Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mexico is About to Collapse – We Must Annex NOW!!!

Mexico is going the way of the dinosaur in a hurry courtesy of the “Drug Lords” and the fact that the United States has let these para-military groups control our borders and slaughter American citizens at will, while importing millions of Illegal Mexicans. As the drug lords take over the country and the economy of Mexico collapses, I wonder what the people of Mexico will do, stay there or come here. Hmmm. That’s a no brainer, they’ll flood across the border faster than Amy Winehouse can snort a pound of cocaine.

The Undeclared Border War

Any other nation on the planet would NEVER allow armed incursions into its territory without retaliation. Any nation other than the United States that is. The low life thugs are armed with arsenals that would make most nations’ arms look like pea shooters. According to U.S. General Barry McCaffrey, these criminal invaders are armed with “sea-going submersibles, helicopters and modern transport aviation, automatic weapons, RPG’s, Anti-Tank 66 mm rockets, mines and booby traps, heavy machine guns, 50 cal sniper rifles, massive use of military hand grenades, and the most modern models of 40mm grenade machine guns.” What they are doing is coming into the United States at will, shooting at Border Patrol Agents (who don’t dare fire back), supplying the U.S. with all the drugs Americans can handle, and making a complete mockery of the concept of our sovereign nation with secure borders. Our borders are about as secure as Janet Jackson’s top during the Super Bowl. When you have an Illegal Army of Mexicans attacking Americans in border towns, and Illegal Mexicans running across our border like water through a sieve it’s time to grow a pair and declare war!! We MUST annex Mexico NOW!!!!!

Mexico is Melting Away

In addition to losing all of their residents to the United States, the Mexican “government” is fast losing their control of the entire nation to drug lords. The government denies it, and even claims that the violence is no big deal, while the cartels gain strength, weapons, cash, and members. Right now these cartels are better financed and armed than the government of Mexico is. The number of deaths in Mexico reported due to drug related violence was 5,700 last year. Therefore the number must have been much higher since the cartels hire people to make others vanish by using corrosive chemicals. The US Joint Forces Command in Norfolk, Virginia, said that the instability in Mexico “could represent a homeland security problem of immense proportions to the United States.” Their report also said that Mexico should be “monitored alongside Pakistan as a 'weak and failing' state that could crumble swiftly under relentless assault by violent drug cartels.” Barry McCaffrey goes even further to state that the piece of dog doo Mexican “government” "is not confronting dangerous criminality -- it is fighting for its survival against nacro-terrorism" and that this loser regime may lose control of large areas near the U.S. border. How absolutely quaint, a terrorist sub-nation on our border!

Don’t look to the Policia for any Help

The Mexican “police” take more bribes than ex-Governor Blagovidovichowitz. About a dozen high level officials have been arrested in Mexico for alleged ties to Mexico’s number one cartel, the Sinaloa. So they took these high level officials out (probably because they’d talk about the corruption in the government) but the country is flooded with corrupt, drug cartel supporting police. To help with the problem the U.S. forked over $400 million to the Mexican government (a fine tax payer expenditure). Now instead of having poorly armed corrupt cops, we’ll have heavily armed corrupt cops. Most of the cops don’t even meet the minimum standards of integrity set by the government. Out of about 56,000 local and state police officers evaluated between January and October last year, fewer than half met the recommended qualifications. And these Barney Fifes are going to protect the people of Mexico. It’s time for the United States to protect the people of Mexico by annexing the country and making them citizens.

War is War and Bullcrap is Bullcrap

Any other nation on the face of the earth when invaded by an armed militia from another country would do the right thing and fight back. In the United States however we merely shelter the “refugees” and fork over American’s hard earned cash to the corrupt government of the invaders. In fact some of the anti-drug enforcement agents were trained at Fort Benning, GA and have since switched sides. Now these highly trained individuals are helping the “bad guys” in wracking Mexico and invading the United States. I have pointed out the benefits of annexing Mexico and the problems of doing nothing as we currently are (, and will continue with B-Ho. It’s time to put an end to the BULLCRAP and realize that a war is indeed a war, and although the American people have no stomach for it, tough tea bags. We didn’t declare this war, Mexico did.


The government of Mexico is in extreme danger of falling apart, which would put the drug lords in charge and very well start a civil war in that country. The Mexicans are already invading our nation, including armed incursions, and must be stopped immediately before this becomes an all-consuming problem for our country. It’s crystal clear that the Mexican people want to be part of the United States, and that the Mexican government is corrupt and turning a blind eye to the armed invasion of the United States. The time is NOW to add 32 stars to the flag. Of course this is just what I think, maybe I'm wrong!!

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