Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obama - Portrait of an Empty Suit


The New Yorker magazine hit the nail directly on the head. Who would've thought that they would have such keen insight. Yet they did, and portrayed Obama better than words could ever do. This is SO much what I believe about this man and if anybody doesn't like it – then vote for Harry Truman!!


Obama is blatantly an extremist. He is no longer hiding this as he has noted in his "speeches" and during the "debates." He plans on spending more than a trillion dollars than the government will take in. How will he do it? He will rip it out of the pockets of the 'middle class.' What is the 'middle class' to B-Ho?? That's simple, it' anyone who wants to rely solely on the government for their entitlements, hand outs and other various sundries. This is not the 'middle class' that B-Ho will be raiding. This is the 'middle class' that he's going to blow everyone's tax dollars on so he can win votes. The REAL Middle Class in America (those who actually work hard and make a living) will be the one's who can take out their wallets right now. There never was a middle class citizen's cash that a Marxist wasn't ready and willing to raid. So to all the 'REAL MIDDLE CLASS' who are going to put this loser in office - kiss your money good bye. As with ALL "Democrats", this one uses promises of YOUR money to any lazy, unemployed or illegal person that will vote for him. Aren't you a generous bunch of happy idiots!!


Obama has proven his tremendous racism numerous times. He sat in the pews of a RACIST church while the "preacher" spewed anti-American venom interlaced with racism. He used racism against the Clit'ns to win the nomination. If McCain or anyone else questions anything he said or did, he or his campaign labels them as racist. If you pass gas in the racist’s direction, he calls you a racist. He called his own grandmother – “A TYPICAL WHITE WOMAN." So to all you GUILTY white folks that are going to vote for this racist because you think it's hip - you're an idiot and you're playing right into the racist's game. Thanks dilweeds!!!!!

America Hater

This gentleman who hates the United States had the cast iron balls to tell the Iraqi leaders NOT to make any deals with President Bush before the election. Does this guy give a damn about the United States of America?? What do you Obama people think of that? "Duh…I think this guy has good ideas…a hyuk, a hyuk, a hyuk." Morons!!! Then the guy says he’ll talk to the Iranians unconditionally. In others words, he'll sit there like a chicken baby Jimmy Carter gay boy while the Iranians or al-Qaeda tell him what to do. He'll listen intently, nodding his head so he looks intelligent, and proceed to give Ahmadinejad everything he wants. His lovely wife who not only hates America, but intensely hates "whitey", will help him do a better job of having the U.S. bend over and assume the position than Jimmy Carter ever did.

Lying Pile of Doggie Poop

B-Ho Obama can spin a yarn almost as well as 'the greatest', Bill Clit'n. Obama stands there with a straight face or a goofy fucking grin and proceeds to spew out his "truth stretching" statements. First of all since he is a Democrat, lying is a built in feature to his personality. Second since he is a professional politician (his best resume credit is that he has run for office for the past 10 years or so) he is an inherent liar. He has lied about his so-called rising above 'politics as usual.' Excuse me???? This punk has sat around grinning while his campaign has put out lie after lie after lie to the idiot American public (and provided courtesy of the lovely Marxist media) about McCain and most of all about Sarah Palin.

This dunce has lied about the so-called "middle class tax cut." Yeah I’ve heard that crap before. I believe the fat slob that ran for 'Presdet' in 1992 promised just that. Then when Clit'n was inaugurated, he announced the first week in office that the economy was worse than they had thought (it was in fact recovering under Bush Sr.) and therefore sorry folks, no tax cut. Obama has already done the same thing by his rhetoric. You idiots….the "middle class" to this empty suit is someone who is too lazy to work and blames 'the economy' for their lack of income. Then since they don't pay any taxes whatsoever, they get a rebate at tax time. So to all you REAL middle class citizens that are voting for B-Ho, YOU are the ones who are going to pay for all of B-Ho's vote attracting 'programs.'

B-Ho has lied about his love of Bill Ayers (self-proclaimed terrorist), and his 20 year love affair with the 'reverend', Mr. Wright (Mr. Wrong, racist, America hater). Yet you ignorant morons just sit there like zombies and let Obama's news organizations tell you that you support the guy. Swell, you people enjoyed Clit'n lying for eight years in the White House and of course lying under oath to a Grand Jury, and his approval ratings went up and up the more the lies came out and out. What is wrong with you folks?

B-Ho lied about not calling Iran a "tiny country" that was no "threat to anyone." B-Ho lied about saying he would sit down for a cold one with Ahmadinijad. B-Ho lied about supporting Israel (an anti-Semite can not very well support Israel). This lying sack of dog doo has kissed the butts of Louis Farrakhan and Jesse (Hymie-town) Jackson on numerous occasions, yet he claims he's NOT anti-Semitic??? Right!!

Naturally B-Ho lied about Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and his "land deals" with mobster Tony Rezko. Yeah goof balls, B-ho Obama cares about your mortgage payment. I’M SURE!!! There's more, but why bother - you idiots think the guy has "good ideas." Of course you can't name a single one. Because THERE AREN'T ANY, MORONS!!!!!!


That is how we can sum up B-Ho's economic "plan" in one word. His plan is as viable as was Herbert Hoover's. Regardless of what the liar (see above) says, he is NOT going to cut taxes on 95% of Americans (there's no MONEY morons), he of course in true Democrat fashion will raise taxes. In addition, instead of free trade he will impose protectionism. This will lead, as it did for Hoover, to a depression. But who cares? You know the Democrats are more trusted on economic issues than Republicans. In other words the country has gone Marxist. I can't wait until you jag offs have Obama, Pelosi and Reid getting every piece of Marxist legislation they want passed, then having the Supreme Court (which will have at least 7 Marxists on it) totally screw up your day!! I can't wait people.


Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his wife are racist, anti-American, anti-Semitic, lying, cheating Marxist pieces of dog doo.

Of course this is just what I think, maybe I'm wrong!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

The “Bailout” or How to Make Karl Marx Happy

Usually I am very harsh in my attacks on the Marxist movement in the United States as represented by the Democratic Party. Even some of my few ‘fans’ think that I go overboard with the “Marxism thing.” I believe that Marxism is the single most dangerous element hanging over our freedom and our society. The Marxists have been hammering away at our Constitution and our way of life since 1917, and they are only growing stronger in America. The Marxists now control the media, the government, and of course the law. They’ve used elected office to put left-wing extremists in every judicial position they could find. They’ve used their best friend of all, the media, to get into power. Even the first 2008 presidential “debate” was proof of how the media controls the people’s will and minds. The common sentiment among the media was “Since McCain didn’t decisively win, he lost.” This stupid line was repeated over and over by average Joe Idiot on the street. The Marxist media knows that this gives ignorant, uninformed morons, the chance to act like they’re “intelligent.” Media mission accomplished with stunning success.

The Bailout – Marxist Principle Number 5

The fifth principle of ten in Karl Marx’s 1848 Manifesto states: “centralization of credit in the banks of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.” The ten points were meant to centralize all instruments of production in the hands of the state. Well, we’re certainly making tremendous progress in implementing Karl’s vision. Not only have numerous capitalists thrown capitalism to the dogs, they’ve ensured that the nation will follow the course of France. Democracy to Socialism to Communism. And Karl Marx cheers on.

More Sneaky Marxism

There are many ways that the Democrats and other leftists in this country have tried and are continuing to try to convert America to a Marxist society. Trying to keep guns out of the hands of citizens is pure Marxism. Interpreting our Constitutional Amendment of “Freedom of Religion” to mean ‘freedom from religion’ (unless of course it’s left-wing atheism) is another example of pure Marxism. Having the United States federal government act as a pension fund administrator (“Social Security”) is pure Marxism. Trying to have the federal government provide health care that the tax payers pay for is pure Marxism. Allowing tax-exempt organizations to promote left-wing propaganda, while not allowing right-wing propaganda by other tax-exempt organizations is pure Marxism. Allowing the media to openly campaign for leftist candidates, while publishing lies and propaganda against right leaning candidates is pure Marxism The reason being that when a media source tries to be right slanted the leftists demand the “fairness” doctrine. Having nationally televised debates with leftist “moderators” rigging the outcome before any words are spoken is pure Marxism. Taking away parental rights and giving them to the public schools is pure Marxism. Not teaching children the historical truth, but rather the left-wing version of said truth is pure Marxism.

Looks like we have Marxism folks. The Thought Police are on their way, Big Brother is watching YOU. All hail Big Brother! All Hail B-Ho Obama!! This is just what I think.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Pelosi Stays Partisan and Destroys “Bailout Bill”

Nancy Pelosi may or may not have ever planned on having the “bail out” bill pass her House. After all she has a tremendous record of not getting any worthwhile legislation passed, so why would she want to blow her losing streak? Although this idea of a bailout was totally un-Capitalistic, and blatantly Socialism, the Republicans had hammered out aspects of the bill that would make it at least half-way palatable to their constituencies. Pelosi though opened her mouth, let loose with a Marxist tirade, and managed to alienate enough Republicans to doom the bill.

She Gives Credit Where it’s Not Due

Instead of hailing the bi-partisan work of the Republicans and Democrats in actually “working” on something together and getting a result, Pelosi used the opportunity as a Democratic campaign commercial. Pelosi pontificated about how the wonderful Democrats Bowney Fwank and Chrissy Dood worked to put this bill together. The irony is that these two Marxists received bunches and bunches of cash from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (along of course with Obama who received the second most of any Senator). Now that’s certainly shocking!! Democrat hypocrisy – that’s something we don’t usually see.

Republicans Have a Pair

When Pelosi blasted President Bush and John McCain for all of the problems of the economy (after the deal had been worked out), and then gave ALL the credit to her Democratic friends, the Republicans told her where to go by voting against the bill. For Republicans to stand up to Pelosi and not allow this demagoguery was a display of courage unseen by many in the House since 1994. There should definitely be no bailout, but if there is one it must be bi-partisan. If it is bi-partisan, both parties should be given credit. That’s never good enough for a Democrat, and it will never be good enough for a President Obama, who will do NOTHING to “work across the aisle” as McCain has done his entire career. This is just what I think.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Wall Street Welfare – It’s the Economy, Nitwits

The Bailout

To “bailout” greedy banks and speculators with federal tax dollars is one of the most horrendous forms of Marxism in the guise of Socialism. Many, many “uncredit-worthy” people applied for and got home loans, car loans, credit cards, lines of home equity credit etc. and never should have gotten them in the first place. The greedy corporations held the money out like a piece of steak to a dog, and naturally the people signed on the dotted line. The interest was at a “variable” rate that naturally the greedy lenders jacked up as high as Snoop Dog after smoking a ‘big one.’ When the people defaulted (of course) the lenders and the borrowers went running to the government knowing that in a Presidential election year the government would kiss them where the sun doesn’t shine. And the government has. Except, this time the government is only interested in the greedy lenders. So they’re prepared to cough up $700 billion to these bums so they can stay in business and continue to blood let the poor.

The people of course are not innocent. This is America, a capitalist society. The banks and lenders are not in the business of supporting people. If a person willingly enters into an agreement then they don’t need to come crying to the government to “help them out.” At the same time under ABSOLUTELY NO circumstances should our government “help out” capitalist corporations (who incidentally are outsourcing jobs overseas to increase their profit margin), but rather we should tell them to sink or swim on their own.

We are capitalists, we are NOT Socialists, Communists, or Marxists. Live with it, or vote for Obama.

Presidential Nonsense

Both Presidential candidates are naturally trying to decide which way they should “feel” about this issue to come out with the maximum number of votes. Obama is still hiding and trying to decide which position offers the most political capital. The Republicans on the other hand are doing what Republicans should do, they are against Socialist answers to problems. Dick Morris reports: ‘Instead of signing on with the Democratic/Bush package, the House Republicans are insisting on replacing the purchase of corporate debt with loans to companies and insurance paid for by the companies, not by the taxpayers. That, of course, is a popular position.’ So now the Democrats are saying that McCain “blew up” the pathetic White Deal that was merely a Marxist hand out to the rich. The Americans should therefore applaud him, since they were never in favor of this “deal.”

Of course Americans love a populist message, and Obama will certainly play to that. “I’m the money man…come and get your handouts.” Sorry but the American taxpayers want the government to leave our money the hell alone!! You must choose either Capitalism or Marxism -- you can't have both. This is just what I think.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Black Racism in America Grows as Election Tightens

The Democrats have never been a party afraid to use whatever tactics are necessary to win an election. Just ask Hillary Clinton. However since they have the great opportunity of sporting a black candidate, they’ve decided that they should use the “race card” for all it’s worth. They used it against Bill Clinton and his wife during the primaries. They are now using it against John McCain and Sarah Palin.

The Illustrious Rep. Hastings (D)

"If Sarah Palin isn’t enough of a reason for you to get over whatever your problem is with Barack Obama, then you damn well had better pay attention," said Hastings. "Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don’t care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks. So, you just think this through." Excellent use of the English language thus proving his IQ, in case we were wondering.

Let’s just remember that Hastings is a disgraced and impeached federal judge. That is a perfect pre-employment qualification for a “Democratic” congressman. But, while we’re discussing Hasting’s racism. Let’s look back on his hypocrisy thrown in for good measure. Hastings was ranting and raving on Bill O’Reilly about how horrible it was for politicians to voice an opinion based on ‘states rights.’ He said, “do you how that makes me feel….DO you know how that makes me feel?” Uh, actually….no, Alcee, we don’t know how that makes you feel. I know you’re blatantly racist but what else is new? So then after George Bush WON the election against Algore, Hastings was whining about the idea that the Supreme Court decision violated Florida’s ‘states rights.’ What????

Now back to the present. So we have the esteemed Congressman (read impeached, disgraced, crooked ex-federal judge) using outright racist rantings against a white woman who hunts. And the band plays on……….

Fatima Ali

This well-renowned reporter (average audience 26 listeners) declared in Philadelphia that if B-Ho Obama loses there will be a race war. Matt Drudge reported her ridiculous statement on his site, and sure enough she admitted she was wrong. She claimed “the race war has already begun.” So, Fatima, who started your race war?

“Reverends” Wright, Jackson, and Sharpton

Wright was Obama’s pastor for 20 years and Obama had no idea whatsoever that the “gentleman” was an out-of-the-closet racist. Now that’s what I call good judgment.

Jesse Jackson has made a career of driving wedges between the races, and continues to do so for his own financial gain.

Speaking of financial gain, if ever there was a racist “ambulance chaser”, it’s Al Sharpton. He foments racial issues where they do not exist to make a quick buck. Yet he declared the Duke lacrosse players guilty. When O’Reilly pressed him on giving the white players the presumption of innocence he responded that “this is another case of rich white boys taking advantage of a black woman.” Once the truth came out, naturally Sharpton refused to apologize…”I said nothing wrong”.

I think we can expect a huge spike in black racism, enforced by the Marxist media, as the election date grows nearer. So if Obama wins, will Chicago get burned to the ground in celebration??? This is just what I think.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our major issues - Radical Whig offers solutions

Our country needs to immediately and forcefully confront the problems of the Illegal Mexican invasion of our sovereign nation, the Marxist takeover of our government, and the Muslim terrorists’ war on our freedoms. I have offered solutions to every problem I've discussed. Those who claim I haven't have obviously not bothered to read the entire essay or editorial.