Friday, September 26, 2008

Wall Street Welfare – It’s the Economy, Nitwits

The Bailout

To “bailout” greedy banks and speculators with federal tax dollars is one of the most horrendous forms of Marxism in the guise of Socialism. Many, many “uncredit-worthy” people applied for and got home loans, car loans, credit cards, lines of home equity credit etc. and never should have gotten them in the first place. The greedy corporations held the money out like a piece of steak to a dog, and naturally the people signed on the dotted line. The interest was at a “variable” rate that naturally the greedy lenders jacked up as high as Snoop Dog after smoking a ‘big one.’ When the people defaulted (of course) the lenders and the borrowers went running to the government knowing that in a Presidential election year the government would kiss them where the sun doesn’t shine. And the government has. Except, this time the government is only interested in the greedy lenders. So they’re prepared to cough up $700 billion to these bums so they can stay in business and continue to blood let the poor.

The people of course are not innocent. This is America, a capitalist society. The banks and lenders are not in the business of supporting people. If a person willingly enters into an agreement then they don’t need to come crying to the government to “help them out.” At the same time under ABSOLUTELY NO circumstances should our government “help out” capitalist corporations (who incidentally are outsourcing jobs overseas to increase their profit margin), but rather we should tell them to sink or swim on their own.

We are capitalists, we are NOT Socialists, Communists, or Marxists. Live with it, or vote for Obama.

Presidential Nonsense

Both Presidential candidates are naturally trying to decide which way they should “feel” about this issue to come out with the maximum number of votes. Obama is still hiding and trying to decide which position offers the most political capital. The Republicans on the other hand are doing what Republicans should do, they are against Socialist answers to problems. Dick Morris reports: ‘Instead of signing on with the Democratic/Bush package, the House Republicans are insisting on replacing the purchase of corporate debt with loans to companies and insurance paid for by the companies, not by the taxpayers. That, of course, is a popular position.’ So now the Democrats are saying that McCain “blew up” the pathetic White Deal that was merely a Marxist hand out to the rich. The Americans should therefore applaud him, since they were never in favor of this “deal.”

Of course Americans love a populist message, and Obama will certainly play to that. “I’m the money man…come and get your handouts.” Sorry but the American taxpayers want the government to leave our money the hell alone!! You must choose either Capitalism or Marxism -- you can't have both. This is just what I think.

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