking week. Of course this is just what I think, maybe I'm wrong!!

1 "Iran wants change from Obama: U.S. is no Empire"., January 27, 2009, (accessed January 28, 2009).
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