Friday, October 3, 2008

The “Bailout” or How to Make Karl Marx Happy

Usually I am very harsh in my attacks on the Marxist movement in the United States as represented by the Democratic Party. Even some of my few ‘fans’ think that I go overboard with the “Marxism thing.” I believe that Marxism is the single most dangerous element hanging over our freedom and our society. The Marxists have been hammering away at our Constitution and our way of life since 1917, and they are only growing stronger in America. The Marxists now control the media, the government, and of course the law. They’ve used elected office to put left-wing extremists in every judicial position they could find. They’ve used their best friend of all, the media, to get into power. Even the first 2008 presidential “debate” was proof of how the media controls the people’s will and minds. The common sentiment among the media was “Since McCain didn’t decisively win, he lost.” This stupid line was repeated over and over by average Joe Idiot on the street. The Marxist media knows that this gives ignorant, uninformed morons, the chance to act like they’re “intelligent.” Media mission accomplished with stunning success.

The Bailout – Marxist Principle Number 5

The fifth principle of ten in Karl Marx’s 1848 Manifesto states: “centralization of credit in the banks of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.” The ten points were meant to centralize all instruments of production in the hands of the state. Well, we’re certainly making tremendous progress in implementing Karl’s vision. Not only have numerous capitalists thrown capitalism to the dogs, they’ve ensured that the nation will follow the course of France. Democracy to Socialism to Communism. And Karl Marx cheers on.

More Sneaky Marxism

There are many ways that the Democrats and other leftists in this country have tried and are continuing to try to convert America to a Marxist society. Trying to keep guns out of the hands of citizens is pure Marxism. Interpreting our Constitutional Amendment of “Freedom of Religion” to mean ‘freedom from religion’ (unless of course it’s left-wing atheism) is another example of pure Marxism. Having the United States federal government act as a pension fund administrator (“Social Security”) is pure Marxism. Trying to have the federal government provide health care that the tax payers pay for is pure Marxism. Allowing tax-exempt organizations to promote left-wing propaganda, while not allowing right-wing propaganda by other tax-exempt organizations is pure Marxism. Allowing the media to openly campaign for leftist candidates, while publishing lies and propaganda against right leaning candidates is pure Marxism The reason being that when a media source tries to be right slanted the leftists demand the “fairness” doctrine. Having nationally televised debates with leftist “moderators” rigging the outcome before any words are spoken is pure Marxism. Taking away parental rights and giving them to the public schools is pure Marxism. Not teaching children the historical truth, but rather the left-wing version of said truth is pure Marxism.

Looks like we have Marxism folks. The Thought Police are on their way, Big Brother is watching YOU. All hail Big Brother! All Hail B-Ho Obama!! This is just what I think.

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