Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Neighborhoods Must Help Law Enforcement

Two things that are seriously lacking in this country are “community” and “law and order.” These two concepts are interrelated in many ways. In many communities people don’t want to “get involved” and rather than being a reliable witness who may help put away a violent criminal, they “didn’t see a thing.” This selfish attitude is predicated on peoples’ lack of community pride and support. Another area is the gang bangers. These paramilitary thugs must be put down and destroyed once and for all and the law enforcement community can’t do it on their own.

People don’t need to get themselves killed by gang bangers to help with the situation. The gang bangers believe that the neighborhood is their territory alone. If we had a strong law abiding community in the neighborhood, the gangsters would stick out. Law enforcement should ramp up their task forces and target these gangs using all force at their disposal. Criminal punks can’t be allowed to set up their own quasi-governments in our country without facing the harshest of consequences. Neighbor’s pride and togetherness along with a strong law enforcement presence will make a dent into gang activity.

The community is the backbone that this country was founded upon. The community has gone the way of a bi-partisan government in America. Communities must be rebuilt by the people living in them. Local government should help with needy neighborhoods, and residents should volunteer time and materials. People must meet their neighbors and develop local bonds that will encourage brotherhood. Today, people either won’t help one another or are afraid to accept help from a stranger. We must become familiar with our neighbors and not be strangers in order for our nation to grow from the community level upward.

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Minority of One Rules in America

In the United States unfortunately we’ve adopted a left-wing practice of the rights of a few trumping the rights of the many. As long as it concerns an area of left-wing dogma, it is even the rights of one person trumping the rights of the many. A specific example is the attempted destruction of Christianity. This began with an atheist in Texas raising hell because her son’s class was praying in the classroom. The Supreme Court in their fucked up wisdom used the idea of separation of church and state to rule that this was a violation of the 1st amendment to the Constitution and forbade future prayer in public school. Since then every asshole who is violently opposed to Christianity has tried to eliminate Christmas, Easter, religious programming, “In God We Trust”, and the wearing of the cross.

I’m sorry but in this country we have Freedom of Religion. That means simply that any person may practice their religion unfettered by the government. If the Muslim student or worker needs to spread out their mat and face Mecca for their prayers, no one has any right to forbid it. If the Christian needs to pray to him/herself before eating lunch, no one has any right to forbid it. We as a nation need to use some common sense in how we decide whether or not something should now be banned.

Our founding fathers encouraged people to pray and practice their religion in the public square. That’s a damn good idea!! There is no way that this would violate the 1st Amendment. Only an ignorant asshole shit-for-brains prick would claim that it does. The first amendment prohibits the government from not establishing a state religion. How the fuck can some fucked up shit wad equate that to the practice of one’s religion? Getting back to using common sense…we can’t have Sanitaria practitioners dicing the heads of chickens in school. But that’s merely common sense, something the people of this country are severely lacking. It’s time for the majority to once again decide what path we take, and not the idiots who are elected. They don’t represent us and haven’t for years and years. As Thomas Jefferson advocated…it’s time for a NEW government; one with some fucking common sense at the city, county, state, and especially federal level. As always, just what I think!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Two Words

I've got two words for NBC FUCK YOU
I've got two words for CNN FUCK YOU
I've got two words for ABC FUCK YOU
I've got two words for CBS FUCK YOU
I've got two words for MSNBC FUCK YOU
I've got two words for Joe Wilson THANK YOU!!!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Ted Chappy Kennedy

I'm sorry but I just can't take it any longer. Ted Kennedy was a douche bag not a saint. He belonged in jail not in our government. Chappaquiddick really happened. When will the media stop kissing the democrats asses and start doing thier fucking job?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Economic Meltdown in a Mere Eight Months

The economies of California and Arizona have completely collapsed. In California they are giving out IOUs that the local banks are not even accepting. They know that the credit of California is worse than a freshman college student with a new VISA card. In Arizona they are still trying to find ways to get a budget together without raising taxes. You just don't raise taxes in Arizona, but Janet Napolireno left the state with such a fiscal mess, it may never be cleared up. The federal government on the other hand is spending like a 14 year old with a blank check. They do in fact have a blank check, which is the cash they confiscate from the pockets of the Middle Class. Any idiot knows that spending does NOT get a country or state out of an economic mess.

California and Arizona

These two state governments are very similar in the reason that their budgets and economies have collapsed. They both have laid out the red carpet for Illegal Mexicans. These invaders have used up the state's cash resources. They have received free health care, free food stamps, and free education. In addition the states have blown more cash than one would win in the lottery on making every form the government produces bilingual. The law enforcement agencies have spent outrageous amounts to arrest, jail, and bring those Illegal Mexicans who commit crimes to court. The courts of course have to provide them with a free interpreter, and they are not inexpensive. Then we have the loss of tax revenue because since they are working illegally they are certainly paying no taxes. In fact they don't even keep the money in the U.S. They send it to Mexico. When a Mexican relative who is a citizen buys a house, they invite 28 of their relatives in Mexico to come live with them. Property taxes are only paid on the property, not on the number of residents. In other words, good bye budgets, and good bye state economies.

Haven't the Democrats Always Bitched About the Budget Deficit?

After what has seemed like a century of the Democrats bitching about the Republicans running up the budget deficit (even though they've controlled both houses for most of that time), they have finally thrown in the towel and admitted that THEY are in fact running up unsustainable deficits. In May, B-Ho projected a $7 trillion deficit by the year 2019. Now Obamarama Ding Dong has upped the forecast to $9 Trillion. You can be sure that if he's projecting $9 Trillion it will be much, much higher than that. In addition Obama's economic advisor predicted that unemployment will rise to 10%, or the highest rate since the depression. Damn that George Bush, this is a fine mess he's gotten us into…wait a minute, that's right…Bush isn't President, Obamamama is!!

The Economy was Worse than We Thought

Where have I heard this line before? Oh yeah, now I remember. In the 1992 campaign, Bill Clit'n said his first priority would be a Middle Class tax cut. "Ah'm sick and tarred of the Middle Class caryin' the burden of taxes on their back." So when Clit'n took office, in the very first week he announced that there would be no tax cut since "the economy was worse than we thought." Clit'n had spent the entire campaign bitching and moaning about the economy. Once in office, the fucking idiot claimed he was too damn stupid to know how bad the economy was at the time. Bull Shit!! He knew, and he knew there would be no tax cut when he made the promise. In fact he raised taxes in his first 3 weeks by raising taxes on oil and heating fuel. Slick fucking Willie!! Now Obama's economic advisor is singing the same damn song. My opinion is that either you did know (or you're a complete simpleton, dullard, moron who has no business in the White House), or you outright lied. Either way, it's more pathetic cow shit being spewed out the tax and spend Marxist's asses.

Well Then Let's Keep Spending the Middle Class's Cash

Since the economy is so bad, and unemployment is so high, and people are still losing their houses left and right and going bankrupt, Obamamama feels it would be better for the country to spend more money that we do not have. In addition to the unbearable deficit we are forking over to our children, we can expect inflation to start rivaling the Carter years any time now. There's nothing Bernanke can do to stop it, and B-Ho isn't going to do anything to alleviate the problem. He's too busy spending money we don't have in an effort to secure votes. Wow…what a nerd! As his poll numbers crash, he keeps coughing up more cash. And the car dealers are still waiting for their money in his "Cash for Clunkers" debacle. That's OK, the dealers will just make the customers pay it back when the federal government defaults on their promise. So….what else is new??

So how's the Dollar Doing Overseas??

Confidence in the U.S. dollar is falling proportionately to the increase in the budget deficit (thanks B-Ho)!! Claire Dissaux of a London investment firm specializing in currencies said "The dollar's loss of influence is a steady and long-term trend." China, Russia, and Brazil have already called for changing the currency standard away from the U.S. dollar. Investment bankers in the U.S. are hesitating on buying bonds because they fear the dollars decline in the face of hyper-inflation. Whatever…it's called "Change we Can Believe in." By the way, how many U.S. soldiers have died in Afghanistan since this fucking asshole took office?? I thought so.


What we need to do is solve the Illegal Mexican problem immediately. We need to put all AMERICANS to work to increase tax revenue through the legalization of pot, prostitution, and gambling, along with employing Henry Clay's "American System." We do this by developing the thousands of acres of empty land rotting between California and Arizona and building communities through private investment, thus creating new consumers and new tax payers. In addition by incorporating Mexico into the United States we'd be gaining millions of hard workers who could develop the resources of Mexico, along with creating a huge tourist industry.

All administrations use faulty assumptions to project the economy so it won't sound as bad as it is. Obamamama is no exception, and has used very flawed assumptions in light of his childish spending spree (which doesn't even include "health care reform"). So the projected $9 Trillion deficit, and the 10% unemployment, and the inflation that they claim won't even happen, will indeed be much worse than projected. As a Middle Class worker and tax payer struggling along, I'm so happy you dick heads were too stupid or merely got conned into voting for this wanking, 'feeling his way in the dark', fucking shit wad. Of course this is just what I think!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Bill of Wrongs

When James Madison wrote the Constitution of the United States, Thomas Jefferson was a diplomat in France. Jefferson came back, read the Constitution, and said basically "What he fuck? Where are the basic civil rights of the people?" So Jefferson and Madison wrote the Bill of Rights and then the Constitution was finished. But the Marxists think the Constitution should be a "living, breathing document" that can be bastardized by the dim witted assholes on the Supreme Court, and their left-wing District Judges. So far so good, for the democracy despisers.

The Weimar Republic in Germany in the 20's and early 30's had a Constitution. In 1933 the Nazis secured the Reichstag (our Congress), and ailing President Hindenburg appointed Hitler as Chancellor. Hindenburg soon died, and the Reichstag, caring nothing at all for the "living, breathing, document" known as the Constitution passed the Enabling Act, giving Hitler full dictatorial powers. Yes, it can happen anywhere…it can happen here.

First Amendment

The First Amendment is being viciously attacked by the Marxists in the United States. If someone speaks out and it doesn't conform to their beliefs they want that person silenced. They use the argument of "hate speech" but never mention the vicious vomitus that spews out of left-wingers asses. The way I read the First Amendment is that any citizen of this country can say or print anything they want, as long as it's not outright libel or slander. For example, MSNBC tried to throw out the race card by claiming that the people with guns in Phoenix at the protest were "white." Well the man with the assault rifle over his shoulder was black, although the Obama people put him in a suit and tie, nice haircut, and professorial glasses. Talk about RACISM!! But then the Democrats have always been the
racist party of America. But MSNBC has the legal right to outright lie because it's protected by the Constitution. How about Obamamama's pal Reverend Wright? That dude cracks me up. So even though he's an anti-America, anti-Semitic, racist, he has the right to blow his horse hit out of his ass. Only a Marxist-Fascist would try to shut up people who say things they don't like. NO Mind Control in this Country!!!!

Second Amendment

The Democrats have been trying to get guns out of the hands of American citizens for ages. That stunt at the B-Ho protest was a further attempt to subvert the 2nd Amendment by tying to create outrage. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Il Yung, Hussein, Ahmadinejad have all been big fans of keeping guns out of the hands of citizens. This is vital to them keeping their totalitarian government in place. Of course George Bush took care of Hussein with OUR guns, but the rest had wicked reigns of terror against their own people. Guns are the one most important safeguards the common people have against an armed police state, invoked by our government. It CAN happen anywhere…it CAN happen here.

Fifth Amendment

Eminent Domain: the government can't seize your property without proper due process. Oh no, I'm laughing my nuts off! Congress, who has always thought they were above the Constitution, passed a law that if a business needs your land, they merely give you market price and tell you to get the fuck out of there. This was supposedly so the business would help the community overall. Yeah, tell that to the poor suckers thrown out of their houses. Where the hell is the due process? Congress eliminated it, circumventing the Constitution Amendment.


Recently there have been escalating attacks on our freedoms under the Bill of Rights. Another area that has been under savage attack is the First Amendment's Freedom of Religion. The government shall establish no state religion. Fine, but that doesn't mean to screw with everyone's religion because some assholes are offended by your beliefs. No one should interfere with anyone's right to religious practice. Because someone prays in school, or at work, that does NOT establish a state religion. Therefore they have the right to do it. But the Marxists raise hell and the government follows like weasels, and says fuck the Constitution. If we don't have a Constitution that Judges and Legislators can't do what they want with, maybe we'll soon have an "Enabling Act" here. It can happen anywhere…it CAN happen here. Of course this is just what I think!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Is it Just Me, or is This Story Getting Old?

They Represent You!

Dick Durbin (Marxist-IL) - I'm not having any town hall meetings because they are disruptive and a waste of my time. I'll just meet with the local doctors and get their input.

Massa (Marxist-NY) - "I will vote adamantly against the interests of my district if I actually think what I am doing is going to be helpful. I will vote against their opinion if I actually believe it will help them." In other words the people who elected him are too fucking stupid to have their opinion count. What's the definition of a representative again??

Barney Frank (Marxist-VT) - Bowney Fwank, that bastion of moral turpitude, screamed at people who didn't agree with him and his support of the Marxist health plan at his town hall meeting. He screamed at them about the deficit and the war, but said nary a thing about health care. Now there's a quality representative!

We’re going it Alone

After visiting their districts the Democratic Congressmen and Senators realize that the poll numbers are correct. Yes, almost 60% of Americans are opposed to “Obama-Care.” A Rasmussen poll (the most accurate pollster since 2000) found that 54% of Americans say NO health care reform is better than B-Ho’s plan. Yet these Congressmen and Senators are planning to vote for the plan anyway because:

  1. They don’t give a fuck what their constituents think

  2. They are controlled by their Fuhrer and like good party members they follow orders

AARP (Marxists for Old Farts) Losses Members Steadily
The AAPR has lost 60,000 members since July 1, 2009, and the numbers are continuing to drop. The seniors are sick the hell up of this ridiculous "plan" that would do nothing for them except screw them in the ass. The AARP being the senior wing of the White House as I explained in my essay, merely wants to promote their Marxist agenda. They could care less about their members and have said they're not concerned what their members think. Sounds kind of like the Senate and Congress. Seniors don't want their Medicare screwed with, and obviously they DO NOT want to
be thrown to the wind because they're not cost-effective enough to treat. Don't the Marxists realize that the seniors vote more than any other group? Maybe they don't care; there are enough idiots available for them to keep power.

“Clash for Crunkers”
So far the only economy this has helped is the Japanese. The top eight vehicles that have been sold in this "program" are from Japan. The car dealers in the U.S. have made some money, along with the junk yards. The car manufacturers who are really hurting have gotten no help. Remember that asshole Obamamama during the campaign lying about how his policies will help U.S. corporations instead of foreign ones?? Well now dealers are making buyers sign a contract that stipulates that they'll pay back the $4500 if the dealer doesn't get it from the government. The government meanwhile, as usual being bogged down in needless bureaucracy, is not paying the dealers on time. So far only 2.8% of the applications have been paid by the government. "Another fine mess you've gotten us into, Ollie." I mean B-HO!!
Your representatives in Washington could give a flying fuck what you think. They will vote how ever they feel like. (The story is old!!) The Democratic Marxists could give a flying fuck (as usual in 2009) what the Republicans have to say about an issue. They will pass it even when their constituents oppose it, as long as their Grand Poobah, Obama-rama-ding-dong wants it done. (The story is old!!) The AARP is a Marxist organization that is showing its true colors to the elderly who are quitting it in droves. (The story is old!!) And finally the "Cash for Clunkers" horse shit has proven to be a flop for the U.S. but a boon for the Japanese. (The story is old!!) Go, B-ho, go! Of course this is just what I think!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Same Old Song and Dance

She's Still Jealous of Bill - With Good Reason
Hillary Clit'n blew a gasket when an interpreter asked a question about President Clit'n by mistake and meant President Obama. She rudely bitched at the questioner that she's the Secretary of State, not "her husband." Well, so far he's much more of a Secretary of State than she is. When the two reporters needed to be released from North Korea, Bill Clit'n went over and got the job done, while Hillary masturbated in the closet. Hillary Clit'n was one of most unqualified Marxists ever to run for President (except for B-Ho) and now she's an incompetent Secretary of State. What a fucking loser. It's a good thing that Bill Clit'n went along with Newt Gingrich's legislation (even though he took full credit for it) and didn't listen to the ignorant bitch.

They Don't like the Way we Dress
As the Democrats get their asses reamed on this supposed "Health Care" legislation, they need something to talk about besides the issue. So now the Democrats are criticizing what the protestors are wearing to the "Town Hall" meetings. First they bitched and moaned that the protestors were coming to the protests in "Brooks Brothers Suits." So therefore these were not protestors but rather Republican operatives whose goal was to interrupt and disrupt the event. OK, because someone dresses better than Obama at an event doesn't mean they are a plant. I'm sure Wall St. executives took time off from work for this fucking bullshit. Now Robin Gibbon of the Washington Post (that bastion of fair and balanced reporting!) is cutting up on the protestors who wear baseball caps, flag scarfs, tee-shirts, and sundresses "with the bra straps showing." In other words if you don't support Obama and his horse shit, not only you "un-American, a Nazi, a Brown Shirt, a Swastika wearer" but you are also trailer trash. Now that's what I call serious "health care" debate.

ABC Stirs Up False Threats to Obama
ABC News, which spent the entire campaign season blowing Obamamama on a daily basis is now crying wolf about "hate groups" wanting to kill B-Ho to take the focus off of B-Ho's idiotic chicken-shit agenda and place it on the "right wing radicals." Had these people wanted to kill Obama because they are hate groups and racist, wouldn't they have done it during the primaries, or after the asshole took office? Of course they would have. But they didn't, so now we're supposed to believe that these "lunatics" are so fired up over "health care" that they want to kill Obama. Bullshit! My ass and their face!! And while were at it let's have a serious talk about the hatred and vitriol that comes out of the Marxist asshole's mouths.

The Thought Police are Watching You!
When Nixon was President, he was crucified for, among other things, having an "enemies list." Well since Obamamama doesn't want to be outdone by Nixon, he's created his own enemies list. But this one is being populated by Americans who turn in other Americans who oppose the B-Ho regime!! How dare you not take the oath of allegiance to Adolf Hitler. That, in the 30's was a high crime of treason, punishable by getting executed by the Gestapo. So when neighbor turns in neighbor and there's no due process, it's only a matter of time before the "undesirables" are eliminated, as Hitler executed the Communists in Germany. Now they're claiming that they've taken the web site down. I guess they have enough enemies to keep them busy for a while. Well, fuck you assholes, I'm proud to be on your piece of dog fucking shit enemies list!!

It's simply the same old song and dance. We have a Secretary of State who is not anywhere nearly qualified for her post, let alone the Presidency. We have an "out of his league" president who has buried Hillary Clit'n so she can't do anything. We have Chicago style politics: thuggery, deceit, deception, and destruction of opposition (where have I heard that before?). We have Marxist losers who turn to mud smearing when they can't debate an issue because 60% of Americans oppose it. We have the media trying to stir up a backlash against anyone that has right-wing views, by linking them to radical rightists, yet don't touch Obamamama and his left-wing radicals. And of course we have the thought police, ready and willing to rid this country once and for all of opposition to the Marxist totalitarian dictatorship. Think about it!! Of course this is just what I think!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Bitch, An Idiot, and A Liar -- Marxists All

Pelosi Doesn’t Care if She's Despised

The Queen Slut of the House told reporters that she doesn’t give a crap if everyone despises her, and her approval ratings are at 3.6%. I don’t blame her. She is the Congresswoman from San Franqueersco and they absolutely love her, even if the rest of the country hates the bitch. San Francisco is by far the most far-left-wing Marxist city in the country. As long as the douche bag keeps the queers, “environmentalists,” and other Marxists happy, she has no worries. ‘Nance’ doesn’t allow any Republican discussion or debate on any of her legislation, so she’s certainly a shining star in San Francisco.

John Conyers (D-NY) is a Brainless Moron Nincompoop

In response to the fact that the Democrats have been ramming legislation down our throats without it being read, Conyers had a perfect explanation. “Why should we read a bill if it’s a 1000 pages long.” Good one John, you fucking moron. The reason is that you are paid an enormous salary to know what you’re voting on, and not simply take marching orders from Pelosi and Obama. Of course that’s exactly what the Marxist Democrats do. Nothing of any substance except spending our money on nothing!!

Pelosi Now Thinks we Should Take More Time for Health Care

This lying sack of shit douche bag now claims that maybe we should indeed “do it right” and spend more time working out the details of the “Health Care” bill. Horse Shit!! The reason she needs more time is because there are not enough members of her own party to get the $1 Trillion piece of crap passed in the House, let alone the Senate. She needs time to assert her dictatorial rule in the House, and smash all opposition to the bill. “Nance” is truly a lying piece of simple-minded, fatuous Marxist trash!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

It Would be Funny if it Wasn't so Scary

Obama More Qualified to Run Catholic Church than the Pope

Kathleen Townsend Kennedy, a dried up hag, whose only claim to fame is being the douche bag daughter of Robert Kennedy, now proclaims that Obama would make a better head of the Catholic Church than the Pope!! This is typical left-wing Marxist rhetoric, but I have to admit that a statement like that is surprising even for a Marxist. She has esposed what most Marxists only dream of saying. This bitch is most likely making her statement based on the fact that the Pope doesn’t favor murdering children and B-Hobamamama does. Fortunately no one knows who this asshole even is!!

Obama Claims Stimulus Worked – Advisor Disagrees

Obamamama merely has to make a statement, regardless of how false, and the media (translated News Agency TASS) will back up B-Ho and make the statement reality. So now the B-Ho is claiming that his “Stimulus” (translated tax and spend on nothing) has worked. That’s strange. I thought it was an utter failure judging by the ridiculously high unemployment rate, and the pathetic growth rate of the economy. Now, B-Ho’s director of the US President’s National Economic Council, Larry Summers, has stated that the economic situation will be getting worse. Obama should drop the ego and listen to his aides, but he’s too much of a maniacal dictator like his friends Ahmadinejad, Castro and Chavez.

Gore Cheers on Prospect of World Government

So now the truth comes out. This is for the nitwit morons who don’t understand what they were getting into when they pacified Gore and his religion of Global Warmingology. Now that the cry-baby, wooden puppet, Gore has gotten his monster tax bill that will finish killing our economy, he is proclaiming that this new “awareness” of “climate change” (rain today, sunny tommorow, cold next week etc), will lead directly to a world government, the ultimate goal of ALL Marxists!! Heil Obama!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Que? Te parece mal??

Unemployment Highest Since 1983

This is getting extremely old. Obamamama preached and pontificated about how horrible the Bush administration was for not creating enough new jobs (yes, he ran against Bush). Now for the 2nd quarter in a row the unemployment rate has smashed though the roof, this time to a whopping 9.4%. The only reason that new unemployment claims didn’t rise was the artificial statistic of ‘temp’ jobs. Where the hell are the new jobs B-Ho?? Well don’t hold your breath. When you raise taxes on the rich and go further and further in debt so there’s NO economy growth, then there’s NO jobs! And thus we have the Obamamama – flaming incompetent gorbellied death-token dick wad. Next up for B-Ho – runaway inflation!!

Iran Building Their Nuclear Arsenal

As the United Nations shakes their finger and Obama blows Ahmadinejad, Iran continues to build its nuclear arsenal. Now, according to the UN’s IAEA, Iran has amassed 1,359 kg of enriched uranium. In case you don’t know that’s the type you need for making nuclear weapons. You know nuclear weapons…they’re what Iran can use to put Israel off the map as Obama and Ahmadinejad desire. Now Obamamama has stated openly that Iran has a right to go nuclear. For these 2 shit-eating dick-knobs it’s “bye-bye Israel or bust.”

Acorn Workers Facing Voter Fraud Charges

Sorry assholes, it’s too little—too late. We are stuck with B-Ho Obamamamamama at least until 2012, and judging by the media and the simpleton, psychoneurotic idiots who vote, probably until 2016 or the end of civilization, whichever comes first. So a few ACORN workers are facing fraud?? Big deal!! The entire organization should be disbanded and tried for treason. They have illegally registered hundreds of thousands of voters who have promised them they’ll vote for the Marxists. America…land of opportunity, but only if you’re a fucking criminal!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sticks n’ Stones

Obama Fund Raises on Taxpayer’s Money

Why should this surprise us? B-Ho attended fund raisers for Nevada and California Democrats and one for Harry Ass Reid, and did so at taxpayer expense. Yes the common taxpayer will be footing the bill for his lavish vacation in support of the Democrat party. Between Nevada and California he had the stones to make some remarks about energy (before burning a shit load of it going to California) so that he could claim that it was a presidential trip. What a lying hypocritical piece of Marxist worm shit!

B-Ho Pushed GM to Bankruptcy – Government to Own 73%

Since the federal government does such a bang up job of managing everything it manages, it only makes sense that they would manage GM. Into the ground! With taxpayer loot courtesy of America’s middle class for the Marxists in power to throw around the federal government will own 73% of GM. I can’t wait! There’s no way they’ll still be able to pay lazy, gold-bricking, good-for-nothing union bums $80 to produce pieces of garbage that no one will bye. Once again middle class – Take out your wallets!!

Mortgage Foreclosures and Delinquencies Increase

Another big surprise, we had record numbers of foreclosures and delinquencies in the first quarter. It looks like B-Ho the “great promiser” isn’t keeping his promises again. But anyone with any intelligence at all knew that this numb-nutted, Marxist apple-john wasn’t going to do anything to improve the housing market. The new figure for anyone who cares is one out of every eight homeowners is now delinquent. How quaint!!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Dick Cheney Has Big Balls

Cheney is carrying on the tradition of Bill Clit’n and Jimmah Cahtah in calling out Obamamama for his actions. Great for him!! It’s about time a Republican acted like more than a damp dish rag while the Democrats run rough shod over our Constitution. Cheney is correct in asserting that the terrorists couldn’t hit the United States for the past seven years because of George W. Bush. Now we have the impotent, ear to ear smiling imbecilic teleprompter reader in the White House, who’s scared of his own shadow, and al-Qaeda is licking their chops. Iran has already told Obamamama to take his diplomacy and jam it up his ass, and B-Ho just nods with his idiot grin. Yes, Cheney is right and HE should be the President right now. To Dick Chaney, a true American Patriot!!

Since Obama Is Overwhelmed He Uses Example of Bush

B-Ho the greatest flip-flopping, not-up-for-the-job, empty suit in the history of American politics has now completely vindicated George W. Bush. He has correctly back pedaled on Guantanamo and military tribunals. He is doing exactly what George Bush did, and that’s a good thing. If he does what he wants to do, we are screwed, so thank heavens the idiot can’t make a decision of his own. Naturally during the campaign B-Ho railed against these policies and even promised the Marxists to change the course. Again, thank heavens the dick wad is staying the Bush course!! In addition, other Bush policies B-Ho is keeping include The Patriot Act (remember the left whining about that one?), intercepting emails, wiretapping and of course not pulling out of Iraq. Here’s to George W. Bush – a great American Patriot!!

Queen Bitch Pelosi Refuses Further Comment

The fucking douche bag slut refuses to discuss her outrageous accusation that the CIA lied to her about water boarding. I think the best way to get to the truth of this matter is to water board Nancy Pelosi. It’s time for that Clit’n lackey Leon “the nutsack” Panetta to step up and tell the truth. He needs to affirm that Queen Bitch Pelosi is a dirty Marxist slut of a liar. America MUST know what the Speaker of the House knew, and when she knew it. Then she needs to be tarred, feathered, and run out of DC on Amtrak. Sorry Nanc…no more private jet for you dirt bag.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fart Bubbles

Congress Plays Both Sides in War

Congress has approved funding of the “wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan while at the same time condemning the policies of having our troops in those countries. So to make it look like Congress is sticking to their guns they add a provision that the White House must give them a progress report before asking for more money next year. However these same Democrats added another $12 billion to B-Ho’s request, and then bitched about it. They must think their constituents are imbecilic, derisory, dumb-assed fools. Oh yeah, they are!!

Pelosi Don’t Know Nothin’ ‘Bout No Water Boarding

Pelosi is singing and dancing around the tough questions as she sweats being caught in a major lie. The non-transparent (that’s for sure) Pelosi isn’t being too non-transparent about this issue and is merely throwing shit into the fan to see where it lands and protect her reign as “Queen Bitch of the World.” Poor Pelosi was “misled” by the CIA. Yeah they had nothing better to do than to mislead a beetle-witted, fen-sucked douche bag. But you know what they say…if you’re a Democrat you can lie about anything and it’s accepted. Bill Clit’, set the precedent, and all the beslubbering Marxist ass wipes are using it marvelously.

Obamamama Spends the Cash and Then Says we Shouldn’t Spend It

In one of the greatest Orwellian double-speak lines of corn eyed butt snake, B-Ho says that we our economy can’t sustain the type of deficit spending that is the result of his budget!! Holy sonofabitchin’ arse biscuits!!! The dankish flap-mouthed genius declared “We can’t keep on just borrowing from China,” only one week after proposing almost 1½ Trillion Dollars of spending on nothing except his voting blocs. So he wants to spend billions on ‘health care’ to solve the problem. Am I tripping on acid?? Ohhhhhhh…the wheels on the bus go ‘round and ‘round……..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rhinoceros Jissum

Obama Slashes Chrysler Ad Budget

The new CEO of Chrysler Corporation, Barack Hussein Obama can’t run a budget in the country he supposedly manages but he thinks he can run for Chrysler. But the Chosen One “King of the World” thinks there’s nothing he can’t do and nothing he’s not qualified for. After all, he had the lordliness to think he was qualified to be President. So now in true Marxist fashion, the U.S. Government is dictating how Chrysler will be run. The CEO, B-Ho, has decided that they don’t need to spend any money on advertising. He thinks it’s a waste. I think he’s a friggin’ waste!!

The Hypocrite to Fund Raise in Vegas – Let’s Party

B-Ho and his soul-mate Harry Ass Reid are going to party in Vegas. You know that B-Ho guy likes to party. Anyway they’re going to do a fund-raiser to show Americans that they could give a flying rat’s nut sack about the average American and their financial troubles. Remember with the Marxists it’s all about the “party.” Bill Clit’n would be jealous; this infectious, swag-bellied moldwarp has had more parties and fun’n’games in 4 months that Clit’n had in 4 years. In February Obamamama said "You can't get corporate jets, you can't go take a trip to Las Vegas or go down to the Super Bowl on the taxpayer's dime." Apparently he’s changed his mind again. Now that is change we can believe in.

Moran Wants al-Qaeda in His ‘Hood

Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va) says he’ll be glad to have the al-Qaeda uncivilized, barbaric, Neanderthals from Gitmo come and stay in his district. This is a milk-livered, aqua queer who would’ve enjoyed sitting down and having coffee with Adolf Hitler. Moran is simply another example of the extreme hatred for America displayed by the Marxists. Great job electing this loser because you were pissed off at Bush, you half-witted, simpleton, doofus, imbecilic, stupid-assed nit-witted dumb fucks. Jim Moran is a traitor to the United States of America.

She what? She knew!

OK close your eyes. Nancy Pelosi is a republican. This just in, Nancy Pelosi has been caught in a lie. News clips of her bullshitting everyone. Copies of the CIA memo's proving she was told! Proof that Nancy Pelosi has been on board with the new tactics to get info from terrorists. This is a crime! She should be sent packing. MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC all calling for her to step down. She lied! Now, open your eyes. Nancy Pelosi is a democrat. NO NEWS!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Flegging Yer Dummy

Unemployment Hits 8.9% and Rising

For some reason B-Ho is having a difficult time creating those “millions of jobs” in the green field. This represents a 25 year high for unemployment. Of course since the Radical Whig is not an unlettered, ignorant, jack-assed dolt, but rather an intelligent user of common sense, the Radical Whig has the obvious solution. We create B-Ho’s millions of jobs in the green fields; literally. Marijuana is legalized and thus grows our economic and down goes the unemployment rate. Simple, sweet, and common sense.

Pelosi Caught in a Lie – Who Cares, She’s a Marxist

It has now come out that Pelosi “the Bitch” had indeed been briefed on the interrogation methods being used in 2002, although she’s been denying this knowledge ever since. She’s not going to be able to squirm her way out of this as the CIA is the agency acknowledging that she was briefed. In fact the common-kissing douche bag was one of the first two people to be briefed on the matter. So she has known for years and only when it became politically hip to pile onto George W. Bush, to take the light off the horrible job Jimmah Cah, I mean B-Hobamamama is doing, did the fobbing, fly-bitten whore make it an issue. Well Queen Bitch, the ball’s in your court…if it’s an issue why did you keep your usually diarrhea spewing big mouth shut for these past 7 years?

A Blogger Kevin Theelder had a great idea “I'm totally against water boarding Ms Pelosi as so many here have suggested be done to her. Instead, I'd recommend that Sen. Kennedy take her out for a ride over a bridge. Let her find out what real water boarding is all about”. I agree totally!!!

Obama Plans to Expand Government’s Role

The government is never too big or even big enough for a blue blood Marxist. B-Ho tried his damndest during the campaign to prove to the American public that he was an anti-America, racist, Marxist. The mainstream media (News Agency TASS) snickered and downplayed it and said B-Ho was just a middle of the road “swell guy” and the illiterate, brain-dead, comatose uninformed American public believed it. So now we have one of the greatest Marxists since Nikita Khrushchev in our white House and he thinks the friggin’ government is too damn small!!

Within a day the 2010 budget has gone from $3.4 Trillion to $3.6 Trillion. Well what’s another $0.2 Trillion to the American taxpayers? It’s exactly $200 Billion effing dollars. That “change we can believe in occurred in only 1 day.” A whopping 60% of B-Ho’s new budget totaling $2.3 TRILLION is going to entitlement programs. The problem here is that the entitlements are geared to specific voting blocs and do not help the general public. Get out your wallets you senile, doddering Middle Class, you’re in for a wild ride, and so are your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren………

Just gimme some some truth

I've got a great idea. Waterboard the congress and the senate. We the people want the truth!
Just gimme some truth!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So here’s my questions. Did the press corp send the only two who had nothing to do to pick up the burgers? Doesn’t the White House cook know how to make hamburgers? Was NBC notified that the two stooges where headed to get the burgers so they could break the story or we’re they already there with the TV camera’s just getting a burger themselves? How many SUV’s are in the motorcade? On TV it looked like an awful lot of them. Did the secret service clear everyone at the burger joint? Who were the people in line, are they going to be interviewed by Matt (I’m a dickhead) Lauer on Today, sometime tomorrow? Was the Cheech concerned about catching the Flu being out in public like that? I wonder if the people all stood up when the King arrived? I’m just saying.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Second Annual: Cinco de Mayo = Arresto Del Drunko

I went through this last year so I won’t make a big deal out of it. It’s Cinco de Mayo again which means it’s an excuse (not that they need one) for our Mexican brothers and sisters to get completely plastered, drive drunk, get arrested, use a public defender, get the usual sentence, not make their payments, come back to court, give lame excuses for not paying, get a new payment plan, and continue to not pay. Then of course we’ll have the plastered assholes that will simply plow into innocent families and kill them while not getting a scratch. Then if they’re Illegal we can deport them so they can be here in time for next years Cinco de Mayo.

The Marxist Brits Ban Certain Americans

Britain, that once great country that has now become more of a milksop queer than France, has decided to ban certain Americans who don’t agree with their Marxist philosophy. In particular they have put radio personality Michael Savage on their hit list. The Home Secretary of Britain, Jacqui Smith said, “Coming to this country is a privilege. If you can't live by the rules that we live by, the standards and the values that we live by, we should exclude you from this country.” So the ‘thought police’ of Britain will decide if you have the moral fiber to enter their precious country. They will decide if your thoughts are correct for entry into England. Well go take a dump in your bloody hats, you deformed-toothed, warm beer-drinking, pansy-assed, pouffe queers. And you declared war on Hitler…what HYPOCRITS!!

Pelosi wants More of Your Cash

Well here’s a big surprise, the Marxist bitch-slut wants more money to spend on her voting blocs. Now she only needs another $94.2 billion for ‘emgerncy funds.’ These emergnecy funds will be blown on pork. The Marxists claim they need the money for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (what a joke!!), but anyone with any common sense knows that the money will be shat away on projects and programs for groups who vote Marxist! Get out your bloody wallets you Middle Class suckers!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Joe Cheech Biden

So what exactly did Joe Cheech Biden say? He said I'm not buying the BS of this adminstration. When it comes to my family We are taking the Swine Flu seriously. I'm doing more than just washing my hands. No planes, trains or automobiles for the Cheech, no siree sir. The rest of you can go pound salt. And that what he meant!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Moby's Dick or Whale "Seamen"

Obama Goes Car Shopping with $8 Billion of Our Cash

B-Ho forked over $8 billion of MIDDLE CLASS taxpayer money so that Chrysler could file bankruptcy. Hell, how much cash do I get if I file bankruptcy? On top of the 8 bil, we’ve already coughed up 4 bil to the failing auto maker. I think the money would be better spent if B-Ho just bought us a Japanese auto maker. At least we’d make a profit instead of the billions going to waste on overpaid union hacks producing garbage no one will buy. B-Ho will also “help” appoint a new board of directors. In other words a board made up completely of Obamamama lackeys. B-Ho is having the time of his life spending our cash, and playing Mr. President. And the Marxists are laughing their nuts off as they ream the middle class on a daily basis.

Democrats Try to “Help” Republicans with Advice

The Marxists claim that for the Republicans to succeed they should be more like them. Well thanks for the advice, Marxists, but we’ll pass. Every time a Republican tries to act like a Democrat (John McCain), they get smeared by the Democrats and shunned by the Republicans. It has never worked and it never will. The Democrats do not want the Republicans to succeed and giving them “advice” is the utmost in bumptiousness, brass, hubris. Pride goeth before a fall, and you will fall Marxist trash!!

Gitmo Terrorists to be put Up in Hotels

Eric Holder confirmed to the Europeans yesterday that released terrorists from Guantanamo Bay would be housed at MIDDLE CLASS taxpayer expense in hotels. Apparently he wants them to be very comfy while they plan their next terrorist attack against the United States. That sounds perfectly reasonable considering his boss, B-Ho Hussein Obamamama, is an America hating, racist piece of sissy queer TRASH!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pig Vomit

Napoli-Reno Says Illegal Mexicans Shouldn’t Suffer to Protect Americans

The dirty filthy Marxist sapphic dyke says that we shouldn’t increase border security because of the Swine Flu. In other words her Illegal friends shouldn’t be harassed just because Americans don’t want the Swine Flu. That would be selfish of Americans, and as you know this Obamamama Administration certainly HATES Americans. So while she says "We're prepared as if there were a pandemic. We're not waiting." In actuality we are doing nothing. People are arriving from Mexico legally and Illegally (as usual) and are not being checked. More Orwellian Double Speak from the greatest Doublespeakers in history. I can’t believe you cockered, whoreson, malt-worm, numb-nutted jack-asses voted for them!!

Specter Becomes a Democrat – Good Bloody Riddance Marxist Jerk-Off

This cullionly, full-gorged measle has never voted with the Republicans and it’s pathetic that he has ever called himself a Republican. Well Specter, get the hell out of the party and don’t come back. Now we can have a good Conservative run against him and hopefully annihilate the senile doddering old fool. It’s time to weed out these Marxists in sheep’s clothing and have the true Conservatives win or lose so we can be represented by those we agree with, not those who pretend to agree with us. Next up – Susan Collins, Olympia Snow, Chuck Hagel, Lindsey Graham, and John McCain. Get the sonofaboitching hell out of the Republican Party and stay the Hell out!!! Besides wasn't this old dick wad convicted of murder in California?


The second coronation of King Hussein Obama, WOO FAAH!
Bank bail outs, mortgage bail outs, tax free loaders WOO FAAH!
Buzzing the New York City skyline for a photo op, WOO FAAH!
Illegal Immigration by the thousands, WOO FAAH!
Telling the world he's sorry he's an American, WOO FAAH!
1360 more days WOO FAAH!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dog Doo

The POT calls the KETTLE Black!!!!!

B-Ho Obamamama got many accolades and buttocks kissing from the French as he trashed America on his recent trip. He said that America was “arrogant” which made all the Frenchmen in the audience have a simultaneous orgasm. Then the French press masturbated even harder at B-Ho’s besmirching of his own country. Casting aspersion on his nation is second nature for B-Ho, as he got 20 years of training at it every Sunday in church with the anti-American “Reverend” Wright. The bigger problem than Obamamama mudslinging at the country that he’s President of, is that B-Ho is himself one of the most arrogant illegitimate cods in the United States. B-Ho said of his election that it would be remembered as "the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.” This guy has more hubris than Rosie O’Donnell has cellulite. This guy has more hubris than Bill Clit’n has illegitimate children. This guy has more hubris than Bill Maher has wanking sessions per day. This guy is a pathetic, hapless, misguided, jag-off, arse biscuit.

Obama Frightens New Yorkers to Death for his Amusement

Obama thought it would be cute to have a photo of Air Force One flying low over the New York City skyline. So instead of simply using Photoshop and doctoring a picture that no would could tell was a fake, he had the bloody 747 fly low through the NY City skyscrapers. Frightened New Yorkers fearing another 9/11 attack went scurrying out of their buildings dumping bricks as they ran for their lives. No one ever bothered to tell the mayor, and the B-Ho lame-assed moronic administration told the NYPD to keep it quiet that it would occur. Bloomberg says the flyover so near the World Trade Center site showed "poor judgment" and was insensitive. He says he is furious that the NYPD and another city agency were notified last week, but did not tell him. And the Head Joker laughs at the American public once again.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bull Flatulence

Universal Health Care – The Huge White Elephant

Obama naturally promised everyone in the country free health care, as all Democrats do when they run for office. They’re the “promise givers,” but in reality they’re the illusion givers. Now economists are claiming that any plan that resembles Obamamama’s “idea” would bankrupt the nation. Economists say, any economic recovery could stall or be seriously limited by Obamamama-care. The Obama program would be based on that usual Marxist way of doing things – borrow and bloat! “Continued large deficits and the resulting increases in federal debt over time would probably constrain long-term economic growth by reducing national savings and investment, which in turn would cause productivity and wage growth to gradually slow,” the Congressional Budget Office reported. Marxism – you voted for it!! You’ve got it!! Enjoy!!!!

Carbon Shmarbon

This is the religion of Al Gorology, also known as Global Warmingology. According to Tennessee Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn, Obama administration’s “cap and trade” plan to curb carbon emissions would cost each American family more than $3,000 a year and result in the loss of at least one million jobs. Now that’s certainly what the country needs as the earth’s climate COOLS year by year!! This is nothing more than an “energy tax” shoved up our bums by B-Ho, as he tells us how he’s busy cutting taxes on 95% of Americans. In addition the bill would allow people to sue the government if they’ve been hurt by greenhouse gas emissions. “I fell asleep on the beach drunk and got sunburned….I want to sue!!! It’s greenhouse gas I tell you!! I can smell it from here…it’s a government conspiracy, they’re out to burn my scrotal sack off”!!

Jamming More Legislation Down the Opposition’s Throat

The Democrats are prepared to jam through “health-care” legislation, with or without any Republican support, and most definitely WITHOUT any debate what-so-ever. That should be no surprise as that has become their new modus operendi. The public elected them the majority party so they feel they owe no debating of issues to any one. You can either vote for their bill or you can piss off. "We are prepared to do this because we are not confident Republicans are going to work with us," one party aide said. "This is the direction we're heading," another aide said. At least one Democrat realized the slippery slope that Queen Bitch Pelosi is taking. "If we jam something down somebody's throat it is not sustainable," Senator Max Baucus said. Keep it up Marxist Dems, and very very soon you’ll all be on permanent vacation!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bugs' Cocoa Puffs

Why Isn’t the President Doing his Work?

When Clit’n was being impeached we continuously heard the mantra that the president “needed to get back to the work of the people.” Now 3 months into his reign, Obamamama has decided that it’s in the countries best interests to indict Bush officials. Obviously B-Ho has nothing better to do with his time and nothing better to offer the nation. This is a pathetic abuse of power driven by the profanatory, benighted queers from and that old senile, fool-born mobster George Soros. What B-Ho is trying to do is prosecute the previous Administration for policy disagreements. I for one can’t wait until WE ARE the administration!!

We Can’t Invest in the Market for Social Security, But Obama Can

B-Ho now wants the government to hold “common stock” as part of the TARP payments instead of the agreed upon “preferred stock.” The difference is that with Common Stock the government will be able to vote on matters of the company as shareholders. Well if it stinks like Communism, it is Communism, and B-Ho and his gang of dankish, elf-skinned minnows are definitely Communists (otherwise known as Bolsheviks, otherwise known as Marxists). It’s just another way of the government buying up America. Karl Marx salutes you comrades.

Now we Need Air Pollution to Stop Global Warming

It gets more nonsensicle, foolheaded every day, from rising ice shelves, to blizzards closing down conferences, to cow farts causing global warming…but this is the greatest of all!! "Aerosols offset approximately 50 percent of the greenhouse gas warming," Knut Alfsen, research director at the Centre for International Environmental Research in Oslo, Norway, said by phone. So there you have it folks!! The Religion of Global Warminology changes more than Brittney Spears changes “wrestling” partners. So to help that shard-borne, moldwarp, Al Gore and put a smile on the idiot's wooden face, we ALL need to start polluting!!!!

Capitalism Shall Have More Government – Just What We Need

The head of GE Corporation says that the future of capitalism will include much more government intervention. Well, nitwit, that means it’s not capitalism!! So GE plans on making up for financial loses by sales to the government. Well, isn’t that special!?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rat Droppings

Janet Napoli-Reno Insults Canada

Keeping with the Obama’s great record of snafus on foreign affairs (has it only been 3 months??) the Homeland Security common-kissing dyke claimed that the 9/11 terrorists came into the U.S. through Canada. She later recanted but the damage was done. Of course the reason she said it in the first place is because she believes that as many Illegal Mexican clotpoles as want to, should freely invade our country. So the half-faced haggard douche bag shifted the blame to Canada. Way to “mend fences” Obamamama!!

Green Horse Manure

Now that the Obama administration has made such a big deal of algore’s regligion of "Global Warminology", he might have to rethink how he presents it. He’s been encouraging people to visit Antarctica and see how the penguins are losing their homes. His problem is that he’s a dissembling idiotic dork in the mold of the other dim-witted, simpleton, dullard, algore. The earth is actually COOLING!! Scientific fact folks! And, the polar ice caps are getting thicker not thinner. When will Americans say that they’ve had enough of this scam?

Horse-Face Kerry Plans to Save Pravda

The Marxists most valuable tool is the media. They own it lock, stock and barrel. The Marxist media kissed Barack Hussein Obama’s middle leg so hard it almost fell off. The problem for the Marxists is that no one is reading the left-wing dregs in their newspapers. In fact the NY Times I’m extremely proud to say is $1.3 Billion in debt. For the most biased, unabashedly Marxist newspaper in America to go from the top newspaper in the country, to a dog-training accessory does my heart joy. But Horse-face Kerry (LOST TO BUSH!!) plans to rescue his left-wing media. By having the government have any sort of official interest in the news media takes away any pretense of non-bias. It is merely the same as Pravda. Heidi-ho Comrades!!

CIA Director Backs Bush Strategy

Obama thought he’d kick George Bush in the testes by releasing previously classified documents about the CIA interrogations of uncivilized, savage, cut-throat terrorists. Well, B-Ho’s own CIA chief has said that the interrogations produced much needed and helpful information in fighting these sewer-scrapings scum-bags. As Dick Cheney says, correctly, Obama “doesn’t recognize the terrorist threat.” That’s something ALL Americans should be frightened to death about. Has it only been 3 months of this useless, fatuous, thick-witted dolt?? It seems like 3 years!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tidbits and Nuggets

Axlerod says Tea Parties Dangerous

David Axelrod, the official Obama ass-kisser%% in-chief, has announced on national television (the News Agency TASS) that the Tea-Parties held last week by the 47% of us who DO NOT share B-Ho’s wimpy, queer vision of America, are a danger to the United States. That sounds like something that would come out of the mouth of the head of the Gestapo. But then again –maybe it did!

Stocks fall 3% - What else is new?

It seems every time Obamamama visits a foreign nation, the stocks tumble. Well it doesn’t seem that way, it is that way. This time they’re saying that “renewed worries about banks's stability appeared to be triggered by news reports that their lending remains tight and that the government may swap its debt in banks for ownership stakes as its $700 billion bailout fund runs down.” [WSJ 4-20-09] Well po-tay-toe, po-tah-toe – the bottom line is that it’s Obamamama again. Bush always got the credit for bad economic news. I think it’s time for B-Ho to take the credit for this news. After all, he’s a swell guy!!

The Joker Let’s Nobodies Trash the U.S.

Please see the editorial on this at this link. Obamama sat politely and listened while leader after leaders of third world, nowhere, nothing nations spewed hatred and venom toward the United States. In case we didn’t already know, I guess we know where Obama’s allegiance lies. B-Ho’s preference is to party with dictators as opposed to confronting them. But then, what would he confront them about? They hate America too!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Great Tax Tea Party of April 15, 2009

Americans all over the nation have organized in a great unorganized movement called the Tea Party. Named after the Boston Tea Party, these spontaneous demonstrations have not occurred in this capacity since the 1700’s. The Left claims that these are not spontaneous demonstrations, but rather they are organized by the right-wing. That’s a load of horse crap. These demonstrations have been organized by Internet blogs, emails, texting etc. On “Tax Day” 2009, Americans are gathering in cities all over the United States not to protest “No taxation without Representation” (even though we do not have representation in a House that passes bills without debate), but rather Americans are protesting the blowing of our valuable tax dollars out the butts of the Democrat House, Senate and President!!

No Legislation without Representation

The American way, even when one party controls both houses and the Oval Office has ALWAYS been to have debate on legislation that INCLUDES the opposition party’s voice. That is no longer the case in the United States of America. Now that the Democrats control all the branches of the U.S. government they feel entitled to impose any legislation that tickles their fancy, and not have any debate whatsoever. Hey phlegm balls…I’ve got an even better idea. How about if we don’t even bother with a vote!! Since the Republicans cannot filibuster under the new rules and their will be no debate, let’s just say the hell with the charade of a vote. But NO!! The people of the United States have decided screw that crap. There shall be more legislation without debate jammed up our butts, hence the Tea Parties.

The Left Attacks the Parties

OK, be honest, who the is surprised by this? The Left of course felt glad all over and warm and fuzzy while old dried up sluts slandered our armed forces and the Bush Administration. But now that their counterparts, the intelligent, well-informed right, are protesting, the bitches can’t handle it. The Left also said about 700 parties were held yesterday. As Mr. Miagi said on “The Karate Kid”…”ahh, believe have facts wrong.” There were actually about 2,700 parties in cities all over the United States. The Left is saying this was a piss poor showing, but it was a much better showing than ANY war protest that was organized against the Bush administration….and the greatest thing of all – these parties were not organized. The people are rising up. The Marxists have awakened a sleeping giant.

Unlike Obamamama, These People Care about Their Children’s Future

Hillary Clit’n should be protesting that “it takes a village” and that the village will be bankrupt in the near future due to B-Ho and Slut Pelosi’s spending rampage. Tax increases are only around the corner, these TRILLIONS of horse crap won’t pay for itself. Yet all of a sudden Clit’n doesn’t seem to care about “the children.” Remember, everything that the Left did was supposed to be “for the children.” Well now the Leftists are jamming Trillions of dollars of debt down our children’s throats and having a good old time doing it. It’s known as Change we can Believe In!!


We need more than a Tea Party. What we need is to split the country in half and let the Left have theirs and we’ll have ours. We can each live according to our dictates. The Left and Right will NEVER again reconcile in American politics, they are too far apart. The country is polarized and should be split. The Right half will prosper naturally, and the Left half will go down the toilet! But when the Left disintegrates, we won’t give a flying crap. No bail outs from us to you fart knocking Marxist pricks. Man, that would be Nirvana. Of course this is just what I think, maybe I’m wrong!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Marxist Regime Attacks our Military Veterans

The regime of Barack Hussein Obama has stepped so far over the line that he and his entire administration need to be impeached IMMEDIATELY!! Since there seems to be a brewing opposition to the RULING COALITION of Marxist Democrats in this country, those same scum bag dog crap eaters are freaking out to silence the 47% of us who DID NOT vote for B-Ho. They’ve already silenced Republican opposition in the Congress and the Senate, and now they are out to label U.S. Veterans as dangerous fringe groups. That is a blatant act of war against the people of the United States and should be considered treason!!

The Left Has Always HATED The Military

Whenever I hear one of these left-wing piece of garbage dicks use the phrase “support the troops” it makes me want to hurl my lunch across the damn room, and then dry heave for an hour or so. These leftists have always and continue to despise the military and military veterans. The pricks even bitched about the Navy SEALS killing those ‘pirates.’ “Was that much force really necessary?” Hey dick wads…screw yourselves!! If you Marxist bums don’t appreciate our armed forces, and if you Marxists don’t appreciate our veterans, and if you Marxists are going to slander our military then GET THE FRIGGIN HELL OUT OF THE COUNTRY NOW!!!!!

B-Ho Needs a Scapegoat, After all Hitler had the Jews

So the scapegoat chosen by the left to establish their dictatorship that will never be able to be overthrown is the political right-wing. As I’ve pointed out they are already impotent in the Congress and Senate, so now the common man who happens to be a right-winger must be made a scapegoat. The common man, right-winger must have his guns taken away because he is a threat to the leftist Marxist government of Barack Hussein Obama. Eric Holder has already announced that nothing as trivial as the 2nd Amendment will get in his way of his jamming comprehensive “gun control” through both houses. Adolf Hitler would certainly be proud of these trash, if he hadn’t hated Marxists so much!!

Clit’n Blamed the Militia, and Killed Hundreds Doing It!

Give me a break! Timothy McVeigh? I don’t think so. That fat assed disgraced presdet who taught our children that cheating on your wife is dandy as long as it’s only oral sex, blew the hell out of the FBI building in Oklahoma City because he was in fear of America’s militia groups. All the Marxist media, and all the Marxist FOBs jumped all over the militia blame game for the bombing. Well after Waco, and after Ruby Ridge, don’t even dream of telling me that Clit’n didn’t sacrifice those people to shut down right-wing militias. He did!

Janet NapoliReno – I Told you About this Dyke Bitch

Big Brother is certainly watching you, but don’t forget about Big Sister too!! The Homeland Security Douche Bag is claiming that the recession is fueling right-wing extremists to pop up and recruit. Are you people listening to this Marxist government? You voted for the bums and now you’re stuck with them so far up your rear ends you’ll never get them out. The Homeland Security Dept. “warned” that home foreclosures, unemployment and other consequences of the economic recession "could create a fertile recruiting environment for right-wing extremists." Holy crap! Read George Orwell’s 1984 you morons. Meanwhile the Left-Wing extremists are running the Government, the Law, the Media, the Banks, and soon all of America’s industries. You pricks brought this on by voting for these ass wipes and you knew who they were!!! You’re a bunch of uninformed idiots.

We Don’t Need the Discredited Federalists!

Not since the discredited Federalist Party has an administration been so vehemently against State’s rights and so violently asserting the power of the federal government over every aspect of our lives. But the state of Texas at least has some balls and is declaring their sovereignty. Well good for them. A democracy can not survive with an all powerful central government – that is Communism for you brainless idiots who voted for Obama or Ron Paul or some other idiot that helped put B-Ho in office.


This issue has now taken front stage as the most pressing issue, overtaking Illegal Mexicans. EVERY American should take this threat of a loss of all of our freedoms very, very seriously. The ass wipes who used to cry about President Bush and the Patriot Act aren’t crying now, because they want to be subjects of an authoritarian ruler. For this Obamamamamamamama administration to slander our brave men and women of the military as people we need to fear is the most outrageous insult that can be heaped upon the American public. The only thing we need to be protected from are the Marxists running the federal government. Just because we are paranoid DOES NOT mean that they aren’t out to get us!!! Of course this is just what I think, and unfortunately I’m not wrong this time!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Having Babies – Mexican Style

The Mexicans have a very interesting way of having babies. They don’t burden their own government with the expenses, they merely come on into the United States, dump out their brat, and viola…instant U.S. Citizen. Now B-Ho Obama wants to make them ALL citizens of the United States. Well, lets have a look at what these law breakers have done to deserve instant citizenship.

Coming to America for the Sole Purpose of Creating a Citizen

Phoenix’s CBS 5 news did a piece on Mexican pregnant women coming to the U.S. for the sole purpose of having their baby here. The woman they were talking to wouldn’t give her real name but after she pumped out her brat (courtesy of the taxpayers of Texas) she felt confident to give her name, Fabiola, since she no longer fears deportation. Well isn’t that just Fabiolamisimo!! I mean screw the fact that she violated the law of the United States like a common criminal, now she’s all set. She announced “I’m glad he was born here, that’s why we came here.” There we go, at least Fabifriggingola is glad she got free health care, and is now probably collecting free welfare for her brat.

So how did a pregnant Fabiola get here. Simple…she swam across the Rio Grande when she was 6 months pregnant with her husband and son. Another Fabiola tidbit, “things are better in the U.S. because they help children so much more.” Sounds like this one will be getting benefits at the middle class taxpayer’s expense. The brat she pumped out while Illegally in the United States can then “sponsor” her and her husband when he reaches 21. Isn’t this a lovely system?

Don’t Worry the Middle Class Can Take Out Their Wallets

So the cost of this dog crap is born by the middle class taxpayers of America as usual. Sure the hospital loses money but they then raise their rates to cover their costs of FREE MEDICAL CARE FOR CRIMINALS, and the cost is passed on to the middle class by higher hospital costs and higher insurance premiums. So what kind of costs are we racking up for the middle class citizenry of the United States?

An average C-Section cost is $4700. The cost for the Illegal Mexican is FREE. There are 300,000 babies born to Illegal Mexicans in the U.S. per year (at least they don’t abort them like the Marxists do). At McAllen Texas Medical Center, 40% of the babies born there were to Illegal Mexicans (2,400 in 2007) (can’t wait for the 2008 figures!!). So in all the American taxpayer (middle class of course) foots a bill for  $1.1 Frigging Billion dollars per damn year. That’s $1.1 Billion that could be spent on American’s children that suffer from no medical treatment, no food, no shelter etc. But instead we simply PISS the taxpayer’s $1.1 billion/year away to reward Illegal Law Breakers!!! Only in Marxist America could this horse crap go on!

Let’s Make it Easier for the Mexicans to Invade the U.S.

Well I gotta say Obamamama is off to a great running start on this one. His Homeland Security Head did more to help Illegal Mexicans come into the United States that anyone else in America. The friggin dyke bitch refused to enforce the border and even had National Guard troops hang out at the border and throw down their useless weapons when armed drug lords came across. Now that has to make every U.S. citizen proud. Just in case it’s a bit too inconvenient for Mexicans to Illegally cross over our border, the U.S. government has installed 19 beacons to give the law breakers “room service” on their journey.


I’ve been over this more times than I care to count but it is our number one problem in this country. The country will disintegrate and Mexico will take over a huge portion unless we preemptively invade the cockroaches and annex Mexico. One other note on the McAllen Texas Medical Center for your amusement if nothing else. The CEO of the hospital, Joe Riley says he’s seen women come to the hospital wet from swimming across the river and in labor already – they came here for the sole purpose of having a U.S. citizen baby for fucking FREE. They are mandated by LAW to treat ALL ‘patients’ that come to the ER regardless of if they are from Uranus or Mexico. His hospital alone has uncompensated health care of greater than $200 million in 2007. When Fabiola was told by the reporter that many Americans resent what the Illegal Mexicans are doing, the dirty sleazy criminal douche bag bitch said “I don’t really understand the resentment.” We are at war and Obama will not acknowledge it nor will the Senate or the Congress. But that’s to be expected from a Marxist government that is licking their chops over the prospect of 40 million new registered Democrat voters. Of course this is just what I think, maybe I’m wrong!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Obama – The Comedy of Errors Continues Non-Stop

Obama who is on his way to becoming the most slap stick president in the history of the world just can’t seem to get it right. He’s so damn far out of his league that his amateur comings (not like Clit’ns) and goings are one faux pas after another. He bows, he doesn’t bow…he makes it an issue because we have no other important issues. Americans are seized and Obama keeps his usually running big mouth shut. Americans shoot up other Americans and his Attorney General says the 2nd Amendment won’t get in the way of gun control. Since the unemployment rate is around 8% B-Ho guesses it’s now the right time to make all the Illegal Mexicans U.S. citizens so they can take up what few jobs there are. Funny…NO….Friggin ridiculously %#$&ed up…YES.

I Bow to No One

So Obama, whose wife made a faux pas with the Queen of England by touching her, bowed down to the King of Saudi Arabia. So what? Who gives a rat’s ass? No, the problem is that the joker is now denying that he did it. Are you ready? The dip wad claims that he’s tall and the Saudi king is small and B-Ho had to bend down to shake his hand!! Are you pulling my middle leg for the 47,378th time since this loser became president?? I wonder how many strategy sessions involving 300-400 people it took to come up with that response. Alfred E. Neuman would be a more competent president than this damn Marxist goof. I personally think that the Japanese custom of bowing is one we could definitely do with. It shows respect. But Obamamama has to worry like a frightened little kid about what the press will think and then he lies about it. What a LOSER!!!

I Aints Got Nuttin Ta Say Bout No Pirate Mo-Fo’s

For the 5th day in a row B-Ho has kept his big sissy assed mouth shut about pirates hijacking Americans. Sound familiar? How about Jimmah Cahtah not talking about the Iranian savages who took our Embassy over. Déjà vu dude!! The junior big mouth of the Administration, Joe Plagiarizer Biden, won’t even comment. Sounds like these dicks are hard at work on this one. Of course Obamamama is still whacking off thinking about the Europeans who held his weinie at the G-20 summit, especially the flaming queer from Britain. He’s a very busy man, can’t be bugged with trivial crap like Americans being seized by Muslims. We should be NUKING the pirate ships until there are none left. Easy solution to an easy problem! But we have Jimmah Cahtah as presdet.

Fork over Your Guns You Conservative Degenerates

Since some lunatics have killed people randomly (always appreciated by the left who want to confiscate our weapons) Eric Holder is now saying we WILL have gun control and…..the 2nd Amendment will not get in his way!!! So the Marxists are going to try to take weapons away from law biding citizens, while they encourage 14 year old girls to murder their baby. Not since Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin has a government wanted so desperately to take guns away from the people. The cost of rifles has skyrocketed since B-Ho’s coronation, and ammunition of all calibers is sold out. I wonder why….I wonder why!

New Mexican Legal Voters

The Illegal Mexicans have been voting in this country for years but just to be on the safe side Obamamama is going to make them all citizens so they can legally vote for him. I know that Republicans also want to legalize Mexicans for the cheap labor, but the Democrats want the cheap votes. And regardless of how many friggin stupid idiotic moron Republicans vote for legalizing the damn Mexican invaders, the cucaracha Mexican pricks will vote for the Democrat. No I like my idea much better. Invade and annex the country of Mexico. After all we should get something more than Democrat voters for all the problems these butt wipes have caused.


It just keeps piling up with Obama. It’s only been a few months and he’s frigged up the future of our children economically, let North Korea launch a ballistic missile, appointed crooks to his administration, made us a sissy queer in front of Europe, insulted George W. Bush at the G-20 summit, let pirates kidnap Americans (pirates??), gone in circles on Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, bowed to a King and then denied it, proposed free citizenship to law breakers, announced numerous Marxist policies to come soon and generally been the most screwed up, piece of dog doo, loser, Marxist, American hating president in U.S. history. Of course this is just what I think, maybe I’m wrong!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

North Korea Farts in Our Face (and Doesn’t say Excuse Me)

The North Koreans launched their “satellite” missile after much fan fare and stern warnings from Jimmy Car…uh I mean Barack Obama. Naturally North Korea said that they gave a rat’s ass what B-Ho thought and that they would launch their “satellite” when they felt like it, and if no one liked it they could bite themselves. So on Saturday they did indeed launch their “satellite” while holding their middle finger in the air as high as they could. This “satellite” had the capability of hitting the United States with a nuclear warhead, so one would assume that that’s kinda important. However, B-Ho was having too much fun having Europeans lavish Hosannas upon him to be bugged with such triviality, so he announced…are you ready?....the friggin nerd announced:

North Korea Isn’t Playing By the Rules

Holy crap!! Jimmah Cahtah even had more balls than this Marxist wanabe Presidential queer! I’ll say they’re not playing by the damn rules. But who’s going to make them play by the rules. The impotent United States, led by Mr. Swell Guy? I don’t think so. This wanker is afraid of his own shadow. He’s a community organizer who can read a teleprompter so the Democrats chose him as their token black president. Hurray, hurrah, it’s Winchell Mahoney time. First of all if any idiot thinks that North Korea was launching a satellite, they’re a brainless idiotic moron. What North Korea was attempting to do was launch a missile that could reach the United States (so they may nuke us someday), and in that respect they had quite a success.

United States Calls Launch a Failure

The launch wasn’t a failure for crying out loud, it was a smashing success. North Korea once threatened to turn Seoul, South Korea into a “sea of fire.” I’d say that makes the launch a smashing success. They can now hit Japan, Guam, Philippines, and China (why would they?), so to call it a failure is merely George Orwellian Bullcrap Speak by the Obamamama administration.

Obama Calls for an International Response

Since Obamarama doesn’t have a pair of balls or a nut sack to put them in, he is calling for others to fight our battles. “If you don’t stop picking on me I’m gonna get my big sister after you.” What a pathetic dish rag. What a pathetic Jimmy Carter. So Obama calls on his pals the United (piece of dog doo) Nations. You know them…the organization that Obamamama wants to hand over our national sovereignty to (I guess they’ll share the U.S. with Europe). After 3 hours of closed doors meetings, surprise, surprise, surprise….no agreement on ANYTHING!!! In others words the United Nations did what it is the greatest organization in the history of the world at doing…absolutely NOTHING!!

No Nukes Man

To further demonstrate what a nutless pussy he is, B-Ho said we have to eliminate nukes world wide and the United States should take the lead. In other words B-Ho wants the U.S. to be nothing more than a poor third world piece of crap that he and his entourage of thugs can rule and hand out little nothings to the masses. The U.S. needs to tell North Korea and Iran and any other piece of cow crap that wants to get nuclear that we’re going to increase our capacity and develop a missile shield. If they even look at us side ways they’ll be cover in wall to wall nukes.


Our president is a queer. Our president is a gutless pussy. Our president is an shoe licker. Our president wants to unilaterally disarm America to make his European and Muslim friends happy. Our president is a Marxist, American hating, piece of yak crap. Our president won’t be happy until he’s made the United States the laughing stock of the world…the third world that is! Of course this is just what I think, maybe I’m wrong!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Moderates – More Dangerous to the America than the Marxists

The dish rag, can’t make a decision, discerning, faux intelligent “moderates” of this country are destroying the nation from the inside out. John McCain displayed this with his mealy mouthed campaign of nothing that allowed the Marxists to take complete control of the U.S. government. The fart sniffing Democrats DO NOT want to work with the Republicans, and they are masters at convincing the idiot moderates that it’s the Republicans who aren’t cooperating. The moderates are the largest voting bloc in the United States, so whoever can reach these idiot morons wins the election. They’re really not that difficult to reach, and it amazes me that the Republicans are so damn lousy at doing it.

Believe it or Not the Moderates Will Vote for the One with Convictions

McCain made the major mistake in this past campaign of believing that if he campaigned as a moderate he would get the moderate vote. It doesn’t even come close to working that way. You see the moderates get their news from the “moderate” network evening news. They are discerning enough to know that CNN is leftist. They are told and therefore believe the Fox News is right wing. So since they are highly intelligent they watch the CBS Evening News, and develop their “opinions’ accordingly. So when McCain tried to be a moderate, and Barack showed them he was a leftist while claiming he was a moderate, they voted for the one with convictions. They voted for the leftist because the Republican didn’t give them a clear picture of what he stood for. McCain was trying to please ‘all the people, all the time.’

Bill O’Reilly – The Voice of Reason

Oh give me a friggin break once and for all. This guy makes me barf. He is a moderate, he is the voice of reason. He’s the voice of a bullcrap artist. He acts all intellectual and discerning and informed, but when you get down to it he will argue with a Democrat or Republican equally to see that his view is the one that people go away with. He was on with Laura Ingraham last night and refused to say that B-Ho was a socialist for supporting the blatant Communist platform formed by the G-20. He’s too damn intelligent to label Obamamama as a socialist. He isn’t a damn socialist O’Frigging’Reilly…he’s a COMMUNIST MARXIST!!! O’Reilly also favors big government regulations, which in my book makes him a leftist. He wants to go off on his show, but to those of us who don’t have a cushy job of giving our opinions for money we have the Internet. That’s why this dick wad wants the Internet regulated by the government. Yeah O’Reilly you’re a moderate alright!

Aren’t Some Political Parties Moderate?

Absolutely not! By definition, moderate is not having excessive or extreme views. That certainly doesn’t fit the Democrats (abortion, tax the rich. Redistribute wealth, socialize industry, unions, green crap, faggot diplomacy etc.). That certainly doesn’t fit the Republicans (open borders with Mexico, no regulation whatsoever, kissing the UN’s ass etc.). The Libertarians aren’t moderate (freedom of everything with no exceptions, no foreign policy at all etc.). The Greens are certainly not moderate (matriarchal society, I’ve said enough right there!!). How about our friends the Modern Whigs? Well, they certainly do try to be middle of the road. But they won’t take a stand on Abortion simply because their members don’t agree. To me, not taking a position on such an important issue as 1st degree murder, is indeed radical. But at least the Whig movement is growing. Right now the Modern Whigs have 0.00011800% of the electorate registered as Modern Whig. The up and coming Radical Whig Party already has 0.00000021% of the total electorate registered as Radical Whig. Here we come folks!!!!


People in the United States now use the idea of being “moderate” as a crutch to prop them up. More and more people are registering without indicating a party preference not because they don’t feel that any party identifies with their views, but rather they have no views to start with. They take the easy way out, don’t make a decision, let the media tell them how to vote, and go on their merry way. This is extremely dangerous for our society. We need our citizens to have an opinion, and voice that opinion. Sitting on the fence is not going to cut it in a democracy. But then again, our democracy is rapidly fading into totalitarianism. Of course this is just what I think, maybe I’m wrong!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Obama Taxes the Wrong Leaf

Obama just jammed through a huge tax increase on cigarettes, even though the lying piece of dog doo had promised not to raise taxes of ANY KIND on people making less than $200,000 a year. It’s common fact that the poor smoke in numbers disproportionate to the rich, so the tax will directly affect the poor. Naturally the media won’t cover this filthy lying sonofanutsack’s flip flop, and the uninformed idiots that make up the poor classes will pay their tax like good little zombies and vote for their savior B-Ho the next time. The major problem here is that the fool Marxist should NEVER have made a promise such as that because the Marxist life style is to raise taxes and spend the money on bull crap constituency groups. But the liar did make the promise and now he’s once again lying in the face of every idiot that voted for him.

Tax the Weed, Dude

I, of course, would never make such a messed up promise but then again I’m honest and not a friggin lying Marxist piece of goat whiz. What I would say is that we shall legalize marijuana once and for all, and it shall be taxed as cigarettes at the federal, state, and local levels. In addition, thousands of jobs will be created in this new industry. Then we have the thousands of man-hours of our law enforcement officers that would be freed up for keeping serious crime under control. Our justice system would get much needed relief, along with our prison systems. But as I said, the primary benefit to the economy would be tremendous. Tax revenues would put us in the black. The unemployment rate would drop and we’d have many new wage earners and tax payers. The green queers wouldn’t be losing trees for paper as we’d use hemp which makes a better quality paper anyway. Farmers would be turning a profit as they turned their soil. And the greatest benefit of all….

The Mexican Drug Lords Can Mow My Lawn

Since the United States would control the marijuana industry, and produce FAR better quality of weed than Mexico could ever dream of, the diarrhea sniffing, fart eating, dick wads known as the ‘drug lords’ of Mexico could go and crap in their sombreros. These pieces of trash would be out of work faster than Bill Maher in his bedroom. Then the crosskicking wankers could sneak into the United States and do the “jobs Americans don’t want to do.” In other words the ass wipes could work as bus boys at Jose’s Taco Emporium!!

Much Much More than a Tax on Tobacco

Once again the devil is in the details, and the details are always hidden with this Marxist administration. The details are that this isn’t merely a tax (which B-Ho promised wouldn’t occur) it is also a regulation on what can be in a cigarette. Are you pulling my finger?? Now I hate cigarette smoke and I’m glad people can’t stink up a restaurant I’m eating in, BUT…it’s legal to possess and smoke cigarettes as they are. How the hell can this government of Obamamama have the cast iron gigantic balls to regulate whether or not there’s nicotine in a damn cigarette?? Easy, they're the Marxist Democrat dictators and they will do whatever the hell they please, and We the People cannot do a single thing about it….until 2010


Obama didn’t need to prove he was a liar, I think that was assumed since he was a member of the Democratic Party. But he went and proved it to us anyways. He says he wouldn’t tax anyone making under $200K and then did just that with his enormous new tax on cigarettes. But that didn’t go far enough for the Marxists. They will also now regulate what “ingredients” a cigarette can contain, all while cigarettes are legal to possess and smoke under the law. We need to stop this idiot before there are NO freedoms left. Then we need to legalize marijuana. Then we need to get high. Of course this is just what I think, maybe I’m wrong.