Monday, September 29, 2008

Pelosi Stays Partisan and Destroys “Bailout Bill”

Nancy Pelosi may or may not have ever planned on having the “bail out” bill pass her House. After all she has a tremendous record of not getting any worthwhile legislation passed, so why would she want to blow her losing streak? Although this idea of a bailout was totally un-Capitalistic, and blatantly Socialism, the Republicans had hammered out aspects of the bill that would make it at least half-way palatable to their constituencies. Pelosi though opened her mouth, let loose with a Marxist tirade, and managed to alienate enough Republicans to doom the bill.

She Gives Credit Where it’s Not Due

Instead of hailing the bi-partisan work of the Republicans and Democrats in actually “working” on something together and getting a result, Pelosi used the opportunity as a Democratic campaign commercial. Pelosi pontificated about how the wonderful Democrats Bowney Fwank and Chrissy Dood worked to put this bill together. The irony is that these two Marxists received bunches and bunches of cash from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (along of course with Obama who received the second most of any Senator). Now that’s certainly shocking!! Democrat hypocrisy – that’s something we don’t usually see.

Republicans Have a Pair

When Pelosi blasted President Bush and John McCain for all of the problems of the economy (after the deal had been worked out), and then gave ALL the credit to her Democratic friends, the Republicans told her where to go by voting against the bill. For Republicans to stand up to Pelosi and not allow this demagoguery was a display of courage unseen by many in the House since 1994. There should definitely be no bailout, but if there is one it must be bi-partisan. If it is bi-partisan, both parties should be given credit. That’s never good enough for a Democrat, and it will never be good enough for a President Obama, who will do NOTHING to “work across the aisle” as McCain has done his entire career. This is just what I think.

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